Football: First quarter stats

First downs: Cal 3, UCLA 3.

Total yards: Cal 86, UCLA 66.

Rushing: Sofele 6-25, 1; Prince 5-35.

Passing: Maynard 3-4-0 52, Prince 3-5-0 13.

Receiving: Allen 2-35, Rosario 2-9.

Tackles: Holt 2, Campbell 2, Cattouse 2, Anthony 2, Zumwalt 3.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • CalBearister99

    Looks like Coach Tedford has the Bears ready to play on the road again. A bad UCLA team made worse by suspensions, and we can’t hold onto the ball. Really nice first half so far Bears.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Tedford has been horrible calling plays yet again, and the turnovers on top of it have dug a hole. They’ll have to be disciplined against the pistol’s running game in the second half to come back and Maynard needs to be given simpler plays (not a quick timing spin and throw play on a 3rd and 2!).

    And JJ Stokes is an imbecile.

  • ScottyBear

    Painful to watch. Actually, worse: boring and sloppy. 1st down, Isi up the gut. 3rd down, incomplete.

  • Pug

    Tedord didn’t call for a fumble and an interception inside the Bears’ 30-yard line.

    Zach Maynard is just not a very good quarterback. When he’s good, he’s OK. When he’s bad, he’s horrendous. It’s not that complicated.

  • CalBearister99

    And who named Maynard the starter? And who has failed to develop a single serviceable QB over the past SEVEN seasons? The closest you can get is Longshore, and what he had in technical skill he lacked in mental toughness (see, e.g., losing @ Arizona and @ $UC to close the 2006 season).

    In my mind, you give Tedford one more season. After that, results (or lack thereof) have to count for something.

  • Dan

    Paging Chris Petersen.

  • Pug

    My point was that it isn’t the playcalling, it’s the execution. Of course Tedford is responsible for all of it. Still, I wonder what Maynard has to do to get the hook?

  • Larry

    Break a body part.