Football: Lupoi reflects

Cal defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi had a forgettable end to last season. He was suspended for the season-finale against Washington for instructing his players to fake injuries two weeks earlier against Oregon.

The Bears visit Oregon next Thursday, and Lupoi today talked a little about the aftermath of what happened last year.

“It’s all in the past,” he said. “I really haven’t thought about it much. It’s not my character to really dwell on the past.”

Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour and coach Jeff Tedford agreed to suspend Lupoi after an especially blatant video began circulating on youtube that showed nose tackle Aaron Tipoti look over toward the sideline and then suddenly grab his leg and crumble on top of the football.

But this wasn’t a tactic isolated to Cal. Several opponents seem to employ the tactic all of last season — the Tipoti video just made it too hard to ignore.

“Regardless if every opponent did it in the previous weeks, it doesn’t make it OK and it doesn’t mean that we or I can match the behavior of others,” Lupoi said. “Regardless of what everyone else is doing, it doesn’t make something OK.”

Lupoi said he didn’t encounter any negative reacion in the immediate aftermath of the suspension. The season ended abruptly as Cal lost to the Huskies and were eliminated from bowl contention. Lupoi immediately hit the recruiting trail and said he never heard a negative word about it.

“You always have to be thinking ahead. Every action you take, there could be a consequence involved. You have to evaluate every action you take. You have to be held responsible of your actions at all times.

“I’m moving on. The consequence was served and I took responsibility for what happened. The way this job works, you don’t have time to dwell on the past, good or bad. I think that’s where your focus has to be — living in the moment and trying to get better.”


Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Will

    Tosh didn’t do anything wrong.

  • Tom

    Blatant cheating is never wrong when it is your home team. The Bears have legitimate top 10 talent on their roster, they shouldn’t have to coach their players to cheat to be able to beat the Ducks.

  • Cre8tivguy

    If Cal had won that game he would have been called a genius.

  • Brandon

    Who cares? Cal is garbage and will be in the basement again this year.

  • Easy Ed

    Cheating? No cheating is turning a blind eye to some low life buying your Heisman Trophy winning running back a new house and car. Cheating is when you pay recruiters to send players to your back water program with Nike money!

  • Bobby

    I’ve always thought it’s funny how Cal got singled-out for the dives, when it’s clear that at least 3 other teams (USC, ASU, and Stanford) all pulled the same stunt. Then I realized, Cal is the only one that admitted it, and that said they should not have done it! Shame on Cal for being responsible!!!!!!!!!!

    PS–the Oregon fans LOVE to point this aspect of the game last year. Why? Because they were on the brink of losing. They refuse to admit that Cal played them well; in the other games where teams clearly took dives, Oregon still won handily. However, with Cal, who only did it three times, Oregon scraped by because Giorgio had a brain fart. It was a very Cal way to lose, but it makes me chuckle that the Oregon crazies refuse to admit that they were lucky to walk out of Memorial with a W

  • Tom

    The kicker missed the kick with like 13 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Speaking of a fan base with revisionist history, you do realize we than milked the clock for the rest of the quarter and took a knee in the red zone. Meaning if we needed to kick a field goal to win the game the Ducks would have.

  • Jimmy

    Hmmm, Bobby. So the Ducks were “lucky” last year at Cal. Seems to me the Lucky Ducks lucked out on a 9 minute drive to burn the 4th quarter that ended on Cal’s 12 yd line as time ran out. Hmmm. Yeah, the Ducks were “on the brink of losing” . . . lol!
    Kudos to the Bears for the excellent defensive effort (including holding Oregon receivers all game),
    but you’re above post is just a bit delusional.

  • The D

    The ‘D’ stands for Duck fan and I’m not denying that Cal played us tough last year nor am I saying that it was the Duck’s best game. Cal put a lot of pressure on us, from the fans, coaches and players; a great effort. That Cal held themselves accountable for inappropriate behavior is worthy and speaks to the high regard in which Duck fans hold their program. That Oregon pulled the rug from under the Bears season the previous season provided motivation aplenty to ‘get back’ at the Ducks. I hope that all that crap is now behind us all and that the game next Thursday will be another classic, the game of the season in the PAC 12.

  • JimBob

    Wow! D, come on, don’t go all classy on us. I say Duck Soup!

  • Will

    Classy post, D.

  • ET

    Ditto. D thank you!

  • ThisisCal

    An uncharacteristically sensible comment from a ducks fan. Cheers D. Let’s hope for a great game with a Bears W.

  • DuckThis

    The only bad thing Tosh did was to take the fall for Tedford. Tedford knew what was going on and he put the black cloud over a great performance from the Cal team. Next Thurs game will be another classic.

  • rollonubears

    Just like we need to win by a touchdown to overcome the lopsided officiating at UW, we will need to win by 2 touchdowns (or go into it with that attitude) to overcome the even more lopsided officials on the Nike payroll. I’ve never seen such ridiculousness as I’ve seen from the officials covering oregon home games. If not for replay, Cal would’ve been hosed out of the 2007 victory for sure. Not to mention no ejection for purposefully spearing Longshore’s lower half. I think the atmosphere the fans create for the team up there is incredible, and it’s a great experience (the likes of which I have yet to partake), but until I see a fairly officiated game up there, I’ll remain a cynic. go bears.

  • Nor-Cal Scott

    Wow, The D must be the one and only logical Duck fan. The amount of crap I’ve been taking from my friends IRL & online elsewhere about the fake injury stuff is in overdrive.

    Yes, Jimmy, we know how the game went in the 4thQtr. Some just have selective memory. But, the fact that Tavecchio’s choke was major. Had the Bears added the 3 points who knows what would have happened.


    It is simple, cheating is cheating! Cheapin the game and we may as well watch that pro-wrestling! The game is played for the best team to come out on top!

  • NeilSunn

    Subject: Cal at Autzen

    No matter that Cal failed to play ball last year against a clearly superior team faking injuries. It’s not even about notable a notable alumna that equips their team as well as Oregon’s. What matters is quality. Both teams have it.

    For those bitter about Oregons lack of a large stadium with geographic and associated revenue and recruiting challenges I say whine to someone of your ilk. Cal is has every advantage on many levels. Show up Thursday and win, Cal. Otherwise be bested by another great team fielded by a relatively small school in a Northwest backwater with a small but loyal fan base.