Football: More to come

Have been busy with deadline duties. Gotta head down to the field and then locker room. More later….

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.


  1. Ask about the consistent second half let downs. Especially on the defensive end.

  2. Marvin catches that, they cover. Wow. Sad. We have to wait 2 years for Kline. It’s that simple,

  3. Was it just me or on LaMichael James 1st touchdown and long run weren’t Whiteside and Kendricks held? Anyhow congrats to the Ducks D’Anthony Thomas proves you win with the best California players Phil “Sugar Daddy” Knight’s money can buy. I guess they outbid U$C

  4. Why are we surprised about the defense? It is Oregon. They put up points on EVERYBODY. What is a let down is the offensive creativity and play calling of Jeff Tedford. How do you not try take more shots and get a TD at the end of the half?

    CAL’s D has always given up points. What usually costs us games is when our offense stalls. When we can’t score points that hurts. When your offense can’t convert on 3rd downs, that allows the other team on the field. And in this case, it was Oregon. And you don’t want their offense on the field. When your D is gassed in the 2nd half, their is no way you don’t give up more points to them.

    You can blame the defense, but I’ll go ahead and say this loss falls on the offensive play calling and Jeff Tedford. AGAIN.

  5. Easy Ed, they didn’t mean to hurt Longshore and we didn’t mean to hurt James. No one wants to see a kid get hurt like that.

  6. I certainly don’t but the Longshore injury was a cheap shot well after the ball was gone.

  7. Well, have to give the coaches an F for halftime adjustments.

    Tedford, would it be possible to sprinkle some pixie dust on Maynard to improve his accuracy? Is it mechanical?

  8. Look at all of the sour grape Cal state fans. Unbelievable. You used to be able to compete with Oregon but now you look like a high school team against them. Your offense is slow and your QB couldn’t make a sandlot team. That guy is terrible.

  9. Funny how USC looked like a high school team against ASU in the fourth quarter last week, but we have yet to get your brilliant commentary on that debacle.

  10. Actually, the karma for the Ducks was for their classless fans booing Marc Anthony for getting a separated shoulder. They’re a pathetic fan base on par with $UC.

  11. I agree Bearister. Duck fans prove to be as classless as the Toejams. Congrats Ducks, D’Anthony Thomas looks like a fine addition to the best set of skill players money can buy.

  12. The Oregon fans were silly with their booing. But then again most of them are college kids. I was that drunk college kid at the Cal games once.

    But hey – look at it this way, it would be a huge dissapointment if any of my children told me “I’m going to attend University of Oregon”. Not even a safety school in my book.

    More of a, well let’s consider a junior college for a couple of years college.

  13. With an acceptance rate of 79%, Oregon is only 21 points more selective than a California Community College.

  14. at least robert wood leaves when the game is over. Moron could take a lesson from that…

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