Football: Tedford postgame

A thorough sampling of Jeff Tedford’s comments following Saturday’s win over Fresno State 

On the overall performance:

“Obviously, there’s a lot of rust, some things that you need to fix as far as pregame jitters or whatever it is or communication. Turning the football over down deep. I thought our defense played excellent. But offensively, we have to gel. We made some big plays. We still need to be more consistent. A lot of it had to do with communication and things like that. It’s something that we can definitely improve on.”


On rebounding from an early deficit:

“What I really liked about it is you fall down 7-0 and nobody blamed anyone. Everyone believed in each other and kept playing hard. It was a process.Fresnohas a good football team. They are a good, physical team with a lot of speed. I thought our defense did a nice job for the most part.”


On special teams play:

“Special teams played fairly well except for the extra points. That was a combination of two things. We had one protection issues, and the other we didn’t get the ball in the air.”


On how Zach Maynard played:

“The quarterback did OK. I just talked to him and he said he wished he could have played better. He will. That was great for him to get his feet wet again. First live thing that he’s done. He made pretty good decisions, except for the first ball. I don’t know what happened with the first ball. But after that, I thought he threw the ball well when he needed to, made some big plays with his legs.”


On Maynard’s reaction after his first pass was intercepted:

“He just shook it off. He wasn’t shaken up by it at all. You could tell early in the game he was playing a little fast. He kind of rushed some things. Then he settled down and did some nice things.”


On Keenan Allen’s performance:

“Keenan Allen played pretty well. He dropped a ball which you usually don’t see with Keenan. Anybody else, you think it happens to everybody. But Keenan you don’t expect that.”


On the performance of the young defensive players:

“It’s nice to get those guys in and get them some experience. I think you spot play them. You put them in there in certain spots and let them get their feet wet. I wish we would have played better on offense and scored some more points and got more guys on the field.”


On the defense’s performance:

“We were physical up front. They popped a couple runs but we were pretty solid there. I thought we put some pressure on the passer. You could tell their deal was to get the ball out of their hands quick. They were in max protect. It looked like they were probably a little afraid of our pass rush.”


On why C.J. Anderson didn’t get more playing time:

“The tempo of the game was such that people have to know what they are doing. C.J. is still working into that. We’re going to get him in when we can.”


On playcalling:

“We called it all together but Kiesau is the voice of calling the plays. We all talk between series. He’s the voice because he can see it up top. But we’re all kind of in it together. He’s the one who has it organized and is calling it from the box.”


On the importance of winning the opener after last season:

“This is about the 2011 Bears. Last season is not something we even talked about through camp. We talked on Day One that there is a little motivation because that just wasn’t like us last season. But that wasn’t motivation coming in here. This is about this year’s team. Today was aboutFresnocompletely.Coloradonext, and that’s the way we’ll go about it.


On this year’s team:

“I love this team, the chemistry of this team, the togetherness, the trust – it’s a great football team that way. We need to continue to improve on the football field, but I love the work ethic.”


On being able to correct the mistakes:

“Everybody knows it. It’s great we’re 1-0, but the awesome thing is there’s a lot of room for improvement. I have a lot of confidence these guys are going to be motivated to clean up the mistakes that we made this week.”


On having punter Bryan Anger roll out and quick-punt:

“These guys come after you pretty hard. They had everybody up there coming after you. That was mainly to move the pocket and get the ball off and not give them a chance to block one.


Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.