Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at

  • rotfogel

    That was tough to watch. Cal has the talent to stop them, but a few big plays blows the perspective out of proportion. It’s sad really.
    Huge game vs USC. I’d love to see Cal beat baby Kiffen and the spoiled children. Thank god USC isn’t that good, Cal should cruise against them.

    Question: why do all QBs since A Rodgers throw the ball high, way over receivers heads? Start aiming for the feet, maybe you’ll hit em’ in the numbers.

  • rollonubears

    was this the second time this season we won the turnover battle and still lost the game?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I saw a bunch of passes that hit the ground. The truth is your QB couldn’t start for any Pac 12 team. That’s right. Name one. Even the second string guy at WSU is better than your guy. He plays like a sandlot game. Just wind it up and throw. Wind it up and throw. His footwork is horrendous and when he attempts to force the ball into a tight spot he throws it so hard that his head moves away from the target.

  • Juancho

    Cruise over USC? If I had to wager $100 on that game right now I’d anticipate we lose via blowout.

    USC has swagger. Moxie. A heisman candidate QB. Other than Keenan Allen nobody on this team stands out as having any of that swagger and leadership.

    Something that stood out to me last night was how quiet the players were on the Cal sideline. I was hoping the cameras would catch a defensive guy or offensive guy calling all the players together to wake everyone up. Instead everywhere was just sitting down like they’ve been through this before. Almost like they were relieved that they could flip the off switch.

    Another year will pass. Another draft will come. And we’ll see more of these guys have great NFL careers. And it will just add to the list of players who are doing great things in the NFL, but somehow the coaches at Cal just fully utilize for some reason.

  • Eric

    Not suprised. Not surprised at all. Had hoped with Maynard things would be different. Last series in the UW showed the lack of coaching. The second half here showed the lack of coaching.

  • Calduke

    Defense; 2nd half meltdown

    Offense; 2nd half 0 points!!??!!

    Must have been a great halftime speech.

  • Calduke

    The Thurs night, nationally televised games at Oregon and against USC at ATT, will give us exposure to future recruits.

  • MikeD

    Hopefully we’ll be pleased with the outcome if that ‘exposure’

  • PC

    You guys sound like a bunch of losers much like MoreNCs. Looks like he’s getting to you?

    Buck up men. It was a tough loss and we didn’t show up in the 2nd half.

    But this is a rebuilding year and we had a bunch of freshman playing yesterday who look awesome. The future is bright.

  • Steve W

    The future IS NOT bright for Cal. The program has been on a downward spiral since beating Oregon four years ago at Autzen. Nothing is going to change until that guy with the expanding beltline exits stage right.

    Cal is recruiting some excellent defensive talent, but Tom Holmoe also did an outstanding job of recruiting defensive players that went to the NFL. It begins and ends with quarterback play in the Pac 12, and Tedford hasn’t shown the ability to recruit and develop anyone since Aaron Rodgers left six seasons ago. He had a decent quarterback in Nate Longshore, but exercised horrible judgment by bringing him back to soon after an ankle injury and essentially ruined his college career.

    I am just dumfounded that Tedford is relying on a career 47% passer from Buffalo to guide Cal’s hopes over the next two seasons. The kid’s mechanics are just beyond bad. There are only two schools in the Pac 12 with quarterback play as shaky as Cal’s this season: Utah and Oregon State. The Utah guy is injured, and Oregon State is playing a freshman. It’s really sad and frustrating, because the passing game has always been what’s attracted me to Cal football.

  • Jake

    Tired of the Tedheads. Absolutely agree with Steve W. Don’t understand the people defending him. We need to thank JT for his service to CAL, and usher him out. His time has passed. It’s time to move on people.

  • Alaska Bear

    I agree with PC. Buck up. Look at the positives: Giorgio hit a record 54 field goal; Sofele gained over 100 yards. This is a young team overall; cut them some slack. Maynard will improve; mark my words. Even his brother recognized he was out of synch in Autzen, one of the most hostile football environments for opponents in the country. Lest we forget, Cal is virtually homeless this season and that was their fifth different venue in as many games. Go Beats.. best U. of Spoiled Children.

  • Really Bear fans, who amongst us expected a win on Thursday night? Not me…I gave us about a 20-1 shot. That being said…this season still has MAJOR promise. I think that we can and SHOULD win the next 5 games and be sitting at 8-2 and RANKED heading into the BIG GAME. I agree with some of the negativity, the play calling is still suspect and Maynard has been inconsistent, but all in all we’ve already had some big moments this year (comeback OT win on the road, 90 yard TD) and I expect more to come. If the wheels fall off against $c, then I will be b ithcing and moaning too. Go Bears!

  • Alaska Bear

    Sorry for typos: GO BEARS!!!! Beat USC

  • MikeD

    It wasn’t about expecting to win, it’s about seeing a coach and staff that are maximizing the talent on the team. It ain’t happening. Consistently outcoached during games – name me one game in the last 5 years where you said ‘he really impressed me with the coaching’ ? Why continue to stubbornly play players who are not getting it done – longshore, Maynard, et al. Where is the leverage of the dual threat qb in the offensive scheme? Wasnt that the reason Maynard won the job?? This is the first year we’ve come to the line on offense and then looked to the sidelines for an adjustment while other teams have been doing it for 4-5 years now. Offense is antiquated and shows nothing creative and more than one team is on record stating that they know exactly what the bears are running when they come to the line. Complete lack of innovation, it’s safe conservative and boring as hell. We continue to insist on running up the middle for no gains. Were ripping these kids off with the lackluster and substandard coaching that starts at the top. I root for the team each week but am looking forward to a change, but until then this program is in a downward spiral circling the drain.

  • Bearister

    Blake Street – whatever you’re smoking, i need a hit 🙂

  • Jake

    That amazing fake punt in the LSU/Florida game…., that’s something we would never see at CAL. JT does not have the cojones to pull that off. That’s why we will never be more than mediocre. I’ve said it many a time, for those not wanting to return to the Holmoe years, JT moving us in that direction quicker than you think.

  • HB

    Hard to Blame it all on Tedford but it seems clear that motivation in the face of adversity is not his best attribute. The collapses both in games and mid season are becoming questionable. Oregon simply has better speed across the field and to beat that you need discipline, experience, and some level of commensurate size or speed.
    CAL Recruits talented players but in the past few years has failed to land enough speed and skill. CAL would do well to take more risk on lesser lineman recruits and go after speed in the WR, CB, S, RB, and LB positions. A QB that can throw over 50% might help too. You can coach talent and ability but YOU CANNOT COACH SPEED

  • Larry

    I would like to stay optimistic, but Cal football is starting to beat the optimism out of me. Year in and year out it has been a pattern since the 2007 season to give up quickly. It’s not youth because most starters are Jr or Sr. We don’t have much depth, but there is enough there. I was very optimistic in the off season, predicting 9-3 or 8-4. Now the reality is 6-6 MAYBE 7-5 if we catch a break.