Football: Who is Presbyterian?

Don’t know much about Presbyterian College, the Football Championship Subdivision school in Clinton, S.C.? You’re not alone.

We’ll have more during the week, but here is a quick glance at the Blue Hose (Yes, the Blue Hose):

  • Presbyterian started transitioning¬†from Division II to Division I in 2007. The Blue Hose now is in its third year in the Big South Conference.
  • Presbyterian played road games at both Clemson and Wake Forest last season (got blown out in both).
  • Presbyterian has an enrollment of only 1,200 students.
  • Football started being played at Presbyterian in 1913.
  • The Blue Hose has three players from California on its roster (all from Southern California).
  • Presbyterian has gone just 6-28 in its past three seasons.
  • In 1943, Presbyterian coach Lonnie McMillan gave Clemson’s football stadium the name, “Death Valley.”
  • How did Presbyterian get the nickname, “The Blue Hose?” According to Presbyterian’s web site, the team started wearing blue jerseys and “stockings” around 1915. A sports writer started calling Presbyterian “The Blue Stockings.” Stocking later morphed into “Hose” and the student body informally adopted the nickname, “The Blue Hose,” around the late 1950s.


Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Kyle

    Any word on the opener at Att against Presbyterian being televised?

  • wehofx

    Hope we get to see Hinder get some significant time against the Blue Hose. (Wow. I hope someone comes up with at least one pun that isn’t lame.) I really like the way ZM plays but he makes Vick look like a big dude and a coupla of the hits he took against CU didn’t look good.

    Hope CJA gets extended playing time and gets the protections down. I’m pretty sure Isi didn’t miss a blitz pick up against CU.

  • MikeD

    fun factoids

  • gobears49

    It would have been interesting if Jonathan had found out, and told us, if anyone from Presbyterian had ever played in the NFL.

  • gobears49

    A quetion for the readers — what do you think would be appropriate to say if Presbyterian gets whomped in a game, especially when they scored 0 points? (There are no right answers — I just want to see if anyone thinks the way I do on this question — I’ll let you know if anyone gets it or, if not, what I was thinking, in a few days).

  • gobears49

    I’d love to see Hinder play, too. But he’s fourth string. We need to prepare Brigford play if we’re way ahead, as he’s the second stringer. I have never seen him play, either. Hear be throws a nice ball. BTW, Hinder, Brigford, and Mansion were all Elite 11 QB’s in high school.

  • Calduke

    Has Bryce Treggs re-opened his recruiting??

  • wehofx

    My bad. I meant Bridgford

  • milo

    In the name of sportsmanship, if Cal whomps Presbo, graciousness is what is required.

    Yes they’re getting paid for the trip but they could have refused. They agreed on short notice.

    It has to be a tough row for a D2 school of 1,500 or so to travel across country to Boho-Hippie Central on the Left Coast, so Cal fans should be sports about it and not be SEC or U$C dickheads.

  • rollonubears

    Treat others the way you’d like to be treated. I’m guessing most of their fans live by that. We should do. There’s probably going to be a bad turnout for this one, again. The players need to forget about that. It’s not a reflection on them. Nobody wants to pay big bucks to see a practice game.

  • rotfogel

    Look at Cal goin’ all typical SEC team taking this OOC matchup. Can’t wait to see the others: Tennessee Chatanooga/ Virginia Commonwealth/LA Monroe/ etc…

  • gobears49

    My comment about what to say after Presbyterian gets whomped clearly won’t be in poor taste. Hint — it’s sort of like a pun connected with something associated with Presbyterian. But it’s no big deal.

  • Larry

    Well, I’ll be at this game. I am thinking that we’ll see Maynard in for 3 quarters regardless of the score, that’s how Tedford rolls. We’ll probably have a starter get a major injury because that always happens in these cupcake games. Something to do with being on auto-pilot and not as aggressive. Defense most likely. I hope not, but we’ll see.

  • David

    Treggs is a lock, stop crying

  • Killer

    I think former 49er quarterback, Bobby “muddy” Waters from the “shot gun” formation days was a Presbyterian grad. I think he rotated with better known qbs with some success.

  • Rocko

    The blue panty hose got hosed! Right Gobears49?