Football: Sunday night update

Cal had its first day off of training camp today, as players healed up from a gruelingg stretch of three full pad practices in four days. It will be interesting to see how much practice changes this week. Coaches are starting to get a better idea of where players stands, and the depth chart could start taking more shape.

Coach Jeff Tedford allowed yesterday that Covaughn DeBoskie-Johnson is starting to separate himself as the No. 2 back. He could really nail down the job soon as two of the next three days are full pad practices as well. The Bears have a double-day tomorrow, with the afternoon session in pads.

In fact, after Wednesday, Cal will have only two more full pad practices for the remainder of training camp. That makes me think that Wednesday will be a big day.

The coaching staff may start narrowing the reps this week, especially at ultra-competitive positions or where newcomers are making a push to play as true freshman. If running back Brendan Bigelow is really healthy and going to be in the mix this season, it seems like this is the time. As recently as Saturday, Tedford said he still wasn’t getting many reps. Even if DeBoskie-Johnson does nail down the No. 2 job, the third back seems to be up for grabs. Is Dasarte Yarnway in the mix or will it go to a new guy like Bigelow or C.J. Anderson?

How about those freshman vying for playing time right away? Time to get more of a look at Brennan Scarlett, Viliama Moala and Mustafa Jalil on the defensive line. We know Chris McCain is going to play, but how about Cecil Whiteside? How about Maurice Harris at wide receiver? Lots of stuff to figure out moving forward.

Practice will also get a new look this week as the Bears will practice Tuesday afternoon at AT&T Park as they start to get a feel for their temporary home field. Wednesday, practice will move to Evans Diamond as Cal practices playing on a field with a dirt infield, something they will have to do at AT&T Park. They will practice there Friday as well.



Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Kyle

    Jon, Will the cancelled practice from Saturday be made up at some point, or did Tedford just give up a free practice?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Well at least you got to be #1 in something.And that doesn’t include where you are rated as public university. Virginia went past you to #1.


  • covinared

    SC is a close second, but the runaway leader for 1st place in harshest scanctions currently in place.

  • GoGo Bears

    Let’s discuss this further on WeAreSC…oh, that’s right.

    Okay, let’s discuss it more on SFGate…oh, that’s right.

    Let’s talk at a reunion of UC Davis law grads..oh, that’s right.

    This is all that’s left avaialble.

  • Steve W

    Was anyone else besides me hoping there would be a huge shakeup in the running back rotation? Was anyone else hoping that one of the freshmen or the JC transfer was going to be the next coming of Russell White and contribute right away?

    I’m sorry, but Isi Sofele couldn’t make the three-deep at Oregon or USC. And Deboskie is the kind of straight ahead basher that doesn’t scare anyone. I am fearful about this offense and have visions of Zach Maynard running for his life because the opposing D’s won’t have to respect the running game.

    Someone please tell me I’m wrong.

  • Boaltblue

    I am not comparing the skill or talent level of Isi Sofele with Justin Forsett or LaMichael James as Isi Sofele only had 69 carries last season and it remains to be seen what he can do as the every down back. However, Isi’s physical size should not discourage Cal fans as Isi’s size is comparable to Forsett and James, who as relatively small backs ate up the yards. Having personally met and talked with Isi and watched him on special teams and as the second back last season, I know Isi’s heart and courage are unsurpassed. Isi has speed and quickness. He has the confidence to get the job done. If the OL opens the holes, Isi will be gone into the defense’s secondary in a few moments. Let’s give Isi a chance before giving up on him; he will be Cal’ next one thousand yard back.

    Likewise, our team will perform this year beyond expectations.

    Fear no one, beat everyone.

    Go Bears!