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  • imho, the difference in the game was that uw converted the 3rd and 12 to Polk for a TD while Allen dropped a similar type pass on a similar down situ after Maynard had scrambled well, bought time, and made a good throw. Polk caught his, while Allen chose a really bad time to drop a ball. Allen is a future star on Sundays, no doubt, but that play really killed us. C’mon Keenan, squeeze it man!!

    I choose to stay positive because I feel that if just ONE more play had gone our way we would have won. Had we gotten just ONE more sack on 3rd down or made just ONE more good play on O to keep a drive alive (see above) we would have won, and been 4-0 and RANKED again most likely.

    So we are close. I will be patient this season with this young team because I believe they could SOON be firing on all cylinders after some early time spent in the school of Hard Knocks (uw, uo, $c). Lots of room for improvement, no doubt, but we WILL improve and I think we can give lsju a beatdown by the end of the season and finish strong!

    Go Bears! Surprise the world and beat the nike quackers.

  • Kyle

    got a feeling we are going to see the white Cal helmets in Eugene on 10/6. Let the Duck Hunting begin.

  • David Swartz

    Allen caught a pass to convert the fourth down on the very next play!

  • Shaka

    Question: Do you have to take a holding penalty? I think not. Then questionable decision of the Game: Taking the holding penalty and giving Price 3rd and long instead of 4th and a yard. He completes the first down and a touchdown later. This team has great heart, and will win a surprise or two including the ducks. Go Bears!

  • Calduke

    Cal picked up a WR recruit over the weekend.

  • Calduke

    BTW – is 1012 recruit Kenny Walker a RB or WR ??