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  1. I don’t think they’d call it the “red zone” if it was easy to score.

  2. Daddy’s golfing partner and also a UCB alum has decided not to give any more money to the football program until Tedford leaves. He has had enough.

    He may not renew his two 45 yard line seats. Daddy went to the meeting tonight in Sacramento but he was reluctant not wanting to waste the time.

  3. Daddy? Daddy? That alone should shame Moren from ever showing up here again!

  4. Daddy didn’t hug me enough, so now I have nothing better to do than make a nuisance of myself on football blogs where I am unwanted, unwelcome, and universally hated.

    I fantasize out loud about Daddy being some cool rich dude who likes me and goes golfing and stuff with other cool rich dudes. I’m an epic waste of everyone’s time.

  5. When I went to Cal, we always used to say “thank goodness it’s basketball season.” After Tedford arrived, for awhile, it totally switched. Now it’s right back to where it was before. I suppose as long as one team has a chance, I can still be happy. Overall though, it’s pretty sad. If we can’t win this game, there will be no bowl for the bears.

  6. Johnathan,

    Too complex and offense? Really? C’mon Man! To complex an offense doesn’t make you miss wide open throws or throw the behind receivers. Bad mechanics does. Longshore was the last QB with anything close to sound mechanics and he was very good if you remember until he got a little dinged and lost his confidence, Tedford had a big assist there. Not buying it but don’t want to trash Zach either. All he is doing is exactly what he is capable of.

  7. If Tedford is not going to give Maynard a chance to run the option and utilize his running skills, I say switch to Bridgford at QB. From what little I’ve seen of him, he looks like a guy with an accurate arm, at least much more accurate than Maynard.

  8. Tedford has had Maynard run on designed plays, including TD runs. Some have gone well, and others, because of the OL, have not. Bridgford has not been demonstrably better at hitting receivers and not throwing into double coverage.

  9. Bean how can you make that assertion about Bridgeford given his limited opportunity?

    He came in for mop up work against Presbyterian and for “we’re getting mopped up” work at Oregon.

    If Tedford had any balls he’d use the Urban Meyer method of giving the young backup a series each half. Not because he wants a QB switch – but b/c Meyer wasn’t an idiot and knew you had to get a young guy meaningful reps in the event of an injury.

  10. If ‘daddy’ was a real person, a regular season ticket buyer and actually a donor to the foootball program, he would have disowned his miserable offspring long ago.

    Got any other fantasies or delusions you would like to share?

  11. Bean, Juancho is totally right on this and if you were a big Bear fan you would have seen some practices and see whatw e are all waiting for ( CHANGE )Wake up coach

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