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Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at

  • Calduke

    Scout and Bear Teritory lists him as a 6-2, 210lb

  • Calduke

    Where is K Clay; Our speed receiver.
    He has vanished.

  • Calduke


    On why true freshman Brendan Bigelow didn’t play on offense:

    “This was a day that we needed some things that he isn’t able to do yet.”

    Anybody notice ‘things’ the Bears did in the Washington game that Bigelow just couldn’t do yet??

  • covinared

    How would one know who hasn’t seen him practice?

  • Calduke

    I’m going to guess he can’t execute.

  • wehofx

    MJ has been a pleasure to watch. I know he’s the only skill position who is a Sr but aren’t at least 2 of the OL Sr’s?

    RE: K Clay – I know I’m one of those who drank the Kool Aide but JT put the hammer to him because of Academics – another reason I really admire JT.

    RE: play calling on last series – I know it’s College v nfl – but this past weekend there was a lot of running between tackles on 1 & 2nd downs with no play fakes that were stopped. Gadget plays are great but sometimes it’s a matter of enforcing your will mano a mano. I know JM will get the OL fixed and there will be holes for Isi or cj or bb to run through in short yardage gotta have it situations.

  • Jim

    Cal needs OL. The lack of depth is showing.

  • Brian

    JO, How many starters in the Pac-12 have children?

  • Calduke

    There must have been some very difficult ‘things’ being done in the game that Bigelow was unqualified to accomplish.
    When this year began I had visions of Cal speed on offense.
    T Carter K Clay B Bigelow.

  • Kirkwood

    Some things the backs that did play could do:
    Go down on first contact
    Run between the tackles for 1 yard
    Run between the tackles for no yards
    Drop a pass

    If Bigelow is not ready to do those things, I say give him a shot!

  • Dan

    Re; the aticle on Marvin Jones. I love that Cal and Tedford brings quality kids like this in. Jones was thrown a pretty tough curveball as a college freshamn, and by all appearances, he has manned up, handled and embraced his responsibilites. Impressive- and he’s a reidiculously good receiver- what a tandam he and Keenan make.

    I have to say, I have been critical of Tedford over the past few years, I think most all my criticisms have been spot on, but I have never lost sight of the classy and quality program it seems he runs here… and THAT is why I have kept perspective on his recent shortcomings, why I think he needs to be given every chance to see if he can return Cal to where they were at the apex of his tenure – and beyond – and I have never called for his firing.

    Very admiring of Marvin Jones- I hope he has great success the rest of the season and also at the next level.