Football: Third quarter stats

First downs: USC 16, Cal 14

Total offense: USC 260, Cal 247

Rushing: McNeal 8-57, Sofele 10-35.

Passing: Barkley 18-31-0 180, 2 TD; Maynard 16-25-0 210.

Receiving: Woods 5-36, Allen 8-106.

Tackles: Bailey 6, Kendricks 8, Campbell 8.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Juancho

    “he very easily could have thrown five or six interceptions” hard to see Cal competing for a conference title in the next couple of years. Lets hope it gets turned around.

  • Rollonubears

    Can we please see bridgford now?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Maynard isn’t even a good sandlot QB.

  • rotfogel

    Absolutely unacceptable. This QB play has gotten out of hand, it’s brutal to watch at this point. We have no identity. None, zero, ziltch. Damn it, just run the ball, let’s be a running team with smoke and mirrors please, form THAT identity…please!

  • Rollonubears

    All we need is a field goal and we win the second half!!

  • Juancho

    Anything worse than watching a cal game and our team is so bad all the broadcasters do is talk about stanford?

  • rotfogel

    It’s about the fact that Cal has no idea of what their offense is? They think they’re a passing team, and the sad part is I actually do believe we have the best WR in the conference. But HOW has the QB play been this bad for the last 6 seasons? 6 FREAKING SEASONS OF CRAPPY PLAY? HOW?

  • Juancho

    Maynard doesnt deserve to be in there. Get someone else experience

  • rotfogel

    Let me answer how? God said ” you shall have the best QB in the history of football come to your team (Rodgers), after that you must suffer for (x) years.” I pretty sure I heard God say that. How many years is ‘x’?

  • Rollonubears

    Give bridgford a freaking drive!!!! Tedfords a jerk.
    Game is over. What a joke. Nice how espn talked up the facilities but no one is watching.

  • Juancho

    Interesting job by calvin losing the first down he had. This is sad.

  • Caladan

    Talk about being one dimensional. Maynard can only throw to his brother.

  • Rollonubears

    x is 10. Hahaha. 2014. Zack Kline as a redshirt soph. Nice way to Lay an egg on national tv again bears.

  • eric

    Just waiting for the excuses in the post-game interview. That and BoaltBlue and Bobby coming up with more reasons why we’ve been wrong for years seeing what the country has been able to see in two successive weeks.

  • Caladan

    So much hope for this season and we end up with another Kevin Riley (an arm with no heart) who can run a little.

  • Easy Ed

    Ouch! Bottom line is it’s unfair to Maynard to force him into the Tedford “Pro Style” offense. Either we run the spread with Maynard or run a Tedford offense with Bridgeford. Another year…God this is depressing.

  • Jake

    When can we start blaming Tedford?

  • Juancho

    Have to win 3 of the next 4 to be bowl eligible. Should be exciting to watch at least.

  • Caladan

    Until we lose the first two.

  • konamike

    After that 1st half, I switched to the MLB playoff game and I don’t like baseball. At least that game was competitive. As a loyal 50 yr. Bear Backer that was a little to much to endure. This is his 6th game. Pretty obvious that Maynard does not see the field very well. He makes up his mind coming out of the huddle and always throws to his primary receiver. Why else would he throw to Lewis in the end zone when he’s being triple covered? Sorry but it’s hard to find 3 more wins ahead and…do we really want to go to a bowl and get pasted by who knows? Tedford’s got Barber’s back and our alums aren’t like those in the SEC so…Jeff probably gets another 2 yrs.. Roll (or maybe we should say stumble) on you Bears.

  • rotfogel


  • Rollonubears

    6-6 probably doesn’t cut it with presby being one of them. Especially when we close out the season with two losses. Now, if we have 5 wins and beat az state,
    We would get a bid. At this point, we are probably lucky to get 5 wins unless the defense starts scoring points and we stop making all mistakes, this was a hard game to watch. Maynard is indeed being forced to play pro style. Waste if talent again. He is pretty good in the no huddle, but his passes to the flat are horrendous. Not a
    Single hail Mary in this one, with the heat receivers in the PAC? Marvin’s drops were
    Costly. Other than the ridiculous mistakes, we played
    Well. Good d. Pretty good pass protection. Moved the ball. The
    Difference was the stupid mistakes and the horrible special teams. Without that, even with the interceptions this game would have been close.

  • Rollonubears

    And I meant if we win 6 including az state, we’d get a bid. Neither of those seem likely anyway, tho.

  • Calfan

    Watching Cal is painful, ans has been for years. No heart. Fire Tedford now.

  • Steve W

    We can blame Tedford right now – most egregiously for his failure to develop a home grown quarterback. Beau Sweeney, Brock Mansion and Austin Hinder – three strikes and your out. I have been watching Cal football very closely for 25 years, and no one has even come close to matching the ineptitude of our current quarterback play. And to think I used to wince at the play of Justin Vedder. I can’t recall him turning the ball over 4 times in a game. And he even managed to beat SC in a game. This is beyond pathetic. No making this up: this is the third straight year I have walked out of the SC game before the first half. Just disgusting.

  • Caladan

    REALLY glad I didn’t waste money on season tickets.

  • Caladan

    Are you listening Sandy?

  • Caladan

    I sure am glad that one of my sons goes to Wisconsin so I have a reason to watch a GOOD team play.

  • Caladan

    No. Wait until the end of the season to fire Tedford. It’s the decent thing to do.

  • covinared

    Remember the scouting report JO posted on Maynard last summer? Its right on. He has tools, but is lacking intellectually. I am not surprised that he lacked the grades to get into a big time program out of high school, and had to go to jc last year. So many picks against a very poor pass defense so far. Time for Bridgford. Also, the other drops and mental mistakes this late in the season do not bode well for the rest of the year. Hats off to the defense, but Cattouse has had enough time to learn that tackling involves more than hitting.

  • Dan

    Tedford supporters? Buehler? Buehler? Anyone?

    Hey, how ’bout that graduation rate for the football team?

  • GC

    Tedford has totally lost any ability to call ofensive plays. He needs a brand NEW offensive cordinator. All Tedford uses as an offense is 4 players: Maynard, Sofele, Jones and Allen-no one else. Any defense can figure between 1st-3rd down Sofele will run 66% of the time. I don’t know if Tedford heard the boos at tonight’s game at AT&T, but the boos were certainly there-what a shame it has come to this.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Who was that idiot who called a fair catch at the 4 yard line? I wonder what his major is?

  • MoreSanctionsComing

    Who’s the Moron who won’t go away?

  • eric

    I predicted 5-7 back in December. Bobby/BoaltBlue – you said I was a complete idiot. We may still get to 6-6, but it really is time for you to start admitting there are major problems at the top, and it will not get better notwithstanding every excuse thas been manufactured.

    Throwing away a decent defensive effort, at home no less, because of, once again, poor offensive schemes, poor QB preparation, and poor in-game management, and you have Tedford since the 2004 Holiday Bowl.

  • Juancho

    I thought this was funny. I asked my friend from college if he saw the Cal game, he replied “you mean the other american horror story”? That’s a great show by the way.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Tedford = owned by Sarks
    Tedford = owned by Kiffin
    Tedford = owned by Kelly
    Tedford = owned by Riley

    Cal state fans = owned by Tedford


  • Juancho

    NCs I respectfully repeat this message. I work in the behavioral health field. Your behavior is consistent with the actions of someone who really needs to talk to a professional. If you do need help get the help you need. We all deserve to lead happy and safe lives. Take care of yourself.

  • go8ears

    At the end of the first half only two Cal players had receiving stats on ESPN. Guess who? U$C on the other hand had 7 or 8 players. This team is playing bizarre games..

  • tc

    Awful, just awful. I think the AD needs to really REALLY and I mean REALLY think about a head coaching change. Every year since Tedford became coach, our recruiting class has always been in the top 35 or 40 teams in the country. Do we play like a top 35 or 40 fb team? Heck no. We play more like a bottom 50 team. I feel really bad for our defense who again played solid. Dismal offense. Tedford does not command any presence or leadership in this fb team anymore and the players play like they have low regard for Tedford. Did you see Marvin Jones after fair catching at their own 5? While Tedford was chewing him out, MJ just ignored him and walked away…since when did you see that on a Tedford team??? Cal FB has been tumbling since 2007 and I feel like we are back to being the doormat of the conference. So sad.

  • Pc

    MoreNCs: Making fun of us at this point is like kicking someone when they’re down. Have you no code?

  • Rollonubears

    Tc, I noticed that Marvin snub, too. Spot on.

  • Bearister

    Here’s a message for Moron’s NC. I honestly don’t care how many times you beat us. It could be every year until the day I die. U$C still sucks. Academically the school is a joke – the only thing that matters there is daddy’s money. At least Stanfurd puts out some quality scholarship. Other than feeding Hollywood, name one really impressive achievement out of U$C? USC is #1 in “video game design”? Seriously? Compare that to Cal’s rankings in real discpline like engineering, mathmatics, physics, chemistry and economics.

    Some other comparisons about our current faculty vs. yours:
    American Academy of Arts & Sciences Fellows: Cal 227, $UC 21
    National Academy of Engineering: 87-35
    National Academy of Sciences: 132-12
    Nobel Prize winners: 9-1 (68-1 all time).

    In other words, U$C isn’t even a safety school compared to Cal.

    Moreover, your athletic department has no class. Remember Carson Palmer all grins with double-murderer OJ? Or how about Carson manipulating his Heisman ballot to help Leinart by voting for a nobody as #2? Or all of Pete’s cheating, followed by a known cheater in Lane Kiffin? Or the fact that 90% of your fan base didn’t even go to U$C, calling into question how dumb they must be.

    So enjoy your victory. Jeff Tedford has lost control of his team once again. But while his teams may lose on the field, I’m a winner in life thanks to my Cal degree. I’m pretty sure your greatest accomplishment will be a high score on a video game coming out of $UC’s top rated program.

  • Jim

    Bearister … by comparing your life with Moron, you have set the bar so low that I can only wonder about … oh well, if that’s what YOU need to do.

  • Easy Ed

    Come on guys give it a break. If you think that Maynard is not an improvement then you’re not watching the game. He can and will run. He gives us the spread option (it’s up to the coaches to take advantage of it). He sat out a year and this is his first year in the system. Last but not least he brings Keenan Allen in as part of the package. This year is rough and we’re just went through a real tough patch in our schedule so let’s wait until the end of the season before we start firing and demoting.

  • ThisisCal

    I had no idea that U$C stood for Tedford Mu$t Go.

  • Will

    I guess my attempt to give someone an incentive to get the help they need was taken down by JO. Oh well, I tried to do the right thing…

  • BlueNGold

    At least ‘that idiot who called a fair catch at the 4 yard line’ is in school, is being productive and has made a life for himself. At least he has a major and is completing it. Sorry about your shortcomings.