Basketball: Lindy’s loves Bears, Gutierrez

I picked up two more college basketball annuals and Lindy’s has projected Cal to win the Pac-12 Conference and senior guard Jorge Gutierrez to earn conference player of the year honors.

Cal also is pegged No. 11 nationally by the magazine, the highest ranking we’ve seen from any publication.

“Mike Montgomery is coaching three of the best players in the conference,” veteran West Coast college hoops observer Frank Burlison writes in Lindy’s. “Jorge Gutierrez becomes a cult hero in Berkeley and below the border with a deep tourney run.”

(Burlison also admits he picked Cal to finish ninth in the Pac-10 last season, when they wound up tied for fourth).

Lindy’s remaining picks for the Pac-12: 2. Washington; 3. UCLA; 4. Arizona; 5. Oregon; 6. USC; 7. Stanford; 8. ASU; 9. OSU; 10. WSU; 11. Colorado; 12. Utah.

Lindy’s includes Gutierrez and Allen Crabbe on its five-man all-Pac-12 first team, with Harper Kamp on the second unit. Gutierrez was judged the Pac-12’s best defender and ranked No. 7 among the nation’s elite shooting guards, and Crabbe checks in at No. 8 among small forwards.

The Sporting News, meanwhile, picks Cal third in the Pac-12 and No. 23 nationally. TSN projects the Bears as a No. 6 seed into the NCAA tournament.

Arizona is the choice of The Sporting News to win the Pac-12, followed by UCLA. The rest of their picks: 4. Washington; 5. Oregon; 6. Stanford; 7. OSU; 8. USC; 9. ASU; 10. WSU; 11. Colorado; 12. Utah.

Gutierrez and Crabbe are picked to TSN’s five-man all-conference team.



Jeff Faraudo

  • milo

    Viva Jorge!

    And damn…it just warms my heart every time Monty is mentioned and it’s related to Cal. It must piss off Stanfurd to no end!

  • jim crow

    Cal will need good health to meet these lofty expectations. Particularly, Gutierrez, Kamp, and Crabbe must avoid serious injuries.

    If there is good fortune with these 3 it perhaps will be Monty’s best season yet at Cal. There is potentially more depth/talent. Players should stay fresher, with less demands for huge minutes from the starters. This should make for Monty’s best defensive team in his Cal tenure and for more energy at both ends of the court. Monty now has had more time to teach these guys and this will translate into better play as well.

    If this squad as a whole can stay healthy and also if there are no losses of personnel for other reasons, I would guess that Monty’s team will win more than the 24 games that the Randle/Christopher/Robertson/Boykins group won in their last year.

    Go Bears!

  • Will

    Not happy with the expectations…I’d rather fly under the radar.

  • Bears

    I’m really excited for the season to start. Can’t wait to watch this team play.
    Not exactly sure what their potential is. The big guys play will be an important thing to watch develop and also does the team play as hard as they did last year.
    Will they stay together and reach their potential as a team?
    With Monty as the head coach I think they do very well on all fronts.
    Can’t wait!

  • Gobears49

    Lindy’s must have read my comment on one of these blogs a couple of months ago, when I predicted that Jorge would be the Pac 12 player of the year.

    I want to remind people of another prediction I made recently. In two or three years both Kyle Boehm (now a freshman, who is probably redshirting) and Zach Kline (a freshman at Cal next year) will start to be recognized as potentially some of the best quarterbacks in Cal Bear history, staging a sizzling battle for the starting QB job not seen since the days of Vince Ferragamo and Steve Bartkowski.

  • Gobears49

    BTW. Lindy’s is all wet characterizing Jorge as a shooting guard. Shooting jumpers (he’s very good at driving to the basket) is what is does worst. He will need to make the pro’s as a point guard and I predict he will do it. He’s a terrific passer but needs to work on his dribbling and, of course, his shooting. His tenaciousness, unmatched defensive skills, and passing will get him into the pro’s. Just watch.

  • Gobears49

    A final comment for today. Kamp would make the pro’s if he were about two inches taller. He’s the smartest basketball player I have ever seen at Cal (and I’ve been watching Cal play basketball for a long time), and a wizard at scoring with his back to the basket, also the best I’ve seen at Cal at that skill.

    If Cal can do a good job of rebounding and scoring in the paint, this is their year. Things will probably drop off the following year after Jorge and Harper graduate.

  • Bears

    I love Jorge, agree he has huge potential last year.
    Just hope he stays within himself and does not try to do too much.
    I’m not saying he needs to dial it down and be less intense just hope he’s mentally prepared and mature enough to not worry about anything else other than doing what needs to be done on the court every game to win.
    That’s his deal, he’s a winner and stats don’t matter. If we have a huge year this season he will be in the mix for plenty of awards and pro options whatever his #’s.

  • rollonubears

    I’m excited for this season, and think an ncaa bid is a lock, but they’re going to have to get a LOT better than last year to have a shot. Kamp was healthy last year, and had almost no impact. Are we deep enough for teams not to just key on him this year? Will Jorge be a more complete player? Crabbe was already a Pac10 POY contender as a freshman, so I have no doubt he will be up there again, but we’re going to have to see improvement from the top 3, and some incredible contributions from Solomon, and the new guys, for this to be a title year. I think we finish second, and make it to the sweet 16. I’d be happy as a clam with that.