Football: From the press box

It’s pretty clear Oregon made some adjustments on offense in the second half that the Bears simply couldn’t handle. Did the Ducks’ methodical, 13-play drive to start the second half wear the Bears down, and possibly demoralize them? It was a different game after that, as Oregon’s impressive collection of skill players burned Cal again and again.

Cornerback Marc Anthony has a separated shoulder. It’s unclear right now how long he’ll be out. Defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast wanted to get freshman Stefan McClure some playing time tonight. Well, he got his wish after Anthony went down. McClure took some lumps tonight but the experience could help him down the road.

Tonight was a step back for quarterback Zach Maynard, whose play had been encouraging through the first four games. Maynard said his footwork was off tonight and that caused him to throw the ball inaccurately.

Isi Sofele did rush for a career-high 119 yards and Keenan Allen had nine more catches for 170 yards.

Oregon’s LaMichael James has a dislocated right elbow. It was unclear immediately after the game how long he would be out.

That’s all for now as I gotta get outta here. More tomorrow….

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • abe

    between Maynard’s maddening inconsistency and erratic way of playing and Bridgeford’s incredibly ugly way of throwing the ball, you can take a nap before he gets the ball out of his hands, we dont have a lot of choices at QB, sounds familiar?

  • miked

    > Maynard said his footwork was off tonight and that caused him to throw the ball inaccurately.

    nooooo, no way, really? this just in – water still wet

    so fix it then if you know what the problem is. always interesting to see where JT feels like things are still ok, game win still possible. down by 2 td’s and countless 3 and outs but Maynard is still his guy, gives best chance to win. maddening but nothing new, no new news, moving along in the long standing trainwreck that is cal bears football

  • Bearister

    Adjustments? At halftime? What are those? And can someone teach Coach Tedford and his staff how to make them?

  • gobears49

    It should be clear by now that Maynard is consistently inconsistent. That was the way he was at Buffalo. I thought Bridgford looked pretty classy back there (a true pocket passer), but his release IS slow and I doubt he can run (and by the way, we don’t seem to use hardly any plays to use Maynard’s running ability).

    The answer is that we will have to wait until next year to see what Kyle Boehm (now probably being redshirted as a freshman) and Zach Kline, a heralded QB arriving next fall, to see if there is any real hope at QB.

  • BadNewsBear

    Hate to break it to you, but Boehm is not the answer, and there is no way Kline starts as a true frosh.

  • rollonubears

    GoBears, I was just about to say the exact same thing. It’s almost like clockwork that Maynard goes 50%. If he’s 5-7, he’ll launch the next 3. I think he was something like 20-41 for the game. And has been 50% all season, and all career. If we had a great running game, and he was more mobile, it would be ok, but that’s not the case. To his credit, the o-line didn’t give him great protection, but they weren’t too bad. I like how bridgeford looks, but i agree, he’s a bit slow. that’s tough first stage, but he was making a lot of poor decision. 6 balls were near picks. i don’t think maynard is going to change with more experience. he’s had 2.5 years at this level, and it’s exactly the same. i’d like to see someone who gets better every game. i’d like to see boehm get a shot, because if he doesn’t get one this year, he may never get one. kline is going to be in there in 2 years, otherwise. why not give the kid a shot?

    btw, i wonder if jones knows how much money was on that drop to end the game.

    one more point. we need a new coach. i want tedford in the system, because he keeps it clean and he’s a good recruiter, but he’s an awful strategist with no guts. you get up on a top 10 opponent, on the road, with the ball, and 3 minutes left…you don’t try to run out the clock, you try to score and step on the throat. anything else is pure wimpussness. i’m sick of it. it will never change. this is football for crissakes. grow a freaking pair!!!!!

  • rotfogel

    We don’t need a new coach, but Maynard has to start throwing the ball better. Is it me, or has every QB since Rodgers been enamored with throwing the ball over receivers heads.
    -On another note, there were a few holding penalities that were not called against Oregon on 2 TD runs. Refs did do a bad job. Not saying Cal would’ve won, but the refs really missed two HUGE calls.

  • rotfogel

    Next year the bears will smash Oregon at the new home…mark that down. It probably won’t be close.

  • rollonubears

    doesn’t tricky chip run a summer coaching clinic? maybe we can enroll jt in that.

  • rollonubears

    agreed about the missed calls, but they weren’t blatant. and like i mentioned earlier, the refs will give oregon 14 points. we have to plan for that. we didn’t.

    overall, except for those calls, i thought the officiating was actually really good.

  • Lama

    Oregon’s coaching staff was able to play a chess match vs Cal’s checker game. Lots more options for the Ducks with the talent they have. Clancy might have helped his freshman corners a bit better instead of leaving them on an island as much as he did. On a side note, I realize this is the era of the “Uniform”, Oregon being one of the leaders in jersey/uniform innovation, but they do have Uncle Phil footing the bill. Who is Cal’s sugar daddy? Whats wrong with a traditional home and away uniform? Might just save a buck or two in this current economy. Just how much does a helmet cost these days?

  • DaveintheHills

    “Adjustments? At halftime? What are those? And can someone teach Coach Tedford and his staff how to make them?”

    Jonathan, can you PLEASE start grilling Tedford about this issue?

    So sick of Tedford coaching all of our talent down.

  • covinared

    I think we know now what we have in Maynard, and its not going to be good enough. I thought Bridgford looked good enough to be given more of a chance. Maynard’s advantage was supposed to be his running abilty, but except for one play against FSU, he really hasn’t shown much there. We have a good group of receivers, and are have the ability to sustain a running game. We just need a qb that can consistently throw accurately like Bridgford has shown hew can do. Maynard keeps locking on to covered guys when others are wide open Also, all those who criticised not putting Anderson in against Washigton, I think you should have the answer. He got the same call against Oregon and we got the same result. He is big and strong, but starts to tippy toe with traffic ahead. Sofele is turning out to be a valuable asset.

  • Steve W

    Another season and a half with Zach Maynard at the helm is a frightening thought, indeed. And to think I used to explode about Riley missing open receivers. This guy is taking the art of miss to a new level. It doesn’t seem there are any good options for Cal, which you have to blame on the head coach.

    But let’s keep giving him a pass, because after all he built the new house that will open up next season to LOTS of empty $100 seats.

  • Rocko

    Oregon hardly threw at all in the first half. They got some long runs on us and kept trying to run. In the second half they went to the pass which is our weakness trying to defend it. Even the TV guys said Oregon wasn’t playing at the same level they normally do. In the second half they kicked it up a couple of notches and we sent out UC Davis.
    Another thing I saw was the amount of holding Oregon was doing and not getting called for it. Hey refs when a jersey is being stretched someome is holding!
    Maynard was playing what I called scared $hitless. This is the same way Ayoob and Bridgeford played. This setting his feet thing is bull$hit. He knows where his feet should be. 50% completions won’t cut it in the PAC-12. Another mediocre QB = another mediocre year.

  • Caladan

    I wish I had the opportunity to spit in the face of every Duck fan who booed Marc Anthony when he went down.

  • A-Dubble

    OK so what the ell happened to running the football? It was one of the only things I saw us doing well on offense. Its what got us down the field so many times in the first half. I thought Isi had a great night, and the coaches go away from him. Even the announcers said as much. WTF?? Completely bogus decision man.

  • GC

    I don’t like the way Tedford is so predictable. I have always felt this was his bigest weakness. I feel I can call all of CALS plays when they come out of the huddle. I am right on about 90% of the time. What happened to that inovative offensive cordinator that came from Oregon to be CAL’s head coach 10 years ago?

  • stay golden

    The sooner we commit to the run the better off we will be. The last two games Maynard has thrown the ball far too much (43 att & 41 att). I thought we had a chance to make a statement in the first half last night if we had gone big and started to pound the ball on a small Oregon D front.

    Also, Tedford sure looks old and conservative when he faces off with the young gun coaches of the conference. (Kelly, Sarkisian, Harbaugh ect).

  • ScottyBear

    Oregon’s running backs just kept on churning their legs and seemed to get 4-5 yards after contact. Our guys seemed to fall down the instant they were touched. Coaching? Attitude? It’s apparent either way.
    Tedford the robot just doesn’t have the killer instinct anymore and I’m convinced firmly now he won’t bring it back. Predictable play calling again. Once again.

    Have we had any sacks in the last two games?

  • Juancho

    I’d really like the coaching staff to be clear about who is calling the plays. I know they keep saying it’s Tedford / Kiesau / Michalzjik as a team. But let’s be real, who is calling the plays on each of these drives?

    Maybe Tedford isn’t calling the plays? But whoever it is that continues to be so predictable is doing us alumni a disservice.

    My roommate (also a Cal alumni) and I play a game when we watch the games, we like to yell “Run” when we can see it’s a run. If we can see it can you imagine how obvious it is to the defenders?

    More problems inside the 10. How about that play action / outside toss play that Stanford runs. It seems to fool defenses everytime. Why can’t we think of something other than Isi or Anderson up the gut.

    Is Mike Singletary consulting our offense?

  • Juancho

    One last thing. I liked Allen’s moxy. I know to some it may seem a bit arrogant or a bit over the top the way he looked into the camera after that TD.

    We need more players like that. More players that get that fired up during the game, and talk less after the game. Oregon’s guys looked fired up and excited and like they would literally fight (or steal a laptop) for their teammates. Our guys other than a handful look a little too pensive and calm for me. I’m nitpicking, but hey, even academically at Cal you learn about that killer instinct to want to smash your academic competitor.

  • Juancho

    My ideal situation is Sandy Barbour is let go, for the baseball fiasco.

    Tedford takes over as AD. He’s a good face for our program and a clean guy. And even if we criticize the hell out of his playcalling or his deterioration as a strategist – to me at least, he IS a Cal guy now. He is part of our fabric and history.

    Then bring in a new coach. Life is about cycles, Tedford’s cycle just seems to be complete as head coach for Cal.

    One of the many downsides to that though is obviously that we would lose one of our top assistants, or all of them if they don’t get that HC job. Gould wouldn’t stick around. I’m sure Lupoi wouldn’t either.

  • Rollonubears

    I would love JT as AD, but that would give him the authority to hire a
    Like-minded conservative coach, right?

  • I think the rule against oregon is NO FIELD GOALS, EVER!! You go for it on fourth down EVERYTIME and try to score TDs. There is no way you win in Eugene without TDs, end of story. And as we are all painfully aware, JT has very little sack when it comes to risk.

  • Steve W

    JT as AD…I love it! But I would think his ego is too big to step down immediately. He needs to bring in a head coach in waiting, similar to what Oregon did with Chip Kelly and what FSU did with Jimbo Fisher.

    If Tedford is any kind of man at all, he also needs to carve off some of his salary and apportion it to the new guy. I am thinking of about $1 million a year to attract a young, energetic football mind who can relate to the kids and outscheme other coaches on the field. Are there any Steve Sarkesians out there?

  • bean

    Y’all are entitled to your gripes and opinions, but look, Oregon is just good.

    From Avinash:
    Oregon third quarter stats in close games in Autzen in conference play under Chipper

    Outscored Cal 22-0 en route to 43-15 victory.
    Outscored Arizona 20-0 en route to 48-29 victory.
    Outscored UW 21-10 en route to 53-16 victory
    Outscored Furd 14-0 en route to 52-31 victory.
    Outscored USC 17-3 en route to 47-20 victory.

  • Dan

    Same ol’, same ol’. Same ol’ Tedford, Same ol’ Bears. 3 years ago, I was one of only a couple on here saying this. Now, everybody is. What are all the Tedford apologists making their excuses now? Why aren’t you sticking for him now.

    It appears I was wrong about one thing. I believe I was the first on here to say he was becoming Ben Braun. It appears I was wrong there- I insulted Braun in the process. I over-estimated Tedford. Tedford is becoming Tom Holmoe.

  • ConcordBear

    Oregon coaches teach their players how to hold for a split second and do it in a way that is not obvious to the officials. This info came straight from an Oregon player that graduated last year. All their offense needs is a split second to get loose and their ability to hold without getting caught is 2nd to none. They will continue to do it and excel unless the refs start calling it.
    Isi had a great game running the ball. Excited for his potential.

  • gobears49

    Cal switches to the “shotgun” (shows my age) but it looks ancient compared to Oregon’s shotgun. Those guys know how to make an offense exciting.

    I vote in favor of kicking Tedford upstairs so we can get a coach with a lot more moxie, especially in designing the offensive scheme. But I give Sandy a ton of credit for bringing in Montgomery. I’m already giving up on the football season and starting to think about basketball. This is the year for the Bears.

    To the guy who responded to my Boehm/Kline comment. They probably won’t be given a chance next year, but mark my words — they both stand an excellent chance to easily be the best QB’s we’ve had since Rodgers.

  • DaBairse

    play of the game–Galas pounding a duck into the ground
    toward the end of the 4th quarter. anyone else see it?

  • Juancho

    I agree with the comment above about needing a coach with some moxie. Our program has lost that swagger. DeSean Jackson took all of it with him when he was blamed for that big collapse years back.

    One thing that makes Oregon exciting is they play their top freshman. They don’t make excuses. That showed with that Black Mamba guy yesterday.

    We don’t have enough balls to get Bigelow in there for a screen or wheel route? We don’t have the gumption to sit Josh Hill down when he’s not a Pac 12 caliber player.

    This season at best will be a mediocre bowl, at worst same as last year.

    The coaching staff needs to wake up and thank some of the upperclassmen on the team for their time – but start to get those young guys ready for next year.

    Even though they gave up some big runs, liked seeing the youth on Defense. There’s got to be a young receiver who’s fast? Put him in for Calvin and just have him run deep. Gee whiz.

  • Eric

    Dan – I agreed with you two years ago when you were saying Tedford was Braun, and you are as right now and you were then.

    Bobby? BoaltBlue? Last year House finally converted. How many more losses will it take?

  • House

    Im not going to bring back the same pro Tedford/hes doing a great job argument. I did not convert because I still believe he’s the right man for Cal, but I agreed that it was on him to make changes. Anyways with all that, doesn’t anyone else feel like the plays and the playcalling were there, we just couldnt exicute? It just feels like on those plays where Maynard missed we had guys open to make a play. Like I said I don’t want to bring up the old arguments, i’ve eaten enough crow and ive grown rather tired of the taste.

  • Jai

    Pendergast’s coaching, failure to adjust, dropped balls, along with the erratic throwing arse Zach Maynard, lost this game. Up until now, I was giving Maynard a pass on some his accuracy issues because he hadn’t played in two years. But missing wide open receivers down the field, AND in the flat’s?! Cal just had a QB named Kevin Riley who did that for the past two years!

    Tedford should scrap the Zach Maynard reclamation project, and bench him. Why? Because there is no way you can consistently win with an inaccurate QB. Tedford of all people should know that. Let’s see what this Bridgford dude can do. It will show fans that Tedford will do what is necessary to spark the team.

    It is a fact, that they are already concerned about low attendance. If Tedford doesn’t do something between now and the USC game, attendance numbers will really start to go down. Just sayin

  • bobsac

    I remember watching the Stanford Oregon game last year and Oregon totally controlled a great Stanford team in the 2d half. That can happen. My only suggestion for the coaches is that when it got to 29-14 early in the 3d quarter, it was an obvious time to bring in Bridgford for a couple of reasons. Maynard was having a bad game. There was still enough time to run a balanced offense & give Bridgford an opportunity to get some real playing time in. By the time they did go to him, it was all pass. It looked to me like he ended both fine drives he led with TD passes to Calvin & Jones, who unfortunately made drops instead of catches.

  • rollonubears

    if they bench maynard, he and allen will probably transfer to nc state. they can’t bench him.

  • Jim

    same old – same old .. gone are the days of tailback passes and other offbeat plays that got the opposing D off balance … Pappy hit a peak then slid .. afraid it looks the same for Tedford.

    And, where is the “speed” on D that was so highly touted? The players are there but where’s the execution?

  • Woj

    Fact – Stanford fans enjoying their best season in 50 years on the heels of a season that netted them an Orange Bowl. And Cal is playing out the string until Tedford’s contract becomes eat-able or some big blue donor steps up and says enough! Tedford became TedFraud 3 seasons ago. t

    No matter what TedFraud says, all that ultimately matter are Wins and losses and there are only 3 winless teams in the Pac12 right now (Utah, Ariz., Cal) and thanks to mediocre or worse head coaching the Bears could easily be the last to win a conference game this year if they win 1 at all.

    Its’ always no nice see cal get its doors blown off every 3rd game and it still has a mediocre QB for the 7th year in a row. Enough, GET A NEW HEAD COACH PLEASE, this one’s expiration date passed in 2009.

  • MikeD

    Count me as a NegaTed