Football: Third quarter stats

First downs: Cal 10, UCLA 15.

Total offense: Cal 214, UCLA 242

Rushing: Sofele 14-68, 1 TD; Prince 14-88

Passing: Maynard 8-16-1 98; Prince 8-17-0 77.

Receiving: Allen 4-61, Rosario 5-56.

Tackles: Campbell 9, McKay 5.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.


  1. Zach Maynard 12/23 147 6.4 0TD 3INT

    What’s it take to get benched? Or fired (in Tedford’s case)?

  2. Wow. Feel bad for whomever ot was that said they were going to bet on Cal to cover the spread.

    Bridgford must feel like he is really really bad too if he cant see the field.

  3. Embarrassing! Cant stop the pistol QB run option. Cant tackle! Fire entire staff! Nobody will be at next two home games…..will that be enough of a message?

  4. Would you say that you are more or less opimistic about next season compared to your hopes going ino this season?

  5. Let Tedford coach a season in his new stadium. He’ll be the only one there of course….

  6. Brutal. I am/was a JT supporter but after the third pick seems like most hc’s would change qb’s. I thought the game plan/play calling was good. To state the obvious, the execution sucked.

    Give Bridgford a chance.

    Watching the d over pursue time after time was brutal to watch, too. At least d kinda sorta finally made adjustment to qb keeper and showed gap discipline.

    Not going to bet the Bears again this season.

  7. I was at the Rose Bowl. I wouldn’t blame just the QB. The receivers did not play well either. Let’s hope they recover next week!

  8. Do you suppose that Tedford is worried that if he benches Maynard, then Allen will transfer?

  9. Didn’t Maynard actually have four picks, not to mention a fumble? If that doesn’t get you benched nothing will.

    As far as Tedford, games like tonight will get you fired. Soon. If Bridgford doesn’t start next week, I give up completely on Tedford. I believe in sticking with your starter, but tonight was ridiculous.

  10. Why would Allen transfer? He’s going to the NFL after next season, so transferring would just delay his NFL career by a season.

  11. Envious seeing mark sanchez on the usc sideline. Would be nice to see rodgers on the cal sideline decked out in cal gear.

  12. Just got back from the Rose Bowl. Oh my God! For all you Maynard haters you might think this is one is for you. Four interceptions! But I was there, Miller sucks! If he isn’t the primary receiver he stops running, he won’t block or put forth any effort and he is to blame for at least one of the four interceptions.

  13. Difficult to watch. Across the board blame. For starters:

    1. If it is obvious to the layman high school football coach, that you teach your D. End / Outside Backer to sit and destroy the QB on option and allow your inside backers and interior D. Linemen to tackle the UCLA ball carrier for 3 yards or less and let their running game implode, what is it that Pendergast is THINKING? Was this the game plan? A passing game as inept as that one and you let them build momentum by allowing a slow quarterback to run circles around us? Unbelievable. Tedford has to let this man go or the university has to let Tedford go. Like Rich Rod at U of Michigan, the head coach is responsible.

    2. Marvin Jones is said to be a player with a Sunday future in the NFL. Where is he on offense? How do we not find this guy?

    3. How many stupid penalties are we going to commit on both sides of the ball and expect to win?

    This one was difficult. We were out coached, outplayed and deserve every criticism that comes our way.

  14. If, as it appears likely, the Bears end up 5-7 or 4-8, then Sandy Barbour will need to make a choice: Do the considerate thing and give Tedford a year in the new facility, or the productive thing and cut him loose.

  15. JT. NEEDS. TO. GO. NOW. Look at this Stanford team and their coach. They look confident, excited, and alive unlike stoic, unemotional, and tired JT and his nervous, depressed team. Totally uninspiring. Ugh.

  16. Let Sandy know:

    e-mail: athletic.director@berkeley.edu (they do respond, btw)
    Twitter: @gobearsAD

    If Sandy is at basketball practice tomorrow, we should all tell her that it’s time to FIRE TEDFORD!

    All of us who are season ticket holders pay for his salary. Enough is enough!

  17. Yup, it is time to make a clean break at QB. Let’s start anew, Cal. I had a feeling UCLA was going to trip up Cal. Big mental letdown by our players. Good teams do not have these problems, as there are so few games.

    Also watched Stanford/USC on the telly: wow, does Stanford know how to finish. Luck is something to watch. Great game.

  18. Stupid penalties. Again.
    Missed field goal. Again.
    Horrible field position. Again.

    These three have been consistent all year. Add in horrible QB play, and you’ve got one heck of a disaster.

    There are 2 differencs between this season, and holmoe, and most of the last 4 seasons with tedford. 1) the play calling is much better. They’re just not executing. And 2) Maynard is at least good sometimes.

    That’s about it. Maynard continues to be an automatic 50% passer. He’ll look great for a couple plays, maybe even a drive. Then boom, a floater for a pick, or a fumble. That can’t happen. And neither can forcing a pass to allen on 3rd and long, in double coverage, every time.

    Tedford clearly has no control over these kids, who continue to get flagged for personal fouls. The cheap shots are unacceptable. The missed tackles are unacceptable. But to me, the most unacceptable part of this game was not seeing a backup qb in there even once.

    Maynard is a decent backup qb at this level. He has had more than enough of a chance to prove himself. Leaving him in there late in the 4th quarter, especially when a win was mathematically impossible, was unconscionable. I’m ashamed of our coach, for the qbs on the bench. They work their tails off for him. They deserve a chance to play.

    After watching this, I don’t think I’m going to the Oregon State game.

  19. Just back down to San Diego from the Rose Bowl. This may be the worst game I’ve gone to in a decade, and I’ve been to some bad ones. UCLA was a program in shambles, with multiple players missing, and they made us look stupid and silly. We’re not going to a Bowl game for the 2nd year in a row. That will turn the tide on our recruiting which was the only thing we had going for us. The program will now be in a tailspin. We will soon be in as bad of shape as when Tedford took over. There are a number of issues like mental weakness and lack of a true culture of confidence, but our main issue has been the lack of an acceptible quarterback for about a decade now. That is just too hard to overcome each year. It is so sad to see all teh players we put into the NFL, showing that we had the talent, but failed to utilize it. Bad coaching and bad quarterbacks equals a bad program. Its time to clean house and find some way to have new excitement with our good young recruits before it is too late. What a shame. Embarrassing.

  20. Count another one for the Fire Tedford Camp. Picking up steam, but how much will the fans have to endure before Barbour does her job?

  21. Where are the kool aid drinkers now? WHY ARE YOU NOT DEFENDING YOUR “QB GURU”???

    Time for the crow-eating, my fair-weather friends. Come BoaltBlue, Bobby — isn’t enough enough?

  22. what’s scary about the final score is that we only needed something like 50 yards of total offense to score all of our 14 total points (both TDs off turnovers). The game was much worse than it looks on paper.

  23. Lots of incisive comments. It is time for a change: at QB and in attitude. Just start over, now. And, let the AD deal with the results in the off season.

  24. HAHAHAHAHA…Ricky stuck it to you staters!!!! What a pathetic team with no heart and a pathetic program going nowhere. You have no guts to fire your coach or your AD.

    If you wanted to see heart in action that USC/Stanford game was one for the ages. Both teams displayed heart. No one gave up. It’s a shame that one team had to lose. Your team will never play a big game like that because your coach doesn’t know how to motivate your players.

    Back to being cellar dwellars. You lose all the rest of your games.

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