Football: Depth chart update

I talked with coach Jeff Tedford today for some season preview stuff I’m working on and we also discussed some personnel updates following the final scrimmage yesterday:

  • Sophomore Allan Bridgford has won the backup QB job. Fifth-year senior Brock Mansion is the No. 3 guy.
  • Junior Covaughn DeBoskie-Johnson is the No. 2 running back, but Tedford said “for now.” He said JC transfer C.J. Anderson is coming on and should continue to make the No. 2 position competitive.
  • No decision yet on the weakside outside linebacker spot. Chris McCain, Cecil Whiteside and Ryan Davis continue to battle there. Tedford said freshman Brennan Scarlett is also playing more and more linebacker rather than defensive end and could be in the mix at that spot. The coaches haven’t decided yet who will take the first reps there on Thursday, but Tedford said right now it is “by committee.”
  • Several true freshmen will play. Along with McCain, Whiteside and
    Scarlett, nose tackle Viliama Moala, safety Avery Walls and cornerback Stefan McClure should be in the playing rotation. And Tedford said tight end Richard Rodgers will probably play as well, as the health of Spencer Ladner is still up in the air.
  • It looks as though freshman running back Brendan Bigelow likely will redshirt. Cal doesn’t have to make that decision now, and there’s always the possibility he could come on early in the season as he continues to adjust. But it looks as though the rust of not playing last season was too much to overcome for Bigelow. He’s still getting used to playing on his twice-torn up knee and isn’t ready yet, although Tedford said Bigelow is getting better every day.
  • Michael Calvin is the No. 3 receiver but Coleman Edmond is coming on and definitely is in the mix to get snaps.


Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • rotfogel

    “Chris McCain, Cecil Whiteside and Ryan Davis continue to battle there. Tedford said freshman Brennan Scarlett is also playing more and more linebacker rather than defensive end and could be in the mix at that spot.”

    And the other OLB spot is COMPLETELY secure with Wilkerson? Wow, Wilkerson better be the best LB I’ve ever seen.

  • Bobby

    Rot, what bone do you have to pick with Wilkerson? If A is better than B, C, and D, and there are only two spots, shouldn’t B, C, and D all compete for the second position? A doesn’t need to be all-world, just better than the other options. That seems to be Tedford’s logic.

  • Pasadena Dave

    This is the first time I heard Richard Rodgers mentioned. How did he do in camp? Obviously well enough not to red-shirt, but is good enough for the two-deep?

  • Bobby

    wow, really editors? lame

  • Bobby

    whoops, thought they deleted the other posts. Too many comments; I feel like more NCS…

  • Cre8tivguy


    Looking forward to tonight’s Cal Football Preview! Tune in to Comcast SportsNet at 7:30pm and get pumped up for the season!

    And get your tickets for The Battle By the Bay at the Stick! September 3rd it begins!

    (Kevlar vest not included in ticket price)


  • Uh Huh!

    Hey, thanks for telling me about the show. I missed tonight, but set the recorder for tomorrow!

  • milo

    Those frosh defenders look to make a major impact. A few as starters but the depth is looking tremendous…I’m talking U$C primetime cheating depth. AND it’s going to get better.

    Go Bears!

  • Bears

    Bigelow needs to be just as strong in his head as he is in is leg to be able to play college football as a freshman.
    If he can get to a point that he’s not thinking about his knee and playing confident and unconsious he will get on the field this year.
    Just hope he is able to get back to being a baller because he is that special kind of player with tremendous potential.

  • What is all this talk about Wilkerson ,hell he was and should of started last year as a true freshman so lets move on there is no one better thier and wait till next at inside.

  • rotfogel

    I just don’t understand how you can have SO much competition on one OLB spot, between mostly freshman (and Ryan Davis), and apparently everyone is having a good camp in that competition. Then on the other side there (well, I actually don’t really know) has been given to Wilkerson sans competition. It just doesn’t add up. I’ve got nothing against Wilkerson, I’d just like him to compete against, say Whiteside. Why would the Bears have such a logjam at one OLB spot when there’s two of them?

  • House

    Wilkerson plays the weakside OLB, meaning he’s going to be included in a lot of weakside blitz’s and stunts(think Jarred Price, Zach Follet). His skill set is perfect for that role, the strong side OLB has a more all around role, kind of explaining(I think) the logjam.

  • Bobby

    Rot: dude, there are two spots and the best guy has one of them. The next best guys are competing for the other spot. Not that complicated.

  • Bears

    Agree, but highlight best guy right now. Maybe these guys over take him. Whoever starts, there are a lot of snaps to go around and the guys that make plays and help the team win will be on the field most.

  • Bobby

    So basically, Bears, you and Rot disagree with the coaching staff’s decisions on who the best player is, without having seen a single snap of training camp? It’s just an impossible position to take without having actually witnessed the guys play.

    I’d rather have the guy who is our best rush linebacker getting as many reps as possible before the season starts, particularly considering his relative inexperience.

  • Matt

    Mansion has had some unlucky breaks and I feel bad for him that his career at Cal did not turn out the way he expected when he came in as a hot shot recruit, but it bodes well for the future that Bridgford was good enough to beat him out.

    If we get a little more help on the offensive line and develop our young running backs, I think Cal is going to be great again in a year or two.

  • B

    This Wilkerson conversation is kind of confusing. I get what Rot’s saying – we’ve been hearing all camp how well McCain is playing, and Whiteside is supposed to be really talented, Davis is putting in a ton of work to try to get on the field as much as possible his senior season, and Scarlett is extremely talented and seeing some time at LB, as well…and then there just hasn’t been much mention of Wilkerson overall. I have no idea who’s really the best of the group, it just seems odd that he’s been talked about so little and is being handed the job without competition. It could very well be that he’s the best and nobody talks about him because he has his spot secured (so it’s not interesting to talk about). Just seems a bit out of the blue.

    Also, the article says the competition is for the weakside OLB spot, so that implies Wilkerson has the strongside OLB spot locked up, not the weakside spot.

    I wonder if Wilkerson is going to stay at OLB long term, or if maybe he might get moved to ILB once Kendricks/Holt are gone (especially with the talent at OLB the team has)? Some people seem to think he’s more of a ILB naturally (Rivals had him listed as an inside linebacker recruit, for instance).

  • House

    My mistake, but when Wilkerson played last year as a true frosh didn’t he play in that weakside/rush spot?

  • wehofx

    And who’s backing up Wilkerson at olb?

  • calgrizzlybear

    good we have extra Lb and Dl.. we are going maul QBs though the pac as kendricks calls it

  • rob bear

    All discussion healthy disagreements aside, Beat Fresno State with EXTREME PREJUDICE. GO BEARS!

  • calgrizzlybear

    cant wait unleash the D

  • 2xGldn

    Why is there this assumption that there is no competition for Wilkerson’s spot and that he is just being handed the job? Everyone is saying, “from what I’ve read…”. There’s not that much to read. The scrimmages have been closed, most of practice is closed and most of the writing is based on a few snippets here and there. It’s a slightly informed opinion at best.

    Coach P has put together the most dominant Cal D in about 25 years, did he all of the sudden get real stupid? I’ll side with him and his years of experience over a bunch of guys reading blogs and message boards, pending real visual evidence that other players are better.

  • CoachLos

    Soon it will be CJ’s job watch and see at tailback