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Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at


  1. All three of those calls were bs. Srcew this game, tue pac12, UW and th officials.

  2. Joey, they stopped them 4x on that last drive. If the officials keep giving away first
    Downs and touchdowns,
    The d is going to drop dead. All three of those calls were

  3. Looked to me they were offsides both times. The PI was questionable. The pass defense has been lazy.

  4. The o line flinched on the first play,drawing the d offsides. That’s what the replay looks like. Would have been 3rd and 9 there.

  5. Are you kidding me Tedford?? Why take that holding penalty? They were short!!!!! They MUST punt! That might have costed is the game.. Not the officals guys..

  6. i have a plan-now listen.
    1st down- Isi up the middle
    2nd down- Isi up the middle
    3rd down- Anderson up the middle.
    Did we fool the dogs?

  7. WE are the better team, I have faith in the D. They will come out now and stop them. Offense looks good, especially for Maynard’s first “real” away game. They should only have 14 points..

  8. And GC, I agree with you, running up the gut will work well. And it will open up seams in their weak secondary.. if the o-line doesn’t have any bone head penalties and the D steps up a little, we win.

  9. That was a horse collar on isi. No call. A pi on jones. No call. This is beyond ridiculous. Remember, Keenan Allen was a safety in high school for a
    Reason. Don’t be shocked.

  10. Cj was in the first time. Do they only review plays that can benefit UW? I want these officials fired and their bank accounts examined.

  11. Lets not forget that Sarks is a Pete Carroll disciple. Just as PC owned Teddy so does Sarks. This game will end up in the loss column for the staters. Teddy will find a way to lose it.

    BTW why did Teddy take that 10 yard holding penalty when you guys had stopped UW and it was 4th and 2. You guys take the penalty and UW comes back with an easy 3rd and 11 throw. Too funny.

  12. Hate to feed the blind squirrel, but why did Tedford not decline the penalty? No way Sarkasian goes for it there.

  13. Yes Sarks would have gone for it. Your D is atrocious. Why wouldn’t he have.

  14. D is atrocious?? Easy buddy. Lets see who is better conditioned in the 2nd half. Bears. How about Maynard?? Man I’m excited for the next few years… Kid is real deal. Just booked my flight for Eugene, regardless if they pull this one out. Go Bears. And all u non bear fans, get the F out of here. And all you bear fans that keep complaining, shut it. For PAC 12 standards, the officiating has been fine.

  15. GBIRD

    You are kidding. That QB had a major second half meltdown. His is so inaccurate in his passing. For instance if he had thrown a good pass to #21 it would have been an easy TD. Although UW would have stopped your 2 point play it still would have kept you guys from making 4 of the most laughable calls I have ever seen. Your coach is a joke and I hope you guys keep him around forever.

  16. Hey Moron, what Bowl Game are the U$C Trojans going to this year? Your sorry team was eliminated from bowl contention before the first snap of the season

  17. I thought Maynard played a very good game. NC, you clearly haven’t been following the Bears like us die hards have over the decades.. We’ve been conditioned to the likes of Kevin Riley for AWHILE. Seems the Arodg and early Nasty Nate days were ages ago.
    So to see a QB move nicely, make mostly good reads, and throw bullets ON TARGET is just a god damn breath of fresh air.
    And I actually didn’t mind the last few play calls. 1st down: Delayed TE roll-out works 7/10 times but their LB (53 I wanna say?) made a helluva play staying w Miller. Maynard couldn’t take a sack so good throw away. 2nd: If Galas – whom I’ve heard is a maniac on game days – stays w his first block just a fraction of a second longer, easy TD. Kid is learning. He will get there. God damnit. You hear that Dominic, you will get your s*%t together. He has the potential to be very good. 3rd down: Good read, good match up (Keenan vs. Q Rich), terrible ball. Sad thing is he executed that same throw to the opposite side perfectly last week to win the game. Not worried about Maynard, keep at it kid.

    Now coaching? I can’t.. I just can’t say anything. I don’t think ibabuzz will allow me to say the things I would like to. I made my peace above.. I need an explanation for that declined holding call in the 2nd quarter. Honestly think that may have cost us the game. Along w the plethora of penalties. Teddy, well coached teams DO NOT make mistakes like that. And I’m sick of it. We are all sick of it. I know some penalties are unavoidable and sometimes downright necessary, but all these PF’s, and false starts, and illegal motions, etc? You think the best teams make less mistakes because they are more talented??
    Coach, three years ago if someone told me Cal could have Chris Peterson or you, I would have chosen you. But I’m slipping, fast. It’s time you step up now.

    Rose bowl or bust, long live the bears.

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