Basketball: Blue Ribbon rates Bears No. 21

Blue Ribbon Yearbook has three Pac-12 Conference teams rated in its top-25, including the Golden Bears at No. 21. Arizona checks in at No. 10 and UCLA is No. 23.

Here’s the magazine’s full top-25:


1.  North Carolina
2.  Kentucky
3.  Ohio State
4.  Syracuse
5.  Connecticut
6.  Duke
7.  Vanderbilt
8.  Pittsburgh
9.  Florida
10. Arizona
11. Kansas
12. Memphis
13. Louisville
14. Xavier
15. Wisconsin
16. Texas A&M
17. Florida State
18. Alabama
19. Baylor
20. Michigan State
21. California
22. Marquette
23. UCLA
24. Missouri
25. Michigan



Jeff Faraudo

  • discdude

    Sounds about right for P12, although Zona losing Williams is huge, despite a reload. I’ll take Jorge and Kamp over McD’s frosh all day long.

  • Absolutely agree Discdude, Jorge, Harper, Allen, Smith were all nails last year. Throw in a much improved Solomon to the starting lineup and I like our chances against anyone. Also the bench will be a massive asset this year, not just a stopgap. We should be 10 deep! Go Bears! Let’s fill Haas this season!

  • rob bear

    2009 PAC 10 Championship over ASU in a packed Haas Pavilion was one of the highlights of being a longtime Cal Alum (’86) and I hope that the Mighty Bears & Monty return to the throne after a one-year absence. Go BEARS! Win it All! I want another PAC 10 Basketball Championship shirt!

  • milo

    Sweet… Go Bears!

  • DaveintheHills

    I can’t wait for basketball season!!

  • jim crow

    I guess the word has not gotten out to the national magazines that Monty cannot recruit…

  • rollonubears

    i like the mention of a ranking, but unless jorge, kamp and crabbe are healthy all year, we’re going to have trouble. we have more depth than in the past, but not enough to step in and replace any one of those 3 for more than a few minutes at a time.

  • David

    Cobbs looked pretty good in the limited video I’ve seen of him. He has a year of (limited) Big 10 experience, and another year learning Monty’s system. If he can make an impact this year we should be pretty solid at PG.

  • I think one of the keys to the season will be Solomon’s ability to stay out of foul trouble while still being an effective inside defender. He has the tools to average 10 pts 10 rbs 4 blks, IF he can play 30 mins a game.

    Anyone wanna predict Jorge’s triple doubles this year?? I say 3. Just like Kidd in his last year at Cal.

    Go Bears!

  • jim crow


    Good observation about Solomon. It will be intriguing to see how he handles getting more minutes.

    But as for Jorge’s producing triple doubles, I don’t see it happening. Am pretty sure he has not one, to this point in his career. And since he will not be playing the point much (this year there will be both Smith and Cobbs at that position), I can’t see him getting double figures in assists maybe ever. As for rebounds, again it is a long shot. On the offensive end he has to be back on defense and on the defensive end, his job will not primarily be to rebound.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love the guy and his game. He has been for me by far the most enjoyable player at Cal since Jason.

    So my prediction is one or none in the triple doubles category, but at the same time he will again be team MVP, all Pac-12 overall and on defense. And if the Bears win the conference, he may be Pac-12 POY.