Basketball: Who will win the first Pac-12 title?

Friday is Pac-12 basketball media day. Among other things, the conference will reveal results of its annual preseason media poll.

Here is the ballot I submitted:

2. Cal
3. Arizona
4. Washington
5. Oregon
6. Stanford
7. USC
8. Oregon State
9. Arizona State
10. Washington State
11. Utah
12. Colorado
Give me your best guess on the order of finish.

Jeff Faraudo

  • jim crow

    Jeff, it would be good to get some analysis/support of your predicted order of finish.

    I have not paid a whole lot of attention to any team other than Cal since last season. However, to me an obvious question about UCLA is how well their vaunted front line can defend. Seeing Jorge shred them repeatedly last year at Cal makes me doubt their ability to defend the rim. What has changed in that regard? Is Smith lighter and more mobile? Can any of the others play defense? Reeves certainly did not look good defensively when I saw him last year. Are the Wear twins any good at the defensive end of the court? And the blonde kid whose name escapes me did not appear to be a defensive stopper.

    Given that UCLA lost its best defenders (Lee and Honeycutt) to the NBA, will this year’s Bruins be able enough defenders to rise to the top of the league? Will their back court be good enough offensively? Will Howlands shuck his Ben Braun offense and suddenly learn how to coach an offense? I doubt it.

    It was one thing when Howland had oodles of NBA talent at his disposal just a few years back. I don’t see where he has that now and would be surprised if he can lead the current bunch to the top of the conference.

  • Takeoffthatredshirt

    1. Arizona
    2. Cal
    3. UCLA
    4. Wasington
    5. Oregon
    6. USC
    7. Stanford
    8. Arizona State
    9. Washington State
    10. Oregon St
    11. Colorado
    12. Utah 

  • Uh Huh!

    I realize that Colorado had Burks and some other dude that was pretty good leave the program, and that MSF was injured when Cal played them, but I nonetheless find it interesting that Cal is 2nd best while CO is 2nd worst in this list.

  • milo

    UCLA playing at the LA Sports Arena is a big but not deciding factor. Nick them 2 games in the L column. Pauley is worth 2 wins. Like Cal Football at ATT except the Sport Arena is terrible. On campus location like CMS.

    UA is the strongest team in conference but Cal might get a scheduling advantage of a home-only game at Cal (no more round robin).

    Cal can win the conference but it’s not a given, instead a “several factors must occur” title, but still a title. In other words if UCLA and/or UA slip up and Cal can take the slack, it’s in position to win it, if not the favorites.

  • Uh Huh!, Burks was an absolute beast for CU, unstoppable with the ball in his hands, a lottery pick. He was their team, he is gone, Cal >> CU now.

    I do find it a tad disturbing that for both bball and fball the two newcomers (Utah, CU) are so so bad, picked to be last in both polls again. CU and Utah still haven’t won a football game vs P12 and the bball teams are both picked to be terrible. Was expansions a good idea, why did we add such terrible programs? Will they ever compete for titles are did we just pad our schedules with a couple of patsies?

  • rollonubears

    What’s great is that there seems to be a lot more talent in general in the league. When Cal won last time, the conference was at a major low. Hopefully the winner of the conference is a 4 seed or better. That would be nice. Also would be nice if we make the tournament and get to play on the west coast for a change.