Football: Camporeale to start

Jeff Tedford said today that redshirt sophomore Dan Camporeale will be one of Cal’s starting outside linebackers next Saturday in the season-opener against Fresno State.

Camporeale, a walk-on, beat out senior Ryan Davis and freshman Cecil Whiteside for the job. Tedford said the team moved freshman Chris McCain to the other side to back up starter Dave Wilkerson.

“He’s very solid with assignments,” Tedford said of Camporeale. “He’s strong and can run. He’s been here for awhile. The other guys are fairly new. But it says a lot about him, about who he is and what he’s worked to become.

Camporeale started getting some reps during spring practice and continued to be steady even after McCain’s eye-opening first couple of days of camp. Davis began spring practice as the starter at that position.

“I didn’t really have any expectations going in,” Camporeale said. “I just knew if I went out there and kept trying, kept working, like I’ve been doing ever since since I’ve been here, I was going to get my opportunity.

“I felt like the opportunity was there. It was just up to me to prove myself and make sure I knew my stuff and go out there and work on my technique every day and prove that I can see some playing time this year.

“It was all based on me going out there and playing like I know I can. I know I can play at this level.”


Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • wehofx

    JO, did Camporeale getting the start at olb surprise you as much as, it seems, most of the rest of us?

    Regardless, gotta love the depth, ie frosh Whiteside and McCain will surely get pt as back ups.


  • CalFan1

    Wehofx – Camporeale was mentioned quite a bit during spring, so i don’t think it’s a huge surprise. I’m guessing has the mental advantage over the younger guys, and physically he’s not to far behind. As you know, McCain & whiteside might be superior athletes, but one bad move and you can give up a 60 yard touchdown.

    BTW- this also answers tons of questions about why mccain, whiteside, scarlett, davis all competing for one side. Per Tedford, mccain will back up wilkerson.

  • abe

    yeah, i think this decision has a lot to do with pass coverage than run support/pass rush, where i think the other more athletic guys would probably be more favored. i am thinking dan is more adept at reading coverage and reacting accordingly.

  • Raf

    That is the first time i’ve heard that name… interesting. not sure if this is a good or bad thing.