Football: Wednesday practice update

The Bears started to implement the game plan for Oregon today. They will have five practices total to get ready for the Ducks — tomorrow, followed by Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday will be the walkthrough at Autzen Stadium, and then it will be time for a prime time showdown on ESPN where the entire nation will be watching.

Quarterback Zach Maynard is getting used to the attention. At Buffalo, he never played in a stadium that held more than 40,000 fans. Next Thursday, he will experience one of the great atmospheres in all of college football — 55,000 enthusiastic fans in a configuration where the patrons are right on top of the field.

“It’s the loudest place we’re going to play this year, probably,” Maynard said. “It’s big time. Everybody is going to be watching us. It’s going to be crazy.”

Maynard has been getting experience playing in loud venues. Colorado had a crowd of 49,532 while Husky Stadium last week drew 60,437.

“Washington was pretty loud, but I feel like Colorado was louder than Washington,” Maynard said. “It got pretty loud in Colorado. I’m sure it’s going to be even louder in Oregon. They’re right on top of you.”

Maynard said he watched the tape of his final pass at Washington twice. He said he “was sick to my stomach” all night Saturday but got over it the next day. He said watching it on tape gave him the same feeling that it did at the time — it felt good coming out of his hand but obviously put too much on the ball.

“It felt good to me. It just kept sailing,” he said.

Coach Jeff Tedford said after the Washington game that freshman Brendan Bigelow didn’t play on offense because “this was a day we needed some things that he isn’t able to do yet.” I asked Tedford today to elaborate on that and he said it comes down to schematics, that there are still things about the offense he is learning.

“You bring him along,” Tedford said. “He’s a freshman who hasn’t played football for two years. You bring him along slowly. There’s complication to the offense from time to time. He continues to learn every week and improve. He got hit while returning kicks so he’s proven he can hang on to the football. That’s what you always worry about with young guys. Each week he’s getting better and better and learning  more and more.”

Cal has a couple of injuries deep on its depth chart  at running back. Dasarte Yarnway is on crutches after getting his knee scoped. The redshirt sophomore simply has struggled to stay healthy since being at Cal. Redshirt freshman Trajuan Briggs also has a knee problem and is wearing a brace. “(Yarnway) and Trajuan have really been hurt since they got here,” Tedford said. “Those guys have never really been able to get into the swing.”


Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Jai

    “He got hit while returning kicks so he’s proven he can hang on to the football” Tedford talking about Bigelow.

    Get it straight. That game against Presbyterian proved NOTHING.

  • Larry

    Where has the loud mouth troll gone? Oh yeah, his trojens lost. We won’t be hearing from that _____ for a while.

  • T

    Presbyterian definitely proved nothing, but Tedford’s reference to Bigelow getting hit while returning kicks was not about Presbyterian, when Bigelow never really got hit anyway. Bigelow got hit hard on kick returns against Washington (and didn’t fumble), and I think that is what Tedford is talking about.

  • Oski 88

    He returned kicks on Saturday at Washington..I am not sure about your comment. He did fine.

  • rollonubears

    5 kickoffs for 93 yards. not bad at all.

  • Jim

    Larry … P L E E E Z E
    It’s not necessary to acknowledge the poor slob when it’s here. So why do you even mention it when it’s not here … Just Ignore

  • covinared

    Jai: did you see his first return? He got blindly hammered at full speed and held on. He should have taken a knee in the first place, but he held on.

  • 92 Bear

    Jai: Before you told someone to “get it straight,” perhaps you should have watched the Washington game. Bigelow returned kickoffs and took some hits.

  • steve

    he was cautious and looked scared out there. The Preb. game really did not prove a lot. It did she that he has a lot of potential though. Don’t expect the kid to light it up – he came in injured and did not have a lot of time to absorb the things cal does on offense and i am glad he did not play too much at washington. I would appreciate plays designed to get him involved but that is rather limiting when we need to be able to do lots of things against a decent washington team. he will not have as big an impact as jahvid did running the ball but that’s ok. jahvid is a once in a lifetime talent and this kid will prove himself later on.

  • bob

    we’ll bw waiting in autzen stadium for you guys. time for a whipping for feigning injuries last year. welcome home jeff, no hard feelings. but you need a whippin.

  • MinotStateBeav

    Hey Ducky…who’s gonna fumble out of the endzone this time for you guys? my money is on that freshman you got who couldn’t hold onto a 20 dollar bill vs LSU. LONG LIVE CAMERON COLVIN!

  • Will

    I wonder how many wins the Duckies will have to vacate as a result of their NCAA probe?

  • Tom


  • MAC

    I think Tedford benched Bigelow for his remarks that surpassed his roll as a Fr.:


    He is getting just little bits of PT. Do something stupid and you wont get that.

  • WTD Ducks

    Didn’t the injury fakers buy scouting services from Lyles too? Be careful what you wish for.

  • Will

    They bought $5,000 of crappy scouting services from him, but not influence to get players. Which school is the subject of an NCAA probe?

  • Tdogg

    Yep, the cheaters from Eugene will get a whippin from the NCAA.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Hey Bob

    Ask these fans to predict the score of the game between your two respective teams at Autzen next Thursday.

    Make sure it includes who will win and who will lose and the score.

    Then turn off your computer, don’t visit this page again and you won’t be disappointed. These are not fans. These are blind cheerleaders. If they total up more total offense for the game than your team does they think they have won. If they hold you under your season scoring average they think they have won. If they beat you in any facet of the game such as feiging injury they think they have won. If they miss a field goal in the waning moments so as to lose the game they think they have won.

  • Will

    I wonder if Moren accurately predicted $C’s humiliating 43-22 beat down in Tempe last week.

    P.S. On a serious note, take that other poster’s advice about seeking mental health services. I poke fun at you a lot, but the other guy does have a point.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Robert Woods may turn out to be the greatest player ever to come from USC.

    He tore you guys up last year as a true freshman. I can’t wait for our game at AT&T. If #6 from Colorado torched you guys RW (Mr Superman) will not be stopped.

  • BlueNGold

    If moron were truly a fan of the sleazy cheaters, which is questionable anyway, it should be worried about your team’s rather porous defense. You have given up an average of 42 points in conference play so far, and over 26 per game overall.

    Of course you might have some trouble finding many reports in the media of this phenomenon. Seems like the sleazy cheaters aren’t getting much press coverage this season. I wonder why that is? It couldn’t be those pesky NCAA sanctions, could it?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    So you are saying that your offense run by Teddy is something to be worried about?

  • nedbear

    MoreSanctions, you’re struggling. You’ve given up 40+ points in back to back games in FOREVER. That’s never happened. You know you suck this year and I know it’s hard to admit. It’s alright. Barkley is good. Woods is good, but that’s all you’ve got.

    And you’ll never understand what it means to be a Cal fan. It’s unexplainable. I don’t understand why we even pay any attention to you. It’s our little world and occasionally we’ll pop out of it to beat you and Oregon and some other good teams. But for the most part, yeah, we’ll be happy if we hold Polk to his lowest total of the year and still lose or hold Oregon to its fewest points and still lose, then be furious and dumbfounded when we allow Washington to beat us out of the post season at the end of the game. You just wouldn’t understand.

    So go ahead and jerk yourself off over your team and somehow think you’re better than us when, really, you’re just as insecure as anybody else. I mean, c’mon, dude, you troll a Cal fansite. What does that say about you? Really. I mean deep down inside. What does that say about you?