Football: Third quarter stats

First downs: Cal 18, Wash 17

Total yards: Cal 350, Wash 303

Rushing: Sofele 17-92, Polk 13-34, 1 TD.

Passing: Maynard 16-26-0 261, 1 TD; Price 16-21-0 211, 2 TD.

Receiving: Allen 5-130, 1 TD; Jones 5-65, Seferian-Jenkins 3-48, 2 TD.

Tackles: Kendricks 11, Dennison 8.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • eric

    That was an extremely stupid fourth down call. Cannot understan why no QB roll-out so that we have some options.

  • eric

    Just cannot understand the 4th down call. A fade pattern requires a great throw and one on one play by the receiver. Why no roll-out out of the shotgun?

  • Stay Golden

    Piss poor play calling on the goal line. 1st and goal at the 2 yard line and you don’t use CJ Anderson once?

  • Rollonubears

    Outcoached. Two years in a row. Embarrassing. Only solace is that we would have blown the 2pt try anyway, and it would have hurt worse. This team us just not that great.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Sarks a PC disciple just owns Teddy just like all USC coaches including Kiffin.

    Next up is USC. Let’s watch another loss as Teddy fails to get the troops up for action.

  • Kent Wilson

    Of course its easy to 2nd guess the play calling for the final 4 plays…but running Sofelle TWICE and a fade patter on 4th down…all I can say is WOW! As I thought from the beginning of the season was Cal was only a 4-8, 5-7 or 6-6 type of team. I just hope the team can show improvement over the course of the season…because a Tedford led team has NOT improved over the course of a season in about 6 or 7 years!

  • abe

    Boy we have us some defense, ain’t it? i lost count how many 3rd and 100’s they converted. perhaps more disheartening is a coaching staff that continues to get outsmarted. it doesnt take an expert to see that Steve is a really, really smart dude, alas a Riley kind of guy, except he should be able to bring in far superior talent. O ya, Udub is back, If they can keep Steve around.

  • Juancho

    Dont forget the awful playcalling in the second quarter when we were on the 10 and we ran it on first and second down, then settled for a fg.

    Our special teams are terrible. Kicking it out of bounds? So many penalties on kicks? Our defense was torched. Outcoached from start to finish.

    Allen and marvin are amazing. Maynard needs to get way more accurate.

  • Eric

    Hard to understand.

    We had more total yards (and run yards was close to even). Each side had one big play. We won turnovers. We had better time of possession. We had more first downs. Penalties were even. We didn’t even miss FGs. While there were a couple of untimely drops, there were also several stellar catches.

    My sense – poor kickoff coverage, and questionable play-calling when it mattered. Sadly, sounds familar.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Please please please keep Tedford.

  • Easy Ed

    Tough loss. The defense put no real pressure on the QB all day. The good? The team went into a tough venue and fought like Hell. Like I said after the Fresno State game, be patient, this team is a work in progress. As far as the Moron goes? He better keep an eye on his cheating Trojans in Tempe tonight

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Agree completely that Tedford brain shat at the goal line. Isi in a goal line stand run into the line? (after using so well on the outside for most of the game, too) And the fade was not a 4th down call, not with an inaccurate thrower.

    Loved the players effort. Enjoyed the game.

    Gotta quit using the no back formation, though. When I saw that on a 4th down play, I literally bit the inside of my cheek to stop from screaming at the TV (having a 4 year old, trying to break some bad habits).

    Steve, I actually thought the D did well in the first half, Price just beat them. So many plays broke down, but he turned them into large chunks of real estate. The guy was impressive.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    To those complaining in full voice,

    Really? You do not see the vast improvement even just in composure on offense. The team still needs tweaking, but if you thought they were going to the Rose Bowl this year, you aimed a bit high. The team has improved more than I expected from last year, and I had pretty big hopes.

    I’ll be surprised if they do not register an upset win or two against the “better” teams of the Pac 12 as things move along.

    Go Bears!

  • Eric

    @wisdom cow

    Sure, there is massive improvement at the QB position. That makes a huge difference. And even the play-calling, overall, has improved. But can you dispute that our kick-offs, for the umpteenth year in row, substantially harms Cal? And the play-calling – when it mattered most – wasn’t there. That has been a continuing problem since 2007. So, while we did get the win at Colorado – which we absolutely would have lost last year – and it was a positive that the team fought back from a big deficit, in the end we lost a close game when the difference was on what was being sent in from the sidelines.

  • covinared

    if the last pass was a little lower you’d all have nothing to complain about. It was a well played game in a difficult place for anyone to win. Give the guy a break.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Eric, true enough. I missed the kick off return that crossed the 50, and the OB kick was frustrating, but I was not disappointed in the other special team plays. Mistakes are going to happen, especially on the road. I was pleasantly surprised by the FG makes (which shows there has been some improvement, in a sad way).

    The clutch play calling was poor. No question. It was most disappointing to see a reliance on scheme plays when it was clear UW only had one quality CB, so either Allen or Jones should have been able to beat there man by simple execution instead of relying of play design.

    Yet, I really can’t help the fact that I enjoyed the game. I loved that the D stepped up to get that last possession with so much clock. I saw so many plays where Cal was defending excellently, yet Price was just unstoppable.

    The penalty on Taputi really did get me mad, though. A second Pac 12 game where a questionable 15 yard auto-1st down penalty was called during a huge momentum series. It would have been 3rd and 14 from the 16 yard line without that call, possibly a completely different 2nd half without it. If being partially blocked into a QB and causing the QB’s helmet to move less than an inch is really a personal foul, that rule has to be changed.

  • rollonubears

    i think if the pass had been lower, it would have been impossible to catch, because it would have been PI, which wouldn’t have been called. that’s just how these officials roll.

    i agree, they are better than last year. i don’t think they’re playing to their potential, though. i do hope they improve. it’s a shame they won’t have a home advantage of any substance this year, being at at&t. next year could be an amazing year if maynard gets a shade better.

    i just want them to make it to a bowl game. this team needs it. last year was a colossal letdown.

  • eric

    @ wisdom – you absolutey right. The game was a fun to watch. UW fought hard, and prevailed. We fought hard, but did not.

    @covinared – sorry, but that is a silly statement. Had he made a perfect throw on a difficult pattern, you’re right, I wouldn’t be complaining. But moist NFL QBs cannot make that throw. And I’m sure you would have noticed that virtually the entire game, Maynard was not on target on out patterns – he was very accurate on downfield throws but any time he had to put touch on the ball, it was a struggle.

  • Bearister

    Several thoughts from this game. First, Maynard is the opposite of Longshore – seems to thrive on clutch situations. Second, Allen/Jones is an incredible receiver tandem. Third, Tavecchio should never kick a football off again. As in ever. He is maybe the worst kickoff man I’ve ever seen at Cal. Fourth, Sofele should never be asked to punch a ball in from the goal line at the end of the game. Unfair to him, and a stupid play call when you have C.J. Fifth, Jeff Genyk can leave any time now. I can’t believe we fired Pete Alamar and found someone worse to take his place. And sixth, Pendergast had better figure out how to get consistent performance out of his defense, because this was another torching following a strong performance. Without significant improvement we will be 3-4 (0-4) and struggling to just break even for a second in a row, and I believe an entire recruiting class that never had a winning record in the conference. Disappointing.


    I thought Maynard played a very good game. NC, you clearly haven’t been following the Bears like us die hards have over the decades.. We’ve been conditioned to the likes of Kevin Riley for AWHILE. Seems the Arodg and early Nasty Nate days were ages ago.
    So to see a QB move nicely, make mostly good reads, and throw bullets ON TARGET is just a god damn breath of fresh air.
    And I actually didn’t mind the last few play calls. 1st down: Delayed TE roll-out works 7/10 times but their LB (53 I wanna say?) made a helluva play staying w Miller. Maynard couldn’t take a sack so good throw away. 2nd: If Galas – whom I’ve heard is a maniac on game days – stays w his first block just a fraction of a second longer, easy TD. Kid is learning. He will get there. God damnit. You hear that Dominic, you will get your s*%t together. He has the potential to be very good. 3rd down: Good read, good match up (Keenan vs. Q Rich), terrible ball. Sad thing is he executed that same throw to the opposite side perfectly last week to win the game. Not worried about Maynard, keep at it kid.

    Now coaching? I can’t.. I just can’t say anything. I don’t think ibabuzz will allow me to say the things I would like to. I made my peace above.. I need an explanation for that declined holding call in the 2nd quarter. Honestly think that may have cost us the game. Along w the plethora of penalties. Teddy, well coached teams DO NOT make mistakes like that. And I’m sick of it. We are all sick of it. I know some penalties are unavoidable and sometimes downright necessary, but all these PF’s, and false starts, and illegal motions, etc? You think the best teams make less mistakes because they are more talented??
    Coach, three years ago if someone told me Cal could have Chris Peterson or you, I would have chosen you. But I’m slipping, fast. It’s time you step up now.

    Rose bowl or bust, long live the bears.

  • wehofx

    W cow & Cov, couldn’t agree more. It was a tough loss but I liked what I saw: better play calling, finally a real qb again, more composure – except for the personals, which seemed to be mostly on STeams. Isi ran hard today and broke and number of tackles. CP made good D adjustments at half time.

    Special teams was weak. I was glad to see Giorgio deliver on fg’s but his kick offs are weak.

    We probably are a .500 team but I, too, have a good feeling we’re going to get an upset or 2. As long as we keep playing hard and improving, “give the guy a break.”

  • Cole

    Choke artist at the helm Why did he have Sofele in the backfield!!!!   Tedford gets too cute in the most critical of times. I’m assuming he thought having Sofele back there would somehow keep the defense honest. We were playing for one yard!!!  Sofele can’t run over my sister.  We had plenty of time to simply run the ball in with CJ who is obviously our goal line bruiser and demonstrated that with his earlier touchdown run. The team executed at the end unfortunately our head coach had his head in the sand. .

    Tedford should man up and admit he failed his team when they needed him most. One yard coach. It shouldn’t be that hard.

  • covinared

    all you offensive coordinators need to look at the box score to see why we lost. Look at Price’s numbers. We have shown to be vulnerable to passes over the middle all year.

  • covinared

    whatever their qb’s name is…

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Anyone know how your #2 is doing? That was one hell of a hit. He simply got blown up with this year’s best hit.

  • DaredevilFan

    Anthony Miller = invisible
    Sofele up the middle on goal line = inconceivable
    D got better but too many big plays. We can’t let that keep happening.
    Why did we not use CJ on the goal line when he was successful last time?
    Tough day when the bright spot was Georgio’s FGs. Luckily his horrible kickoffs keep him in the doghouse. They are better this year. But this ain’t horseshoes. 1st and goal at the 2 with 40 seconds left, you gotta find a way to score. Tough stretch coming up. Keep the faith.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    And we talked about some old times
    And we drank ourselves some beers . . .

  • Bbear

    Please ask Tedford two questions

    1. Why are we using our small running back at the end of the game at the goal line when CJ has proven he can get it done?

    2. Why in the world did he take that holding penalty in the 1st half when we stopped them on 3rd and 1 and they would have punted sitting at their own 40 yrd line? They converted the 3rd and 11 and eventually scored a TD

  • covinared

    I agree that taking the penalty was foolish.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I was torn on accepting the penalty. A lot of teams have been going for it in that situation (the statistics actually say it is a no brainer to go for it). While I personally thought Price had better odds of converting the 3rd and 12 than Polk getting a single yard (Price was just on fire making broken plays look planned), I think it was the right call to accept the penalty. If you thought UW would go for it on 4th and under a yard, the odds were better at getting the ball back by stopping the 3rd down.

    Just because it did not work out does not mean it was a bad choice. I would really like to find out if Sark had planned to go for it or not though. We did not get a view of the sidelines, whether the punt team was getting ready or not, or did we?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    YOu guys don’t get it.

    Sarks is a Pete Carroll disciple and there was never a 4 and short that PC didn’t like to go for.

    Sarks would have gone and gotten it. He isn’t like your coach who punts because he has no faith in your offense.

  • Rollonubears

    I just Love how this guy worships the ground of two guys who
    Not only kicked u$c in the face, but left an empire-crippling disaster behind. It’s

  • Bbear

    If UW goes for it and we stop them on that 4th down, momentum shifts and we end up winning the game. With the ball on his 40, I bet UW punts. Risk to great for Sark.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Kiffin just went for it on 4th and 2 on USC’s 47 yard line.

    Pete Carroll and Pete Carroll disciples go for it. Your coach doesn’t.

    Your coach made the right call.

  • Will

    Didn’t help $C very much at the end of the day, did it? LOL

  • Will

    On the other hand, none of $C’s games matter this year anyway…so it’s probably not a big deal.

  • Pug

    I remember Pete Carroll going for it on 4th down and losing the national championship game becvause of it. He punts there, Texas loses.