Football: The regular season is about to begin

Tomorrow morning marks the beginning of the 2011 season in my mind. Cal will hold its first regular season practice, with scout teams formed and depth chart reps being taken. The game plan for Fresno State will start to be installed.

There really is only one position where the starting spot is still up in the air, at the outside linebacker spot opposite David Wilkerson. As of yesterday afternoon, Jeff Tedford still didn’t know who was going to take the first reps there Thursday morning. He planned to meet with his coaching staff about the depth chart and other things. It should be either Chris McCain, Cecil Whiteside or Ryan Davis, with Brennan Scarlett also in the mix.

Speaking of the Fresno State game, ticket sales reportedly are slow for Cal. As of yesterday, the school had sold just 7,500 tickets out of the Cal ticket office. Fresno St., meanwhile, has sold 12,000. The Bears need to sell tickets equaling a revenue total of $637,500 to earn the full guarantee from the independent promoters of the game. As of yesterday, the school is still about $175,000 short of that number. The full guarantee is $1,000,050. You can read more about this in a notebook I wrote for Thursday’s paper.





Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • milo

    The Stick is a bunghole and that’s Labor Day Weekend, the last long weekend of the summer. A lot of people have travel plans.

    Honestly, making the games on Labor Day weekend has been more of a hassle in the past few years. I’ve skipped a couple first games or gave away the tix. I preferred the 11 game schedule that starts the 2nd weekend in Sept.

  • c98

    Go Bears!!

  • SteveNTEXAS

    The start of this season like most of them is really exciting. The pundits don’t know everything and I see lots of potential.

  • jon

    it’s obvious why tickets sales are so low — it;s Tedford’s lame decision to limited pre-season practice access and informational release. Who cares about a team they know very little about?

  • rollonubears

    I’m kind of surprised that the cheapest ticket on stubhub is $35. I’m sure that’ll change as we get close to game time, but this is a sad case of all the hardcore fans getting gouged, while tons of additional tickets go unsold. Cal should put the whole lot on stubhub. These tickets were way overpriced to begin with, for an average game at a crappy stadium. If every ticket was $25 in the upper deck, and $40 in the lower deck, and it was GA for both decks, the place would have been packed. The die-hards would have gotten the sweet seats early, and everything would have been fine.

  • Cre8tivguy

    The game at The Stick should have been included in the season ticket package.

  • Rollonubears

    Holy cow! Yeah, that too. Maybe for both teams.

  • GoGo Bears

    Our SC friend, who is awful quiet here lately!!, is trying real hard to hide that fatadvisor got banned over on SFGate. It must be sad to be ashamed of who you are.

    Happy New Year’s Eve everyone!

  • Larry

    I hate going to Candlestick Park. The parking lot sucks, the neighborhood sucks, the two exits and gridlock after games sucks, the stadium is ok. Not having good and convenient public transportation is the worst problem, yet, I’ll still end up going because I’m a diehard.

  • Mike D

    Been mentioned already but has been my gripe for weeks. Tickets for the Fresno game cost waaaaayyyy too much. Don’t know if Cal or the promoter set the ticket price but it was pure greed. High Upper deck is $40 in the corners and $55 “between the 20’s.” Everything else runs $75-$95. Are you kidding me?!? For Candlestck Park? On a holiday weekend? No chance. I want to go but not sure I can afford it. Ridiculous.

  • ThisisCal

    There’s a lot of whining on this site. Just shut up and buy some tickets. As a Bears fan, there’s no way I’m missing the season opener.