Football: From the press box

  • While it seems the defense is a big concern, defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast and some players insist the Bears just need to execute better. They don’t feel any major changes are needed, schematically or with personnel. But head coach Jeff Tedford did express concern and said they will evaluate the tape and make any changes they need to.
  • Tedford defended his decision to accept the Washington holding penalty in the second quarter. Declining it would have set up 4th-and-inches from the Huskies’ 41. Instead, it was 4th-and-11 from the 31. Washington gained 12 yards for a first down. Tedford said he believed the Huskies would have went for it on fourth down.
  • On the play selection down near the end zone at the end, Tedford said he felt like Isi Sofele could punch it in. When asked if C.J. Anderson could have been taking those snaps, he allowed that is a reasonable question to raise.
  • Freshman tailback Brendan Bigelow didn’t play a single offensive snap. Tedford had said he was going to gradually get Bigelow more involved, but he said “This was a day that we needed some things that he isn’t able to do yet.”
  • Wide receiver Keenan Allen finished with 10 catches for 197 yards, both career highs.
  • Quarterback Zach Maynard threw for 349 yards, Cal’s first 300-yard game since Kevin Riley had 351 at Arizona State in 2009.
  • The previous longest pass play in Cal history came in 1976, when Joe Roth connected with Wesley Walker for an 88-yarder.



Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • rotfogel

    “On the play selection down near the end zone at the end, Tedford said he felt like Isi Sofele could punch it in.”
    I thought for certain the CJ was injured. Isi, while his size can be an advantage in terms of stealth, doesn’t have anywhere near the punching power of Anderson. That was a head scratcher for sure and the strange thing is that Anderson already punched one in against that defense. Weird call.
    That was just unfortunate. How many third and painfully longs did Washington execute to perfection? Hats off to them for having an uncanny ability to execute on third and long.
    Weakest roughing the passer call I’ve ever seen.
    All in all a very entertaining game and Cal is a very entertaining team to watch, I’m fairly stoked for the rest of the season, they’ll beat someone they’re not supposed to this year, I can feel it, unlike in years past.

  • wehofx

    RE: Holding penalty. UW would have gone for 4th and inches on their 41 NO doubt.

    Maybe CJ could have done better on last series but there was no hole. O Line lost that battle. I thought Isi looked better/ran harder than CJ today – a first.

    RE: 3rd QT Thread – Thank you for ignoring the troll. It made for a fun thread to read.

    Go Bears!

  • rollonubears

    isi definitely had a breakout game. i’m actually happy with the responses tedford gave to the question about taking the holding, and also acknowledging that cj might have been better to punch it in. i would have taken the holding call. it was nerve wracking either way, but at least it doesn’t let sarkesian play his hand. we dictated what would happen there, we just didn’t hold them. way too many lost 3rd and longs. nice that the d got them there to begin with, though, but the secondary was sloppy and way too loose in those 3rd down situations. tavecchio had a great game. he shouldn’t have had to kick so many field goals in the first place. i hope oregon’s a good game.

  • Concordbear

    Really entertaining game to watch.
    But, we lost a game to UW for the 2nd year in a row we could have and I believe should have won.
    The Defense plays hard but is not producing at close to the level of projections and expectations. We just are not getting to the QB enough and when we do it’s either a split second too late or we don’t wrap up and QB sneaks away to avoid the sack.
    Have to clean that up to be the defense the team said they would be.
    The offense left way too many points off the board. Having to hit chip shot field goals instead of punching in TD’s. Can’t win on the road when the D is not playing well unless you score TD’s in the red zone. Our offense only got 2 TD’s on their D, they better look back at that as a major failure. So many wasted opportunites…
    ST’s, yes made field goals but that’s what kickers are supposed to do. Our KO unit did not produce and KOR got crushed. We lost the field position battle badly again.
    Another phantom penatly came back to haunt us when they called the 15 yard helmet shot on Tipoti. What is wrong with the Pac 10 refs? it’s ok to pick up the flag when you make a mistake. Just because you throw does not mean you MUST follow through, wake up and realize you are wrong. Pac 10 refs still brutal. The guy was right their looking at the play and anyone that knows anything about football would not have penalized Tipoti there. Those mistakes by the refs should not and must not happen, players on all teams work too hard.
    Really frusrated and wonder when this team will stop making so many costly mistakes and if they can figure out how to get to the QB?
    If they don’t it will be a long year.

  • Bears

    Only scoring 3 points in the 2nd half against a D that was playing hard but our offense is more talented then was a failure. How does our OL not punch that one across?
    Cal D sure is a buzz kill and ST’s continue to struggle.
    Not sure why we can’t play better more disciplined football.
    Lost one we could have won today and that hurts.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    The last play calls were mistakes, but I still thought it was a very good showing by the Bears in a tough venue against a really up and coming QB.

    Cal really did not make many mistakes. They were in it, on the road, until the end. I think it is hard not to be pretty enthusiastic about the team after that showing.

  • kyle

    In order to win football games at any level play callers have to put their players in the best position to succeed. Jeff Teford did NOT do this today. Not only do you force your qb to be perfect on 4th down but you run a play with 1 option……really? If your forcing (which is what cal did) yourself to throw the ball on 4th down at least have a couple of options. It was a very poor play calling sequence when they needed it most. This isn’t on Maynard, Sofele, the o-line, or anyone like that. This loss is on Tedford and I hope he owns up to it. Your players got you into a position to be successful and he completely blew it. CJ should’ve been in that game plain and simple. Hopefully the coaching staff sees this and can improve. Go Bears!!

  • eric

    No, Sark would not have gone for it at his own 41 in the first half with the lead and with Cal’s RUN defense playing great. But even so, force him to take that risk. Big mistake.

    The bigger one was the last series. No excuse.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    It is really tempting to go off on Tedford’s play calling. Besides the last plays, the no back formation has failed all year (and he used it on a 4th down?!?), and he did not take advantage of having a WR v CB mismatch on virtually every play.

    HOWEVER, they were in the game and had zero turnovers. At UW, that is worth remembering, because the play calling played a factor in it.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Eric, I think he would have. It has been known as the correct play for a while now, and it has been done against the Bears already several times this year. While coaches are not going with the concept of always going for it on 4th and short regardless of where you are, most are going for it past their own 40.

  • eric

    I agree coaches should go for it – TMQ at espn.com had a very interesting statistical analysis done on the issue, and Tedford is one of the worst at no-guts, fraidy cat punting or trying for long FGs, but…

    Sark wouldn’t do it in that situation. At the 50, maybe. But at his own 41, with the lead, and a punt probably pins us inside our 20?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Will Teddy have the D Linemen taking acting/drama classes for next week’s Oregon game. LOL.

  • rob bear

    Good effort Bears but a winnable game, no doubt. Cal will kick themselves in the shins for not attacking UW’s poor defensive secondary more. Did our TE catch a pass? When we went to 3 wideouts, it looked like CAL could take them any time they wanted. A game that we will all look back at and conclude, a winnable game, very winnable.

  • breakingbear

    Tedford’s old. Let’s face it. He’s not the answer. I’m glad he got his 75 wins, but he’s not getting us a championship. Did you see the other Pac 12 teams? They’re not. Their coaches have balls. Ours needs viagra. I don’t know why Tedford can’t get the team clicking together. They’ve been saying they need to execute better. They should have done that in the pre-season.

  • Jake

    Weak play calling by Tedford at the end. How do you not take advantage of Maynard’s mobility? Reminiscent of CAL versus Oregon State and Marshawn not getting the ball across the goal line huh? I guess if you call the safe play, you can always blame it on the players and “execution.”

  • Will

    LOL look at Moren give up on his team already by spending time on this website instead of watching this ASU beatdown. Even I got bored and turned the game off.

  • breakingbear

    Season is over. We’re going to have a hard time getting fans over to AT&T park

  • The Wisdom Cow

    By 21! Kiffin has had that deer in the headlights look all season. It is a miracle(named Woods) that they didn’t lose earlier.

  • Steve W

    You can sum up the rest of the season this way: no pass rush means another season without a bowl game and a lot of futility for us fans. Every other thing the Bears did was good enough to produce a win in a hostile place, but not putting real pressure on a guy with two sprained knees is damnably irritating. We saw it last year against OSU, USC, Stanford and Nevada, and we’re going to get a heavy dose of it the rest of the season until some changes are made.

    No changes needed, Chancy……really?

  • stay golden

    Thanks for bringing up the play in the 2nd quarter JO. I couldn’t believe we took the penalty where it clearly looked like Cal had stopped them short. Because they “would have went for it on fourth down” is a pretty sad statement coming from your head coach. Because of the way Cal’s defense was playing, a short yardage situation was much more favorable than giving Price another down to slice our defense apart.

  • Boaltblue


    Will you give us your expert analysis why USC lost to ASU tonight? Are these the real Men of Troy or just pretenders? All of those 4 and 5 star players and all that underachieving. Must be all that great coaching by Lane Kiffin. Wasn’t Kiffin a student of that former great USC and current Seahawks Coach Pete Caroll?

  • Bearzilicious

    it’s just what everyone suspected, SuC not only are cheaters, they’re no class losers, too! ain’t dat right, Moron? SunDevils were all in Barkley’s throat! Burfict made him eat his words and the dry Tempe turf!

  • Pug

    I thought Cal’s defense would be the strength of the team this year, not the weakness. Washington plays good offense but you don’t give up a 70-yard TD on third-and-twleve. Way too many long passes completed against the defense. Same thing in Colorado.

    Very entertaining game, though. At least it was fun to watch, if disappointing at the end. Last year on the road it would have been a Husky blow out.

    Allen and Jones are awesome.

  • SteveNTEXAS

    Pug has it right. We are a horrible defensive team and all Div 1 opponents will score easily on us.

    Our offense can be exciting but among decent teams it won’t make up for our defense.

  • Jim

    Having to settle for so many FGs in the red zone instead of TDs won’t win many games … and lost this one. When the opponents get 7s and we settle for 3s, the math is simple and the outcome very predictable.

    I was very excited about the depth in the front 7 on the D, the speed and athleticism that was touted … when we will see it???
    The lack of a decent pass rush on obvious passing downs shows that 3rd and long for opponents is no big deal.

    Zack, Zack … where are you???
    Hire Zack as the LB coach and he can do for them what Tosh does for the DL.
    Potential is only that … the Performance is missing.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    UWs defense was vintage “bend don’t break”. Holt (a former USC coach) and your former coach Gregory compared notes. Holt and Gregory prevailed.

  • ScottyBear

    When are the young DL’s going to get meaningful playing time? Our DL’s haven’t sacked a QB yet and no pressure.

    Ist and goal with the game on the line and Isi gets stuffed twice. What a surprise. He gets manhandled in a push.

    Zach is a gamer but his footwork still needs refining.

    Otherwise, must say the Bears are trending upward and the next few years should be
    good. All the other teams and coaches are trending up just as fast though. If Dennis Erickson can beat USC, then maybe……..

  • Kyle

    On another note the whole Dan Camporeale story was a great one coming out of camp but its been 4 games now and haven’t heard his name called once. Needless to say this story is over. Chris McCain and Cecil Whiteside need more snaps. McCain got a sack yesterday and did cause the little pressure that they did get. And who caused the Price fumble?? oh yeah that was Whiteside. These kids as freshman are going to be great players and need to see the field more. Hopefully Tedford sees it on tape and makes the adjustment. I like 8-4. hahahaha Go Bears!!

  • House

    Moral victory’s suck, we should have won this game and had every opportunity to do so. That being said I feel better about this loss than I have in the last two years after a loss. This team is getting better every game, and now we have two weeks to prepare for Oregon.


  • Bears

    Loved the compete level of our Bears yesterday and so far this year.
    Can’t settle for FG’s.
    ST’s needs to get better, can’t keep being a non factor or hurting us.
    D must get to the QB or cover better, how about both!
    Our WR’s are really really good!
    Liked the RB production but would like to see CJA in a little more, especially when we need the tough yards and Bigelow needs a few touchs a game minimum since he is not shirting.
    Where is the TE position yest and depth all year? Only one catch other than Miller in four games.
    Need to improve everywhere and hope this team is up to the challenge. A lot of sesaon left.
    Go Bears!

  • Juancho

    Play more freshme. Get young guys experience for next year. Sit camporele, tipoti, owusu, josh hill. Next year we can be good but not if we dont start taking advantage of those good recruiting classes. Show shaq thompson how he dan plat wr as a freshman for us before we lose him.

    Hire zach follet. Stop running isi up the middle on first down. He excelled outside on off downs.

    Very exciting game. Team has heart. But heart didnt cut it when i was a student at cal taking finals. Hopeful for next year. Next three games can really deflate our season though.

  • Bbear

    Not accepting the holding penalty would have made it 4th and 1 on their 40 and UW would have punted. We just stopped them on 3rd and 1! Instead they convert 3rd and 11 and go on to score. Stupid call Tedford. Unacceptable

  • Will
  • Will

    Someone clearly gave up on their team yesterday, so I thought you’d like to see how the game ended.

  • GoGo Bears

    Over at the SFGate, our lonely holiday boy has this to say:

    “There are two kinds of angry people in the world today. There are those who know it and there are those who don’t. Those that don’t are the ones to be fearful of because they harass and stalk and won’t give up. I have learned to ignore them. Just walk away.”

    The above post is an example of walking away and ignoring? BAHAHAHAHAAHAH. LOL

  • MikeD

    Ythe same old bait being thrown out and taken with the same old responses. It’s getting old, really old to watch cal fans not be smart enough to stop taking the bait. What’s it going to take fir you all to ignore her same ol same ol. It’s really beginning to look like you all like it regardless of how much you complain about it. Ruins this place for the rest of us

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    By the way MikeD they do like it. They have nothing esle to do with their miserable lonely and sad lives.

  • GoGo Bears

    So now answer to your announcement that you will ignore things and yet you don’t, and no answer to your prediction that ASU would beat Cal this year.

    Avoid what you don’t want to talk about.

    Sure, that must be a great strategy on New Year’s Eve or when you see a former classmate who is now practicing as a lawyer.

    And as for lonely — posting on Valentines Day and every weekend night tells us you have no gf. Posting on New Year’s Even and Halloween tells us you have no friends at all. Lonely?


  • Easy Ed

    Moron, 43-22, give it a rest.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Hmmmm…I just heard an interview with two of your freshmen.

    The question was asked about their adjustment to college as students.

    Lupa said “Like school and stuff…it’s not really harder (than Grant High School – I presume)…”.

    Just about equates with what Lavelle Hawkins said about his days as a student athlete at SF City College and at UCB. “No difference”.

  • Kyle

    @Bbear i disagree completely. Yes on the down and distance it would’ve read 4th and 1 but in reality it would have been 4 and about 4 inches. You move them back and give them more yardage everytime especially when you know they are going for it on 4th and inches. There is now way they punt that ball..none…zippy..nada. Even if you give up 6 yards on the 3rd and 11 play it brings up 4th and 5 and then they will punt. It was the right call just bad execution on the defense.

    @MoreNCs yeah because apparently your life is so great. I mean your watching freshmen get interviewed, bringing up players who played at Cal 4 years ago, and often talk about going to high school games just so you can say some high school is better than cal. Your the biggest loser of them all.

  • Go With Chaka

    Great Game!!!

    I love that Washington football is back in the Pac 10 (12) That being said…I’m super excited about our Team the Cal Bears!

    I didn’t understand CJ not getting the ball down there on the goalline…he owned it that goalline in the 1st half taking the poor safeties shoulder with him for the touchdown. Also, I got say DJ Holt has to be benched. He is a senior and he whimped out on that one goalline touchdown for Washington and he gave up the touchdown in the second half on the long pass play..that was partly the safeties fault but most of the game DJ was not physical it seemed the speed of the game was a notch above his motor. Marc Anthony played excellent, Kendricks was super solid…Cattouse didn’t look physical at all…did he make a tackle? I know he did but he seemed like he forgot to bring some eastcoast whoop ass with him..he’s from Chicago right? I’m bummed on the Defense..straight up. It was great to see Cecil Whiteside get in there and make some plays..he caused the big fumble on Price and put a little pressure from the edge…McCain is so skinny but the kid hustles…Can any of the interior lineman get a push on the ball? For the most part Cal’s Defense just doesn’t have an Identity…I love Kendricks and Marc Anthony bringing the wood but where’s his teammates? The Oline looked decent…It seemed Cheadle and Schwenke had good games….The TE Miller looks a bit sluggish maybe I was comparing him to the Washington Freshmen TE. That being said…how much fun is it to watch Marvin Jones, Allen and Z Nard!!!! Go With Chaka!