Football: Sunday morning reading

Here’s my game story from this morning’s editions.

JC transfer C.J. Anderson may have earned more playing time at tailback,

Monte Poole explains why the Bears wouldn’t have won this game a year ago.

Colorado took a huge step forward in coach Jon Embree’s home debut.

Buffaloes wideout Paul Richardson enjoys a breakout day against the Bears.

 Here are post-game quotes and here are game stats.

Jeff Faraudo

  • rotfogel

    -Totally agree with CJ Anderson. That guy seems like he’ll always get yards and has some nice moves. Perhaps he should be the #1 RB? He looked really good.
    -Is Mark Anthony back from the hospital? He got seriously burned on almost every Paul Richardson reception. Should there be some competition at that CB spot? Anthony had zero chance of doing anything it seemed.
    -Zero sacks! Huh?

  • ConcordBear

    Wake up today fired up the Bears are 2-0!
    Wonder if this group can do the things necessary in practice to clean up more mistakes and be much more consistent in all three phases of the game?
    Like the fight, togetherness, and never say die play Bears showed yesterday. Colorado played about as well as they are probably capable at home and we still found a way to win.
    Lots of potential for California to have a big year. Hope they can tighten things up and get better and better each week!
    Can’t wait! Go Bears

  • Yoda

    Lots of good things about that game, and lots more bad things. If we don’t get a pass rush we’re in trouble defensively. That Richardson kid was on fire, but if you give a qb that much time to survey the field that’s just going to be a different name each week.

  • Rollonubears

    I really think the altitude was a factor here. Let’s see how they bounce back Saturday, and at Washington.

  • Killer

    “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Attitude beat altitude on Saturday. The pass defense was torched but the defense came up big in the red zone in regular and overtime periods. There is a lot of work to be done, but you have to like this team’s moxy. It is so much more fun to come from behind to win than to explain and complain about why you were cheated out of victory. Roll on you Bears.

  • C98

    Yes, I’ll take “we won but there were some negatives” over “we lost but there were some positives” anytime.

  • Ray in San Diego

    I’m a loyal Old Blue in San Diego, and always disappointed when there is no live TV or video feed of Cal football games. Any leads on how to access next-day video highlights or game replay would be appreciated. Go Bears!

  • ET

    We would have lost this game last year.

  • FireItUp

    CJ should be getting a lot more plays. Sofele is good, he can run and hit the holes. However, Isi stops at contact and CJ can keep going. That will be needed a lot in this season. Our D looked atrocious. DLine was nowhere and our secondary got burned, a lot. But, the difference between this year and years past, is we actually have a passing game that can come back and win. Maynard looked poised when down, and never flinched. KA is just a baller. This definitely gives me hope and, if we end 3-0, I think we can have a real good season.

  • Juancho

    Really liked the attitude of the team and way they stuck together to win the game.

    Would like to see CJ start at running back. Sofele just doesn’t seem to have that high of a ceiling. He gets touched and goes down. I think Sofele would be more dangerous in the short passing game than running. CJ did a better job of bouncing off hits and moving forward.

    Also – the defense looks overrated. I hope they aren’t buying into all the preseason “the defense will keep them in games” talk. The pass rush didn’t seem to show up, and Camporele I think should sit for McCain.

    Steve Williams is a stud. Marc Anthony hopefully only had a bad game and will switch it on.

    I’m sure a lot of the negatives from yesterday had to do with the altittude as much as Tedford wanted to say it wasn’t an issue before the game.

    I hope Sofele doesn’t become this year’s Riley with Tedford. I don’t think he will because I think Tedford seems more confident. If Sofele continues to underwhelm, sit him, and play him as a receiver in short yardage.

    Continue to like what I see in Maynard. I think as he gets more experience he’ll really flourish. Let’s remember Mansion’s first few games and compare them to Maynard. Light years ahead. If Vereen would have stayed we could fight for the North title.

  • wehofx

    RE: Defense. Remember last year the same D that got torched by NV matured into the D that held Phil Knight U to 15. Altitude, cockiness, great CU game plan and this is a younger D than last year are reasons for optimism.

    Agree with most of the above comments about O, ZM, receivers and CJA. The thing that stood out to me about yesterday was the much improved O play calling. Didn’t yell at the tv once…well maybe once at the knee at the end of half.

    Go Bears!

  • http://capitolgoldbuyers.com BlakeStreetBear

    Great game because we won despite being down on the road in the 4th qtr AND in overtime. I doubt many road teams will accomplish that feat this season. Yes, the pass rush was bad, which opened up the passing game, but Colorado was usually only releasing 3 players down-field, using extra bodies to stop the rush. Also, the defense forced 4 fgs, two that came in the last few mins of the game. That was awesome and ultimately the difference. The defense rose to the challenge when needed, and so did the offense. Those are both very, very good signs, imho.

  • rollonubears

    6 votes in the coaches poll. none in the ap again. uw got some in both. it would be nice if uw could sneak into one of the polls before we play them. either way, if we win our next 2, we’ll be ranked.

  • 707 Bear

    On Maynard, Bruce Jenkins said it best:

    “Maynard is street ball, a miracle toss after a terrible misfire, and a set of legs that just might lift the Bears back to respectability. You wouldn’t call it improvisation, for coach Jeff Tedford would never allow for such a thing. But it’s adventurous, and thrilling, and more satisfying than anything we’ve seen from a Cal quarterback since Aaron Rodgers.”

    I’d rather watch Maynard–for sheer unpredictability–than the extremely talented Furd QB.

  • Tru Dat

    The ONLY way Presbyterian has ANY affect on our standings in either poll, Rollon, is if we lose…we could shut them out 100-0 and still not be ranked (or garner many votes)…the AP hates Cal (burned too many times) and the SIDs, thus far, are extremely cautious with their recognition.

    Being ranked is nice, but I would rather BEAT the ranked teams WITHOUT that little number in front of our name!

    Go Bears!!

  • Rollonubears

    Trudat, you should re-read my post. Then wait two weeks, and see what happens.

  • http://capitolgoldbuyers.com BlakeStreetBear

    And yes, I would like to see WAY more of CJA! His moves and balance kind of remind me of a certain #4, Russell White. Go Bears! Blaspheme the presbies!

  • Moosehead

    I long for a return of Cal’s Tailback tandem. Ever since it started with White and Wallace it has been great. I think that CJ and Sofele would be a great tandem.

  • rollonubears

    a few years ago, we were able to get the wsu scoreboard feed with the kgo broadcast on the cal site. since this game is not being televised, is that possible? not televising it isn’t going to get many more people out to the game, but I’d gladly stare at at a saylor and hill ad or something, for 4 hours, just to watch this online.

    go bears!

  • Lama

    Gotta agree with most that CJ looked good for the number of touches he had. Sofele may be better in space. He doesn’t seem to create much on his own. It also seemed that the D line didn’t give much push all day. They gave the Buffs way too much time.
    Nice start to the season however.

    Go Bears!

  • covinared

    I think some are being too hard on Sofele. I saw the replay yesterday, and he had a good game. He also blocks very well. He hasn’t been part of the passing game yet, but that should evolve. Anderson is a good complement so far, but doesn’t look as well rounded as Sofele. I think some may be spoiled after seeing Vereen and the others for so many years.

  • Kent Wilson

    It seems obvious to me that Sofele is NOT a full time RB for a top Div I program. While I like Sofele ability to “hit the whole hard” he just does not break tackles… He’s better suited as a “change of pace” back…and his touches should be limited to 5 -7 running plays per game. CJ Anderson should be the primary RB…getting 12-15 running plays a game. I predict that Tedford will slowly move towards this rotation…but in typical Tedford fashion…we won’t see this until game not 9 or 10.