Football: Friday update/Oregon quotables

Most weeks, the Bears are available to the media the day after a game. But the schedule was tweaked after the Thursday game and the team won’t be available now until Sunday (they have a rare Saturday off).

For now, here is a sampling of what was overheard outside Cal’s locker room following the game last night:


On whether Oregon’s team speed was the difference in the game:

“It turned out to be that way. They made a couple of big runs around the edge, obviously. We couldn’t cover them in the secondary. The quarterback threw the ball really well. They have some speed and made some big plays. The first half was all good and then they dialed up some stuff in the second half that kind of got after us in man to man coverage and they made some big plays.”


On whether Oregon picked on CB Stefan McClure:

“It looked like they went to that side a few times. It wasn’t every time.”


On Oregon’s drive to begin the second half:

“It’s still early right there. But it was pretty methodical. They mixed it up and converted some third downs. They made some plays in the passing game. From there, they really made plays in the secondary in the pass game.”


On settling for field goals in the red zone again:

“We have to make sure that we’re playing better down there. We put ourselves in some long yardage situations down there. It ends up hurting us in the long run.”


On why QB Zach Maynard was off:

“He wasn’t able to set his feet at times. He missed some guys early because his feet were not set. Each time out it’s a different challenge. When he’s on the field, he’s out there competing. Each time out is a learning experience. We’ll go to the tape and take a look at it and see where we can improve and where we can help him as coaches.

“We all share a responsibility in this. We need to coach better and put them in position to be successful. Everybody is responsible for it.”


On the mood at halftime:

“We were looking forward to going out and competing hard in the second half. Then they got on a roll and we couldn’t respond. Once they get going like that, you have to be able to respond to them, and we couldn’t do it.”


On if Oregon’s offense is better than last year’s:

“(Darron Thomas) threw the ball better. They had a good plan. They really exploited us in the secondary. They protected the passer. Thomas threw the ball real well. He threw the ball on the money at certain times. We had some tight coverage in certain areas and their receivers made some plays. They are very fast. They made some plays and he threw the ball really well.”


On Oregon’s De’Anthony Thomas:

“He does a good job of catching the football. He can do a lot of things for them. He’s a pretty gifted guy.”


On whether getting touchdowns instead of field goals early would have changed the game:

“I thought in the first half, we were moving it pretty much up and down. We were having a lot of success offensively. We have to come away with touchdowns down there. When you’re going to get into a game like this where they have the potential to score points, you want to come away with touchdowns. It’s the second game in a row we came away with field goals instead of touchdowns.”


 On if he was frustrated with his performance:

“It was very frustrating for me. I was a little off on my throws. The ball was coming out of my hand a little weird at times. I should have converted on third down a lot more. I should have made a lot more throws.”


On why he was off:

“I wasn’t setting my feet right. My feet were going faster than my arm.”


On the mood at halftime:

“We were feeling good. We had to keep the momentum going. The defense was playing well.”


On whether getting touchdowns instead of field goals would have set a different tone:

“It would have been a lot different game. We would have had a little cushion and a lot more momentum if we would have kept scoring.”




On Maynard’s performance:

“Everybody has their bad days. He got a little rattled out there. The good thing is he had a chance to redeem himself next week.”




On the difference in the second half:

“They hit some big runs in the second half. They came out the first series and nickel and dimed us a little bit. The bottom line is they made a couple plays and we didn’t. We gave up too many explosive plays in the running game to give ourselves a chance.”


On Oregon’s drive to begin the second half:

“We wanted to get a stop there. That was obviously very important. They came out and moved the ball down and converted. That kind of gave them some juice.”


On Oregon’s success on the perimeter:

“We were trying to stop the perimeter. They’re an offense that hits you inside, outside, off tackle and on the perimeter. Their back (LaMichael James) can hit all those areas of the field. They got outside us a couple times and we didn’t get off blocks to make plays.”


On Oregon’s De’Anthony Thomas:

“His play has picked up more in the past couple weeks. Obviously, we know what kind of player he is. He made some critical plays tonight that allowed them to keep drives alive.”


On CB Stefan McClure:

“He’s going to learn. He got in and competed. I think the game was obviously not too big for him.”


On why LB Cecil Whiteside didn’t play:

“We went into the game with (Chris) McCain and (Dave) Wilkerson and (Mychal) Kendricks playing more on the edges because we wanted to get our longer speed guys on the outside.”




On the difference in the second half:

“They made some good adjustments to us. They did a good job of attacking some of our weaknesses. They made some plays and beat us one on one.”


On the mood at halftime:

“We definitely felt good. We were stopping them. We were making plays. It’s hard to get away from that.”


On De’Anthony Thomas:


“We have a lot of respect for all of those guys. He had a really, really good game.”



Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • StanTheMan

    So if Maynard is STILL having footwork problems this far into the season after more than a FULL YEAR of coaching from the QB genius Tedfurd, Cal fans should be questioning whether the HC is anywhere near as good as was advertised.

    Maynard will not get much better, if at all, unless you have a new coaching staff over there.

  • 5decadefan

    Stan: “Yup” to all of your points but it’s out of my hands. It’s up to the biggest donors. I’m up to 6decades now.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Give him (Teddy) a couple of more years.


    Pac 12 coaches and fans

  • MoreSanctionsComing

    Give the Moron troll the banning she deserves.


    Everyone Else Here

  • rollonubears

    it’s a good point, stan. a guru should be able to make even an average qb, pretty good. we’re not seeing that.

  • Will

    I hope he’s been looking at my links:


    Help is out there!

  • Bearister

    Much like Coach Braun, Tedford can beat the bottom-dwellers, but gets blown out by talented teams. He’s a nightmare on the road (also like Braun). Maybe we’ll wire Hairball after he gets fired by the Niners and history will truly repeat itself.

  • calfaninaz


    bearister is right. we have a qb GURU..are you kidding me??? our qb has been a joke ever since AR left.

    we get blown out whenever we play a talented team. sarkisian up at UW is 3-0 against cal..he inherited a 0-12 team. even sark has said Cal is predictable.

    tedford is worthless. 2007 the collapse…blamed the year on desean jackson..what a moron..really???? why doesn’t TED ever take responsibility??? because he’ a COWARD.

    he threw tosh luopi under the bus last year….LIKE HE DIDN”T KNOW THEY WERE FAKING INJURIES!!!!

    we have so much talent…but are CONSTANTLY out-coached.

    we NEED change now.

    if cal fans don’t see this they are delusional. other fans on blogs say they do not fear cal at all….why “because tedford is your coach”!!!!

    he collects his 2.8 million paycheck and is the king of producing c-/d+ efforts on saturdays.

  • Gobears49

    Maynard was given the starting QB quarterback position in part because Tedford said Cal needed a quarterback who can run. But since Cal doesn’t run QB run plays (maybe because it’s hard for Tedford to really switch his offense to something that is more multipurpose than he ran before, or because he is worried his QB will get hurt if QB run plays are called), maybe we need a QB who can throw. Although he seems like a pure pocket passer, a la Longshore, from his test in the fourth quarter it looks like Bridgford is a much more accurate passer than Maynard. I say, if Maynard continues to miss open receivers against USC, we start Bridgford after that game to see what he can do. I’m sure Keenan Allen won’t be so happy, but he should be satisfied if a lot of balls are continued to be thrown his way, they are on the mark, and Cal wins.

  • Gobears49

    Maynard was given the starting QB role in part because he was a good runner. But since Tedford still continues to refuse to call QB running plays, for the most part, I say we pick a QB who can more accurately, and consistently, throw the ball. From what I saw. Bridgford is consistently more accurate a passer than Maynard, so I say he should start if Maynard can’t pass, against USC, much more effectively than he has in the past five games.

    Bridgford is only a sophomore, but he may not be the final answer at QB. I predict that Kyle Boehm and Zach Kline will, within a couple of years, start a sizzling battle for the starting QB position, reminiscent of the QB duel at Cal between Vince Ferragamo and Steve Bartkowski (Ferragamo won that battle, before transferring to Nebraska, and eventually led his NFL team to the Super Bowl, while Bartkowski was the only Cal Bear to be drafted #1 in the NFL draft), and both will go down in history as great Cal QB’s.

  • dmc90025

    If we look at history of the great coaches at Cal, Smith, Waldorf, White, and now Tedford, there seems to be a pattern of greatness early on and then things just deteriorate. Why that is, perhaps as one above said, predictability. Tedford is able to bring in talent, but he seems stuck in a rut on how he plays the game. As for firing him, and he’s the highest paid public employee in Calif. (not paid by the state of Calif as I have read), who is going to buy out his remaining contract? I just hope I live long enough to see Cal finally get to the Rose Bowl.

  • eric

    Gobears49 – I read your e-mail and understand your frustration. The annoying thing is that we say this every year with the QBs down the depth chart. Remember the same thing was said about Mansion? Or Bridgford (I don’t yet know whether he is the answer- he needs to be given a shot).

    Every year since 2004…

    I fear that when it becomes Kline and Boehm’s turn, we’ll be talking about the guys behind them being the hope.

  • Gobears49

    On paper, Cal has had more QB talent come into their program than any team in the country. One day, I will spend an hour or so to do my study of how many Elite 11 QB’s Cal has had since Tedford arrived compared to all other teams. I am sure that Cal has had significantly more than any them. The yearly list can be obtain online through a Google search. The list for Cal includes Longshore, Reed, Riley, Mansion, Bridgford, and Hinder. Boehm didn’t make it, but Kline did, who will replace Mansion on the list of the three Elite 11 QB’s that Cal will have on their roster next season.

  • Rollonubears

    Watching steelers. 2-2
    In the red zone. Most recently following a fake punt on 4th and
    2 from midfield, followed by play action pass to a wife
    Open receiver on first and goal. Why can’t we
    Do that? And regarding qbs, these kids are
    Coming here because of the guru. They
    Wouldn’t be here otherwise. Not sure why,
    Though. We need a former elite11 qb as our qb coach, and a new
    Coach to boot. Can dilfer coach? Hed make more than hes making runnin the elite11.

  • Gobears49

    To be fair, I should qualify my remarks above. Cal PROBABLY has had more QB talent come into their program than any other. I believe Cal has had more Elite 11 QB’s than any other school since Tedford arrived, which I should check, but undoubtedly there are differences in the quality of Elite 11 talent, which should be taken into account, though I don’t know how you would go about measuring that. I don’t know the rankings of the six past Elite QB’s that Cal has had since Tedford arrived. I do know that Zach Kline, who is arriving at Cal next year, was ranked #6 in the Elite 11

  • Lama

    Since 1959, the last year Cal played in the “Rose Bowl”, SC has had 21 Rose Bowl appearances, Washington 10, UCLA 8, Stanford 3, Oregon 2, Wash. State 2, Oregon State 1, and Arizona State 2. AS and Arizona joined the Pac 10 in 1977. Arizona is the only other team other than Cal not to win a race to the “Roses”. I remember 1959 and almost everything in between. How long do we wait?

  • HB

    Face it. CAl does not have the talent to win consistently in the p12. They are slow at LB and do not have enough offensive playmakers. Keenan Allen is a star and was one of the two best on the filed but he cannot carry a team alone and if your QB is less than 50% you have no chance without an excellent running game that CAl does not have either. Until Cal recruits speed and athleticism in decent numbers expect mediocre teams that barely win against average opponents but get blown by the more talented teams. Tedford needs to spend a week or two at Chip Kelley’s “get the most of what you got camps” and then hit the recruiting trail with a Pocket full of cash

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Pastor Rick spoke today about perseverance. I took notes and brought them home to Daddy.

    He said let’s buy two tickets for this game and sit in the USC section. He asked to borrow some of my USC sweatshirts and a hat.Daddy said he was going to persevere alright.LOL.

    As for post #6, Harbaugh has the 9ers turned around and believing in themselves. Tedford could never do that.

    And post #7 is the best one on this thread. I salute your objectivity.

  • Kevin Thomas

    A lot of things have to come together to develop a good QB, and Tedford has had his share of success with this in the past. He needs a QB who is a great athlete, with good health, a lot of heart, leadership ability, and a willing mind. The big mistake Tedford makes is trying to force a QB to run a system for which he is not suited. He tried to make Nate Longshore run a spread offense and failed. He tried to make a running QB like Joe Ayoob into a pocket passer. He seems to be doing the same with Zach Maynard.

    The one play that seems to be crying out to be part of the offense is the QB option. Run Maynard laterally along the line and have some dives, some pitches to Sofele, QB keepers, or rollout and pass. Go get some film of Joe Montana or Joe Kapp, and see how this is done.

    To be honest, Cal does not have the material to do much this year. This is the slowest backfield Tedford has seen at Cal. This is the weakest offensive line Tedford has ever had. They’ve brought back the O-line coach who had all those great lines, but there is little improvement. Last year Riley was running for his life, and Maynard sees pressure on most every play. The hallmark of Tedford teams is not one of a QB guru, not a creative offensive mind, but of great running attacks. Arrington, Lynch, Echemandu, Forsett, Best, Vereen. 100 yards a game is not a great running attack. Cal hasn’t had a great O-lineman since Alex Mack.

    Tedford’s kicker can’t reach the end zone on kickoffs. His front seven on defense can’t put pressure on a QB, and his DB’s are not skilled enough or fast enough to play man-to-man on players like Oregon has.

    Tedford has grown old in the job, and may be burned out. He is not recruiting great players any more. His plays are predictable, even to novice fans in the stands. Looking at Cal play against Nevada’s pistol or Oregon’s spread, and one could conclude that the game may have passed him by, and there is need for a change.

  • Gobears49


    Amen. Couldn’t have said it better.

  • MoreNCsarecoming


    Please ask Tedford some hard, tough questions. Your readers (including me) deserve it.

    1. Ask Tedford why he hasn’t developed a good QB since 2004?

    2. Ask Tedford why he can’t get a good kicker?

    3. Ask Tedford what he thinks is an acceptable season in W-L?

    4. Ask Tedford if not having the SAHPC has anything to do with his inability to develop a decent QB?

    5. Ask Tedford why it is that other teams think his playcalling is predictable? Is it true?

    6. Ask Tedford why he can’t win a big away game?

    These are fair questions JO. Tedford can’t stonewall you forever. Stand up to him.

    MoreNCsarecoming writing this for his Dad

  • Calduke

    Opening odds are USC favored by 2-1/2 points.

  • BlueNGold

    moron, you deserve nothing. Nothing from JO or any other Cal fan who has a reason to be here and post here. nothing at all.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Hey BlueNGold

    Let’s wager on this USC-UCB game on Thursday.

    USC wins you (and all of your other aliases leaves)

    State wins and I leave this blog

    Do we have a bet?

  • BlueNGold

    I have no other aliases. I guess that means your wager cannot be consummated? What about all of YOUR aliases? Will THEY be leaving if the sleazy cheaters lose Thursday?