Football: From the press box

  • Cal outgained USC tonight 329-313
  • Keenan Allen had a career-high 13 catches for 160 yards
  • Cal committed five turnovers for the first time since 2008 against Oregon
  • During the past three first halves against USC, Cal has been outscored 82-0
  • Don’t hold your breath for any quarterback competition. Jeff Tedford expressed confidence in Zach Maynard, saying he’s still adjusting to the speed of the Pac-12 and simply forced things instead of throwing the ball away.
  • Stefan McClure was praised by all for his performance against USC’s Robert Woods, who had only five catches for 36 yards.


Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • steve

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? if he hasn’t adjusted by now that’s on tedford. his job is to prepare these qbs…we have the worst qb in the conerence. by far. wsu has TWO qbs better than our starter. we had the worst qb in the conference last year too. qb guru my ass.

  • abe

    i had to work so i recorded this game on my DVR and after watching this thing of beauty, also know as the cal offense, i decided i could no longer take it. so i basically started fast forwarding when we had the ball and enjoyed watching our defense play instead.

  • breakingbear

    Are you serious? He’s starting Maynard again? Doesn’t Tedford know that if you do the same thing you get the same results? Nothing’s changed!!!! low percentage QB, bad snaps, dropped balls! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! I can’t take it anymore! I have a had time believing that we’re going to even beat Wash St. UCLA and Oregon ST. Tedford’s going to have his second losing season. There’s going to be less fans at each games. No one–surely not I–is going to come to Fan Appreciation. He can appreciate us by winning. I can’t take this anymore.

  • abe

    O as for our head coach this is no longer a question of football, but that of ethics or morality. whatever Tedford is going to do in strawberry canyon, he has already done it, that is a no brainer at this point. every season he remains our head coach we get closer to our pre 2002 self, it appears. we had our first losing season last year and we have followed it up by opening conference play 0-3 for the first time since…yes you guessed 2001. the most telling thing is much of this program’s struggle for the last 4 season is mostly attributed to the offense, the same side were our head coach cut his football teeth. save for 2009 our defense had been very stout to down right dominant in 08, 10, and 11. So really the question is would it be unethical to fire Tedford before he has the opportunity to coach in the same facilities that he largely is responsible for building?

  • Jake

    Remember when UF had a fire Ron Zook website? It’s 2011, so we’ll need to change it up. Can we get #FireTedford trending on Twitter?

  • abe

    O as for our head man the decision to keep him is no longer a question of football but that of ethics. Every year he remains our head coach it appears we get closer to our pre-2002 self. We had our first losing season last year and we have followed that up by opening conference play 0-3 for the first time since…yes you guessed it, since 2001. The most telling thing of it all is much of our struggle since 07 is largely attributed to lack of offense, you know that same side of the game where our head man cut his football teeth. Save for 09 our defense had been stout to flat out the best in the conference the rest of the way. So really the question is would it be unethical to let go of a man who is largely responsible for building our facilities before he had a chance to coach in them, before he enjoys the fruit of his labor??? Perhaps the most striking comment I came across this week was one by Kiffin, who we all know was a pupil of Tedford, when he mentioned how revolutionary it was when Tedford first came out with his offense. It appears that the world has finally caught up with our head man and he has not answered.

  • Rollonubears

    McClure was on fire. How many other guys have rotted on the pine, qbs included, because they didn’t yet have “experience.” case in point, he is sticking with Maynard. meaning he is our qb next year, regardless. He does play with heart, but somebody else deserves a shot. After watching the last few years play out just like this, how do we get
    ANY qb recruits? The only chance you have as a backup is if the starter
    Gets hospitalized?

  • Kyle

    Thing everyone forgets is Maynard beat out Bridgeford. If we think Maynard is this bad how bad can Bridgeford be??? The backup isn’t the right call to make. You stay the course with 4 extremely winnable games coming up. get to 7-3 by the big game. Keep in mind this was a major transition year anyways. Cal is very young at a lot of positions. They’ll be fine.

  • Bearister

    Tedford’s line of Cal QBs:

    Boller: Improved in single season
    Rodgers: Improved over two seasons
    Longshore: Showed promise but regressed
    Ayoob: Started bad, got worse
    Riley: Showed promise but regressed
    Maynard: Showed promise but regressing

    Anyone see a pattern here? Six consecutive conference losses? Wins against bottom-dwellers but blowout losses against talented teams? This is Braun all over again. Tedford must go.

  • Fire Tedford Now

    Tedford’s main issue — other than the whole ‘his team plays like it has never been coached’ thing — is his stubbornness in remaining with ONE QB; no matter how much that QB struggles.

    We’ve never had a coach who did that before and indeed MOST coaches do not do so because it demoralizes the struggling player and, pretty soon, they break down completely; like Ayoob, Longshore, and Riley. ALL of them were probably much better QBs than they showed and it was because of Tedford that they did not develop. Maynard will be the same.

  • Marc

    Why did Tedford not recruit Jordan Rodgers QB???????????????????????????????????? Aaron’s little brother is at Vandy. Somebody mentioned this the other day and it pissed me off.

  • Eric

    Kyle – maybe you should start second-guessing the “QB guru’s” decision as to whether the backup is that bad. Remember Steve Levy? It only took until the last game of the season to figure that out.

  • Lama

    Interesting TV shot after Jones caught the punt on the 2 or 3 yard line. Tedford went postal, pulled his head sets off, worked his way through players to confront Jones and, Jones walked right past him like he was invisible and entered the offensive huddle. Who’s in charge of this team?

  • Easy Ed

    Come on guys give it a break. If you think that Maynard is not an improvement then you’re not watching the game. He can and will run. He gives us the spread option (it’s up to the coaches to take advantage of it). He sat out a year and this is his first year in the system. Last but not least he brings Keenan Allen in as part of the package. This year is rough and we’re just went through a real tough patch in our schedule so let’s wait until the end of the season before we start firing and demoting.

  • ThisisCal

    Two things: McClure is a star and Tedford must go.

  • covinared

    Maynard has now made over 15 college starts. I think we know what he can and cannot do.

  • Steve W

    A pretty good defense with an offense that sputters around the field. Sound familiar? It should, because that’s what Tom Holmoe coached teams brought to the frey. Except Holmoe figured out how to beat USC every once in a while.

    Tedford deserves to be fired if only because of his failures against USC. USC has had three very beatable teams over the last three seasons, and they have outscored Cal 82-0 in the first halves of all three games. Simply inexcusable. I am just amazed that people are still saying to have patience with this team and program. Arizona just had the cajones to can Mike Stoops for a very similar regression. Will Cal? Me thinks not.

    And to those who think Cal has four very winnable games coming up and will get to a bowl, I say make some alternate travel plans over the holidays. Ain’t happening, folks.

  • rollonubears

    Maynard was going to be the starter this season no matter what. Don’t kid yourself about any competition. Overall, maybe he is better than Bridgford, today, but bridgford hasn’t had a chance to develop, and Maynard’s had 2+years. Add to that, a coach who’s forcing him to be a pro-style quarterback, and you get bad results, whereas you could have a guy that IS a pro-style qb, gaining experience. Whatever happens, if we get to a point where we are mathematically out of bowl contention, i want to see at least one backup, even if it’s hinder, get 1/2 a game, per game, at minimum. this is ridiculous. Even if he gets better, we only have Maynard for 1 more year. Then we go into 2013 with no experience at all. That’s just stupid! I remember Levy. Kid was great. Good heart. Fun to watch. He waited way too long for his chance. Same with Riley. Because we waited so long with Riley, he was put into an impossible situation. #1 in the country on the line, and down big to Oregon State, he brings the team all the way back. he makes one mistake, and gets screamed at. ever since rodgers, we have had to sit and watch subpar or injured qbs struggle while perfectly capable guys sit on the pine. some of whom are elite 11s. tired of it. tired of losing BIG to good teams, as well. Last night was a BLOWOUT. 21 is a blowout. same at oregon. that’s 3 years in a row.

  • rollonubears

    did someone ask jones why he snubbed the coach after that fair catch call? can someone please? i agree, tedford has lost control over this team.

    something like that requires a benching for the next game. i would support tedford in that decision. you lose the respect of your players, you lose everything.

  • Dan

    It is clear that Tedford = Braun. What remains to be seen is…

    * Tedford < Braun – this is very plausible, I'm not sure that this isn;t already the case.

    * Tedford = Holmoe – if the prior is true, it doesn;t seem that far for this to be true.

    * Tedford < Holmoe – I don't know if this is even possible, even with what we are seeing. But it's not ridiculous to consider.

    Also, so much credit has been given to Tedford for the new facilities. What will be the credit, or blame, if tens of thousands of seats sit unsold/empty and donations are way down and the University is in serious financial crisis (worse than it already is) due to the unserviced debt and inability to pay for the "House That Tedford Built"?

    The Pac 10/Cal has already sold it's soul to ESPN, Comcast, etc. How bad will it have to get if Cal continues this slide and tremendous under-achievement? I guess we're going to find out.

    Meanwhile Sandy Barbour continues to espouse the greatness of Tedford in interviews- though, what else would she say? Does she really believe that, or she is just trying to convince herself, and us in the process?

    Given that Tedford's guaranteed contract runs through 2015 (I believe), I think he's in this job until at least the end of the 2014 season, if not the end of 2015. That's 3-4 more seasons after this one, people. It's almost "heaven help us" if he has a deceivingly decent year or two and Barbour gives him another long extension. Talk about feeling conflicted… how depressing.

  • rollonubears

    Alex Smith stunk for years. Enter a coach who knows what he’s doing and presto! Same thing here.

  • Dan


    Another blowout- called it.

    Another Tedford loss to SC- guaranteed. Called that too.

  • Gdog

    Tedford was great his first 4 years. He is not even remotely that same guy. He needs to go back to what he was to be successful. If he can’t he won’t. I will admit I loved the guy but can also see he isn’t that same guy. Not sure why there are others who can’t see it. He coaches scared now instead of aggressive. Teams reflect leadership. Isn’t helping his either what Harbaugh has done with Stanfurd & 9’ers. Coaching matters!

  • ThisisCal

    Tedford is a great coach. He makes excellent quarterbacking choices and has the respect of his players. A perfect time for him to take his talents to South Beach.
    I imagine that this unraveling is taking its toll on the seniors in particular. It’s clear Marv has very little interest in listening to the scornful reproach of a head coach who is owned by a 17 year old kid from north carolina.
    It was hard to root for the team yesterday. I felt terrible about that, but of course, have had that feeling before. It finally dawned on me (after years of manufacturing very creative excuses) that we will never win anything of significance with Tedford. Not the most original idea, but sad and true nonetheless.

  • oldcalfan

    Simple: I will not attend another game until we have a new QB

  • Warrior Jacket

    Tedford strongly supports, “his Guy”, unfortunately Maynard is,”his Guy”. I feel give the kid, Bridgeford, a shot can he really do worse? My other problem is that Tedford refuses to play RB Covaughn Deboskie. He is a big back with speed. I guess Tedford enjoys the butt kickings he has been taking.

  • Dan

    #25 Old calfan. As I was exiting AT&T last night with every other Cal fan after the last SC score (while the SC fans celebrated inside like it was their house- well I guess it was last night)- I was sort of having similar thoughts.

    I thinking about the upcoming Utah game, here was the thought process I went through-

    1) Well of course I’ll go, it’s a Cal “home” game. I always go to Cal home games.

    2) It’s a 4 PM start- I have the whole morning to myself, can get into the city (from Pleasanton) early afternoon, hang out with friends and enjoy what will likely be a beautiful afternoon and evening at the game.

    3) Hey, they play Utah- Utah is bad this year, their starting QB (who destroyed us in Poinsettia Bowl less than 2 years ago as a team from the “inferior” MWC conference). just head season ending surgery. We will probably win. Not exactly a great victory, but hey, I’ll take it, you know “A win is a win” and all that stuff. Might be one of the only chances to see a Cal win this season.

    4) Hey wait, we’re pretty bad too.

    5) Actually, we suck.

    6) We not only suck, we are painful to watch, continue to be undisciplined and make tons of stupid, unforced mistakes, show little heart or character, go quarters without scoring even 1 TD, have the worst QB play in the conference for years now, are the most-underachieving team in the Pac 10/12 (AGAIN!) and have a coach who makes $2.7-$2.9 million a year who does less with more than any coach in college football.

    7) If I didn’t go, the game is on TV, I wouldn’t be sacrificing from about 11 AM until 10 PM- basically an entire Saturday to sit and be frustrated and abused.

    8) As bad as Utah is, they are usually very good and very well coached. I could totally see us losing to them. Not even a question.

    9) As bad as Utah, we could be worse. What did they lose to SC at SC by- 2 points??

    10) If i go, it’ll likely cost me over $200 to go (ticket, gas, parking, food, beverages)- man, that is not an insignificant amount of money.

    11) With all common sense, why would I give this football program another dollar with the totally pathetic coaching and lack of leadership going on. I have literally spent and donated tens of thousands of dollars over the past 2 decades. The only vote I have is to stop spending money that will go to the football program. As Gary Radnich always says, you tell teams what you think with your wallet.

    12) Added this AM after #25 Oldcalfan’s post.
    Simple: I will not attend another game until we have a new coach? Thinking that over…

  • KYLE: The QB competition was NOT a competition. It is looking more and more likely that the REASON maynard is starting is because Tedford doesn’t want to piss off his best player keenan allen.

    Do you remember what tedford said in regards to maynard being awarded the starting QB “we love his mobility, he can run. He gives us another dimension.”

    Really Tedford??? Maynard has 29 yards rushing with a SOLID 0.9 average. LMFAO.

    Fomer cal players chris conte, donovan edwards, david seawright have all tweeted why AB hasn’t been given a shot…but good ole’ stubborn Teddy wants his guy, NO matter how poorly he plays.

    Tedford is not OWED anything CAL fans!! He makes 2.8 million dollars a year. Letting him open the new stadium is a joke, I can think of 2 million eight hundred thousand reasons why he shouldn’t.

    HE is sleeping on the job. He makes lame excuses after every blow out loss, bottom line he is a COWARD.

    He threw desean jackson under the bus after the 2007 COLLAPSE. Threw Tosh Lupoi under the bus after the oregon fake injuries…he’s the HEAD COACH he is responsible…..no he’ll just let TOSH(are ACE recruiter) take the fall for it…COWARDLY MOVE.

    He is frankly an embarrassment to the University. We have not had a competent QB in over 5 years. We have ALL-AMERICANS allan brigeford and Austin Hinder sitting on the bench WONDERING why Zach Maynard is playing.

    The sooner TedFRAUD is gone, the sooner we can get excited again for Cal football. Back to back thursday night BLOW-OUTS is a pathetic representation of our football team and University.