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Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at

  • rollonubears

    He nails it with best case, but worst case is generous at 5-7, and there is no way Tedford gets fired this year no matter what the record. He built memorial and brought in these recruits. He will get at least 2012. Miller should know that.

  • eric

    5-7 is what S.I. predicts.

  • rollonubears

    i think the blue hose is really our only guaranteed win. we should beat colorado and probably wsu, but the rest of the season is totally up in the air. i think worst case, which is about the same probability of our winning the pac12 north, would be 2-10. still, tedford will be around in 2012 for sure, and with the talent we have on defense having another year under their belt, even holmoe could get us to a bowl in 2012.

  • TDT24

    The Bears will rise!

  • Suttree

    I would put worst case at 4-8. 2-10 is pretty extreme.

  • rotfogel

    Worse case is accurate. They have way too much NFL talent on both sides of the ball to do worse than 5-7. It could happen, but that would mean a lot of injuries. With normal amount of injuries which every team can expect, in my opinion, call me a optomist, but this is my best honest opinion, I imagine the most realistic outcome for the Bears being 9-3 with a top 25 ranking with a various of (+/-)2.

  • R90

    Best case is an undefeated season and a national championship. Not at all likely, but it’s the best case, by definition.

    Best case includes:
    Maynard = Allen with a first rate arm
    Offensive line stays healthy
    Maynard stays healthy
    Freshmen on defense learn fast and play like upper-classmen.
    Isi/Debo become the next great Cal rushing tandem.

  • Calduke


    ‘way too much NFL talent on both sides of the ball’

    Other than K Allen and possibly M Jones; where is the way too much NFL talent on the offensive side of the ball??

  • eric

    I think 5-7 is right, and not the worst case scenario. I’ve been calling that result since December 2010 (cue one of three who will post a criticism of me).

    The worst case scenario is more like 3-9 with the Furd going the Rose Bowl and Luck winning the Heisman. That would death by a thousand cuts, with salt and lemon juice added in.

  • Black Mamba

    With the recruits Tedford has gotten and NOT produced with….HE IS GONE IF with a 3-9 RECORD! Only reason you did well early on this decade is because you had the NFL Super Bowl MVP!

    Are you going to cheat again and fake injuries at away games this year?

  • Black Mamba

    Are you going to cheat again and fake injuries at away games this year?

  • rotfogel

    Isi Sofele is an NFL player, not saying he’s a starting NFL back, but he’ll make the league. Schwartz will be in the NFL and I think Galas has a chance as well. So Allen, Jones, Sofele, Schwartz and Galas on offense. Defense, lots and lots of NFL talent, even on the 2nd team.

  • Calduke

    Agree with you on the defense.
    A bit of a stretch re the offense.

    Hope your optimism proves out.

  • ET

    I want to be optimistic. I agree that the defensive talent is great. I think maybe only Allen on the offense is NFL talent.

    What worries me most is not the passing game, we’ll see about that. The running game concerns me. Sofele’s size/durability worry me. Behind him, I’m just not sure. Back a few years ago, we had a steady stream of great running backs, not so sure now.

    I want to believe but it is difficult. Maybe the new, and returning, offensive coaches will help.

  • milo

    The worst case is possible but I’m thinking 7-5 is about right.

    Cal was 3 field goals away from 8-4 last season. It was an ugly bummer season with bad luck and poor play but a winning season was within reach.

    Unfortunately the two strongest opponents are UO and Stanfurd, both within the division. But so it goes. 7-5 is reasonable.

  • CalFan1

    Anthony Miller is an NFL talent, no?