Football: From the press box

The biggest news postgame is coach Jeff Tedford’s comments that he will evaluate the quarterback position, leaving the door open for him to switch to sophomore Allan Bridgford.

“We’ll see,” Tedford said. “We’ll look at the tape and make a determination with that.”

Tedford also revealed that linebacker Mychal Kendricks was suspended for the first quarter for violating team rules. Defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast said that Kendricks had thumb surgery last week and his reps were limited in practice.

Other notes:

  • Zach Maynard threw for 199 yards, the first time this season he has failed to reach the 200-yard mark.
  • Marvin Jones was held to just one catch for 11 yards.
  • UCLA quarterback Kevin Prince became the first Bruins quarterback to rush for 100 yards since 1976.
  • UCLA safety Tevin McDonald became just the fourth freshman in conference history to record three interceptions in a game.
  • Cal WR Keenan Allen had seven catches for 83 yards.
  • D.J. Campbell led the Bears with 11 tackles.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • konamike

    Why would we want 6 wins? That helps Tedford retain his job and we get embarassed on nat. tv…AGAIN!

  • Juancho


    Can anyone find more info om tedford saying theres a possible qb change coming? If all this is based off of “we’ll see” then were gettng our hopes up for nothing.

    The mike singletaryesque we’ll look at the tape comment can be interpreted as yes we will possibly change qbs. I have a bad feeling Maynard starts.

    Shaq thompson dont watch the rest of the games. Just trust that Jon Gruden (in the fantasy world i live in) will be oyr coach by the time you and kline show up.

    To add my thoughts on the kline comments….

    Coach tedford has not successfully developed a SINGLE qb hes recruited out of high school. All came in highly touted.

    After watching our gane and the stanford game could you blame a kid like kline if he jumps ship to a place like stanford?

    I went to Cal bc i wanted to compete with top people intellectually. I felt like a degree and honours from Cal would be my national title if you will. If i were a top football instead of academic recruit in high school i would be lying if i said i would o to cal. I would ho somewhere i could compete with the best talent in practice and play for championships.

    A few years ago tedford was getting us close. And i could see cal being a good pitvh to kids who want to be on the biggest stage. Not now.

    The shaq thompson thing was inevitable. If this continues dont be surprised if kline decommits.

  • Juancho

    Sorry about my crappy typos. The ipad keypad is a pain

  • Greid

    To Tedford Supporters:
    I honestly would like to hear why you still support Tedford.

    Is it the success with Aaron Rodgers? That’s ancient history now and the exception rather than the rule.

    Is it the Bowl Games? Is it the win-loss record of prior seasons? Being invited to a patsy Bowl game because you win 6 games against teams with losing records is not much of a accomplishment in my book. Look at the quality of Cal’s wins over the last 7 years. With only a few exceptions, all the wins were against poor quality teams.

  • Juancho

    In addition to the poor play i also have a bone to pick with tedford on closing practices. It really has been a disservice to the alumni. Ticket prices sky high, less than good graduation rate, what ever happened to kaelin clay? No vision as far as developing solid qb backups.

    Ive been clamoring for bridgford to get a drive a half. But of course that hasnt happened.

    Imagine bridgford starts next week? Hes been setup to fail.

    Next year other than keenan allen what receivers will we have?

    Since tedford showed up the nfl alumni connection to the school has even diminished.

    Sandy barbour fire yourself. You deserve it for extortioning money from alumni to save baseball when you knew the tv deal money was coming in.

    Sandy leaves, tedford offered ad position and a new coach that has some presence and moxy. Someone that isnt a robot that seems to encourage an emotionless team and style.

    Qb guru circa ten years ago. If he were a qb guru we wouldnt have maynard throwing pick after pick and WORSE looking like a defeated little kid emotionless sitting alone on the bench.

    Keenan allen will be a pro bowler. But to get him we got jamarcus russell.

  • Steve W.

    To those high and mighty posters who say that the most talented recruits should firs t consider the quality of the school and the education they are going to get, I say what a load of crap. Last time I looked, only 48 percent of Tedford’s 2004 class even bothered to graduate. I really feel bad for some of the promising qb recruits like Riley, Longshore, Sweeney and Mansion who were never given a chance to develop under Tubby Teddy.

    Let’s not delude ourselves here. Boehm this year and Kline next year chose Cal because they believe it gives them the best chance to pursue their dream of playing in the NFL. In light of recent events, I am just thinking maybe they might want to reconsider their commitments. Tedford ain’t going anywhere. He’s here thru 2014 at minimum because no one can afford to buy out his bloated contract.

  • manus

    Maynard has had his chance. Just look at what Jordan Rodgers of Vanderbilt has done these past two weeks: a transfer from Butte College, like his brother (to Cal), Rodgers started his first game against Army and won last week. In his second game, this past weekend, he and his team just lost by 3 points to #10 Arkansas. Some players have it; some don’t. It is time for a change in quarterback at Cal. It is time to start preparing for next season.

  • Los Altos Bear

    I don’t usually post on websites, but today I feel compelled to. I also have generally supported Coach Tedford and still believe he brought a lot to the Cal football program. I am an ESP season ticket holder. But, unless Tedford clearly announces during the week that he is going to start Bridgford, I won’t be attending next week’s game just to subject myself to the embarrassment of what he is putting on the field. If he hears this message from enough of us, maybe he’ll actually do something.

  • Rollonubears

    I wouldn’t be surprised if rodgers’s brother WAS recruited and Aaron told him to run as far
    Away as possible.

  • Shaka

    In balance I am still supporting Ted. Much has to do with expectations and keeping it real. It’s been 52 years since the last Rose Bowl, hoping to get back isn’t a strategy. Coach is a good offensive coordinator, unfortunately his personality and DNA don’t allow for much motivating leadership on the sidelines. The only time we’ve seen any emotion was the Riley/OSU fiasco, and that was ugly. Yes, hard-headed, doesn’t read any of this so called fan wisdom, loyal to a fault with his ill performing QB’s, ultra conservative in play calling, but a terrific recruiter, the prime mover for the new SAHPC, generally good with the media and the Cal bureaucracy, and someone who looks good in sunglasses and a Cal hat…Heck this is college, lighten up. Looking forward to the new Memorial Stadium, and the Zack Kline era.

  • Juancho

    Agree with steve w. if we want top football recruits we better be damn good at football. Most of us went to cal for academics not sports. If i were a top athlete wirh nfl dreams cal would be falling on my list. We need to fix this

  • Juancho

    Shaka you make some good points. Tedford is the highest Paid public employee in ca. Those are the expectations. Current ciaches arent paid fortu years ago wages. Tedford gets rose bowl money.

  • dont’ settle for nothing less than a pac-12 championship and you don’t do it scheduling weak preseason teams to play—don’t try to emulate Ben Braun….try to emulate Mike Montgomery…he did it his first year–by COACHING! You can’t teach an old dog new tricks…let’s move on with a new coach and possibly new athletic director!

  • Jabes

    I am a Tedford supporter. I appreciate all he has done for Cal. It’s time for Tedford and Cal to part ways. If we had looked bad against Utah I would have said that should have been his last game. Let him coach the season and part ways with as much dignity as possible.

    Beat Stanford!

  • H8sRed

    Steve W, Juancho and anyone else who suggests that recruits decommit because of yesterday’s fiasco is no Bear fan. Blakestreet, refusing to buy a ticket until you see how a team performs makes you the very definition of a you a fair-weather fan.

    Being an alumnus, a fan or a sometime ticket-buyer does not “entitle” you to a victory. Go to the game or watch on TV, and root for your team and enjoy some recreational time with friends and family. If you think you’re above everyone else and entitled to anything more than admission to a game and some entertainment, then pick another team to root for.

    I’m not happy with the current state of the Bears — some great points have been made on this string, especially regarding letting another QB try to show what he can do — but I will always root for the Bears to recruit the highest quality people (both as athletes and as students) and to excel on the field.

  • Steve W.


    If it takes some high profile recruit de commits to make the Cal administration wake up and recognize that the HMS Tedford has foundered against the rocky shoals, then maybe it’s necessary. I posted my thoughts because I genuinely feel sorry for all these elite quarterback recruits who have come to Cal and haven’t had the proper coaching development to realize their potential.

    BTW, the stakes have been considerably raised for us fans. It costs about three times as much to attend a Cal game than it did 10 to 15 years ago. Tedford undoubtedly helped raised our expectations and convinced us to open our wallets to support a new era. I am not going to sit back and root, root, root for the team no matter what, and I can give you 2.8 million reasons why I won’t.

  • Rollonubears

    67 comments on a single post? This situation appears to have woken a few hibernating bears.

  • Juancho

    H8sred my comments arent based on one game. My comments are it doesntvsurprise me an elite prospect like shaq favors orgon now. And if kline decommits i wouldnt be surprised. I love my school. But im not pollyannic.

    The more mediocre our program becomes the harder it is to convince elite prospects to come here.

  • bear4life

    Everyone agrees that it’s time for a change then lets all petition Sandy to MAN UP and get us on the right track again. JT either change the quarterback or stay at home. By the way Pendergrass has a hard time if a team doesn’t run a pro style game it’s like who has a key on the quarterback and who has the running back ? I heard the safety’s had the quarterback in this game which makes zero sense THIS IS COLLEGE start thing like it and adjust.

  • go8ears

    In order to effect a change, it’s not enough to merely continue one’s support and hope that somehow someday everything will automatically correct itself and become okay. If there are changes to be made (this football program indeed does) and you want to bring about those changes by being “heard” by whoever makes the decision, taking more drastic measures such as boycotting and voicing negative opinions are perfectly within the reasonable scope of what a concerned fan can do without having to be labeled as so and so as you above did. It’s the dynamics of applying pressure and incentives that curb and encourage certain desirable decisions, not status quo. I am a fan of the Bears, but I would keep applying adversarial pressure so that Sandy makes the changes that this program desperately needs.

  • Easy Ed

    I can’t say anything in support of what I saw at the Rose Bowl yesterday. It was a very uninspired performance from a team coming off of a good game and believing all they had to do was show up. As far as Coach Tedford goes, he has next year, there is no way we should fire him now, he is the reason for our upgraded facilities and he deserves the opportunity to utilize them. After all, Cal=Class.

  • Jake

    I don’t think Tedford should coach in the new stadium. We can thank him by putting his name on the field or at the entrance.

    The person I would really credit with the facilities is Aaron Rodgers. JT lucked into him when watching a recruiting video for someone else from Butte College (TE Garrett Cross). Since that time, Tedford’s tried to find the next QB to carry him. He’s definitely not coached any of the guys following. And guys like Aaron Rodgers don’t just come around all the time. We can wait for a QB that he can “develop”, but in my opinion, we won’t get to the next level without a real coach.

  • go8ears

    So without Tedford, the facilities would have never been upgraded? ever? How much did he actually contribute to getting them upgraded? Was it something that no one else would’ve brought up or could’ve gotten done in the foreseeable future? I am just trying to figure out why Tedford is always credited for it without any qualification.

  • Steve W

    I would glady trade those upgraded facilities for a football team that plays with intelligence, heart and desire. I have been going to games at Memorial for 25 years now and can’t think of one real complaint I had about the setup. The old place had a lot of charm, and I don’t give a crap about luxury boxes and individual seats.

    I just don’t see any reason to believe that Tedford is going to right the ship with those new facilities. Tedford has been firing his assistant coaches all along, so I am assuming that he, among all people, would have to understand why the axe would fall on him. Besides, he should never have to worry about money again. That’s more than most of us could say if we ever got the pink slip.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    It all begins with your coach. He learned at Oregon how to enroll players into “gimmee” type educational programs in order to keep them eligible. What he did not consider is how he created a culture for players which made things easy and undisciplined. That’s one of the biggest problems with your program now. There is no heart, no discipline and no fortitude. The only bonanza that came from your “resurgence” was in Social Welfare courses along with American Studies, Sociology and Ethnic Studies.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    bear4life Says:
    October 30th, 2011 at 7:15 pm
    Everyone agrees that it’s time for a change then lets all petition Sandy to MAN UP and get us on the right track again.

    HAHAHAHAHA…great one.

  • Dan

    Easy Ed- I appreciate the class in your comments in #71. But I want to make one point to you (and others who credit Tedford for the new facilities) and ask you all one question …. But please humor here for a minute before I get to my question …

    So these facilities are not paid for. Not yet. Not by a long shot. They require a LOT of people going to the games, spending BIG money for tickets. They also require a LOT of big-time, big dollar alums and fans buying luxury seats and the astronomical surcharges associated. Do you agree? Does that make sense?

    There are going to be LOTS of empty seats next fall and in falls to come, as long as Tedford is here. There a LOT of alums and donors that are saying enough here.

    So my question to you Easy Ed and others- if you credit Tedford for getting all this facilities upgraded, who will be to blame when these facilities are in deep debt with no promise and no hope to pay them off?

  • jabes

    I am a Tedford supporter. Don’t forget the success his teams have had outside of QB. All those running yards, many with mediocre QB performance. The Aaron Rogers teams also had strong defensive play. The tradition of fullbacks, many unheralded WRs performing in addition to Desean and Keenan. The incredible balance on offense. Tedford has been good for Cal.

    It’s time for a change. In the last few years, in addition to the floundering at QB, there is little evidence of coaching improvements. Teams don’t get better later in the year, strong starts are rare, half-time adjustments and comebacks are even rarer.

    Tedford keeps adjusting with no success. We hoped for Joe Paterno, we got Phil Fulmer without the titles.

  • Rollonubears

    Tedford deserves credit for the facilities. He came in and coached extremely well. We were scared of losing him. He threatened to leave if we
    Didn’t upgrade everything so he could recruit. Don’t be so short sighted bear fans. Just because he isn’t a cut throat coach doesn’t mean he didn’t build this stadium. He
    Deserves ar least one year, even if i can’t stand jt as a

  • Jim

    Sorry, Roll but those are two separate issues.
    The play of the Bears, which is the reason for the stadium, a place for people to watch the games, is atrocious. Tedford as coach is failing badly.

    As to the stadium upgrades, the means for paying depends in large part on people voting with the wallets to attend games. And the failure of the first part, Tedford as coach, the Bears as a team, can lead to failure on the second part, paying for the stadium.

    If people don’t buy tickets or reserve hugely expensive seats, from where will the money come to pay for the upgrades. The success of the team filled the stadium in numbers never before seen. The failure of the team – of Tedford – will lead to empty seats: no fans, no money.

    All on TEDFORD, the mega-millionaire, the highest paid employee of the State of Calfornia.

    But, have no fear, his existence as coach is based upon a contract, not a vote of the fans.

  • Old Bear 71

    First time to comment here.
    Would everyone please remember that jT came to Cal and won with the recruits of the Tom Holmoe era, often referred to a the Holmoecaust? The best years were with many of those who committed to the Bears during some of their worst won-lost seasons.
    Tedford did coach up some excellent players. The won for him when they didn’t for Holmoe. Good players will come to Cal, even during down years.
    Our coach ought to get two seasons in the new Memorial and SAHPC before we cut him loose.
    I have been a Bear fan since watching the first game of my freshman year in 1965 when Notre Dame took the bears out to the tune of 0-49! Through thick and (mostly) thin I root for the Bears.
    I am a fan. College football is a game. every game has one winner and one loser. The fun is in the contest, competition, when our guys prevail it is more fun. But if one wants guaranteed wins and unending superlative performances of super elite athletes then choose and SEC team and root for them.
    GO BEARS, Beat Stanford

  • Juancho

    JO – 80 comments on a blog post. As someone who used to work in marketing, this is a good time for you to get on the phone with the people you sell advertising space to and renegotiate.

  • bobsac

    With age comes wisdom, sometimes, as proved by Old Bear 71. The JT era, like the Waldorf era long ago, is obviously in decline. The question is, will the trend start heading up again? The Big U needs to see JT through his contract, & extend or renew it at the end if there is improvement, & not do so if there isn’t. It’s really quite simple. Also quite simple–JT needs to find & keep a good offensive coordinator so that he and we might enjoy the years remaining on his contract.

  • Greid

    Rollonubears / Old Bear 71 / Bobsac:
    Seven years of questionable coaching decisions, and skillset are not enough for you? How about seven years of declining recruit quality, quality wins, and fan/TV support?

    Remember the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting the outcome to be different.

    Use your Cal degree to identify, analyze, and solve the cause. Though, I still can’t explain Tedford’s initial success, everything since strongly suggests to me some other factors were at play in that initial success.

  • 4 more games this year…12 more next year…then we get a different coach? Why can’t we stop the qb keeper? Isn’t it the simplest play in the playbook, even simpler than dive right? Did Prince even complete a pass more than 20 yds down the field?

    Jim Harbaugh ran 3 BRILLIANT and successful plays on 3rd down yesterday: a PA pass play to the TACKLE/TE, a QB sweep, and a PA pass play to the NT playing HB!! Tedford used to have this type of creativity and imagination. Remember the brilliant pass play to Boller at MSU in 2002 for a TD? Those plays used to be somewhat commonplace, at least once a game we’d see something new. For the last 3+ seasons we see the same flat boring play calling almost every play of the game!

    Cal football is very boring right now on the offensive side of the ball and if I don’t feel like shelling out $65 plus parking/food/etc for a boring product that does not make me a fair weather fan, that makes me intelligent. I love the Bears at least as much as everyone else here, I was brought to Memorial as an infant, born aug. 29th, probably within the first couple weeks of my life. I have Cal blood in my veins, but that does not make me blindly faithful to the sinking ship that is Tedford. I am not a fair-weather fan for not attending games coached by a terribly disappointing and frustrating coach. I still want Cal to win and be successful but, just like at the end of the Braun era, I do not hope the team continues in mediocrity indefinitely. Those last few years of Braun were terrible. Who can say the last 3+ seasons of football haven’t been.

    Since #2 ranking in ’07 Cal football is 28-26, 10-18 on road/neutral. Take out the non-fbs teams and i think we are sub .500. For how much longer is this acceptable?

  • Dan

    Haas is still struggling and not what it should be thanks to Braun. We are witnessing the same thing with Tedford and the football program. There is a lot of anger and frustration here. I say that’s good because many have passion and care. But apathy is next. When apathy sets in- which happened during the Braun snoozefest of mediocrity, it is hard to get passion, fans and their dollars back. This is happening and has been happening the past few seasons under Tedford. And it ain’t improving anytime soon under Tedford. There is way too much evidence to the contrary.

  • calbearclaw

    Apologize for posting this on all threads but I think I find it just that startling.


  • calbearclaw


    The fog of Rodgers is lifting and the wretched, unthinkable truth is now coming into focus.

    Bizarre secrecy (closed practices), overt hostility towards the media, subtle intimidation disguised as sturdy benevolence, a bizarre attachment to sunglasses, repetitive propaganda, overstatement of achievement, a near cult like following, flagrant nepotism (his son was installed on the team), scared colleagues (Barbour), nefarious courtship of valuable foot soldiers (KA), all while living in a remote compound far from his people (Lafayette).

    Tedford has become a bloated dictator.

    Rise up Golden Bear faithful, rise up.

  • Shaka

    This thread ought to continue for the balance of the season and let’s see where we all stand and how 2012 bodes. Excellence in coaching is about leadership, clear communication, and getting more results than the sum of the parts. “Kaizen” or constant improvement should be in the everyone’s DNA, from the team to the coaches to the equipment manager.

    Coach Tedford, how do you think you are doing and what are you doing to address your honest answer?