Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at

  • Gdog

    Tedford has morphed into a horribly predictable and boring play caller over the years. I was at the games his first years and the stuff he called was great. In the early years that would have been a play action on first down, with a roll to the left releasing the tight end againt the grain of the play for a wide open throw back across the field. We’ve seen it, executed it but has gotten lost in the playbook somewhere. Tired of hearing about execution, that is a bogus cliche answer.

  • The D

    Up at Washington, Tedford says that he can’t use a certain RB because it’s an Outside Zone Read play and that runner can’t cutback? C’mon, Man!!!
    Recruiting and playing a RB at a PAC12 school that can’t cutback? That’s your story?

  • The D


  • Shaka

    Don’t entirely disagree with Gdog, but did see some new wrinkles in the playbook, QB option, QB draw, e.g. Got to think Coach has a few more up his sleeve. He doesn’t read these so we’re all talking to each other. At one time there was talk about Allen playing both ways. That is probably unrealistic given his receiving talent, but wouldn’t an interception or two would change that paradigm. Good to see McClure coming in, would also like seeing what Avery Sebastian can do. Go Bears!

  • Easy Ed

    Boring? No Bear fans, 1-11 is boring. This team is exciting and it will only get better once these guys mature.

  • Gdog

    As compared to Tom Holmoe? Even Tedford aspires to be compared to someone a little higher I should hope. But if that is your measuring stick than we just fine!