Football: Anger officially on Guy list

Cal punter Bryan Anger is officially a candidate for the Ray Guy Award, it was announced today. Anger was on the preseason watch list but the list of 54 official candidates was revealed today by the Augusta Sports Council.

Anger is currently 12th in the nation in punt average at 45.2 yards per punt. That number has been brought down by a handful of rugby punts he has been asked to do this season against teams with aggressive punt block schemes.

The Ray Guy Award is given annually to the nation’s top punter. Anger was a semifinalist for the award in 2008 and 2010.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Dan

    Thought I’d share some great stuff from the “Coaches Hot Seat Blog”. Nothing to do w/ Cal and Tedford, but about SC and Stanford- a Cal fan’s 2 biggest enemies? I know, we don’t like the Ducks much either. Anyhoo, I really enjoyed this, perhaps you will too …

    Keep in mind our Bears as you read the part about the “little things”. SO TRUE in that we do SO MANY of the little things poorly and have for several seasons, but it gets worse with each passing loss.

    Also pay attention to their their take on the Cardinal’s effort in LA Saturday night. Don’t you all long for us to be able to say that about the Golden Bears?

    Also some good chuckles at Lane Kiffin’s expense that make reading it alone worth it … enjoy …


    “Deep into Saturday night and Sunday morning Coaches Hot Seat celebrated that BIG Stanford win over USC with lots of spirits, good food, laughs and impersonations of Lane Kiffin at the end of the game which we all got to see when watching a replay of the game that night. Oh, that look on Kiffin’s face when USC fumbled the ball in the third overtime that…

    “Those SOB’s beat us again.”

    … is what we would call PRICELESS and we are already planning to get that picture of Kiffin blown up to put on the wall at Coaches Hot Seat Central!”

    Early on Sunday morning while discussing the Stanford win over USC one CHS member recalled a lunch a few of us had almost a decade ago with one of the top professional golfers in the world and during that lunch one of us asked that well-known golfer what was the difference between the No. 1 player in the world and the No. 200 ranked player in the world.

    That well-known golfer put his thumb and forefinger as close together as humanly possible without them touching and said….

    “That much if not less.”

    Anyone that has played golf on a competitive level knows that 1 stroke a round difference between two players is a lot when added up over 4 rounds of a golf tournament and the Stanford – USC game was just another great example of the very small differences between college football teams and how very small things done by small players on a football field can in the end make the difference between a team winning and losing a game.

    We would have been proud of Stanford football whether they had won or lost on Saturday night against USC because they played hard, they played with guts, they left everything they had on the field and they showed pride in the way they played and what more can fans, a coach or anyone else expect from a football team and the individual players beyond them giving it all which Stanford is now doing on a regular basis which is sadly not the norm very much in the game of college football anymore.

    Man, I LOVE, and I mean LOVE that last paragraph. That’s what I want out of the Golden Bears, that’s what I want out of my Alma Mater (SDSU), out of my kid, out of myself. What a great thing to aspire to, what a great thing to execute and know that you did your absolute best … that you really left IT ALL on the field.

    I know a lot of Cal fans hate the “Furd” but I admire what they are doing on the field and how they are doing it. I want the Golden Bears to be like that. I want my Aztecs to be like that. Win or lose, if we do that, truly do that, we have every reason to be proud, and have no reason to be disappointed- WIN OR LOSE.

    See, for me over the past several seasons, this has been BADLY missing. People on here that criticize Tedford criticizers, and think we expect too many wins for Cal completely miss the point- or at least have missed the points I have tried to make here over the past many seasons. I want them to PLAY HARD, to show PRIDE, to show GUTS, to leave IT ALL on the field. When is the last time we saw Cal play like that, even in a win? In 2007 in Oregon? Almost 5 seasons ago?

    And THAT, is why, to me, that Tedford should not be coach anymore. When is the last time we were proud of our Golden Bears on the field, even in a win? I guess the Big Game 2 years ago was pretty good- I’ll grant Tedford that one blip in the past 5 years- but I even saw that one slipping away until Harbaugh outsmarted himself with his playcalling on the last few plays..

    I think this is the essence of what I want, what many alums, fans, supporters want from our beloved Golden Bears. I feel like we saw that with early Tedford, and as a result, we were just so fired up with excitement, promise, optimism, and pride. Sadly, that is ALL gone. ALL GONE. There is no hope this can be recaptured with Tedford. We have WAY too big a sample size that states otherwise.

    I hate to just be in the problem, I have learned I need to be in the solution. The only good end to this is Tedford going bye bye. Sadly again, this may not happen for several years for contract and money reasons. So finally sadly for all us who care, we are stuck where we are with the temporary diversion of a remodeled Memorial Stadium and other facilities next season. The play on the field won’t be re-modeled however, and that is what matters most. I don’t see guts, optimism, pride and inspiration in our near futures.

  • go8ears

    Dan, I couldn’t have said it better. I completely agree w/ the points you make.

  • Greid

    Dan: +1 Very nicely said.

  • Greid

    I think what Dan is talking about is playing with “heart” and passion. This can happen for a game or two per season by playing on pure emotion. To play with heart for an entire season requires:
    • each team member knowing they are playing their best because the coaching staff has optimally identified and refined each players skills. The coaching staff has also put the team in the best possible position to win by:
    o selecting and using players and resources wisely
    o creative and well thought out offensive, defensive, and game strategies
    o Wise and creative play calling
    Teams and players stop playing with heart when they believe artificial self-imposed road blocks are erected that prevent them and the team from doing their best. I think the later describes the Tedford teams for most of his tenure. This is why selecting the “right” coach is so important and why I believe Tedford needs to go.

  • Kent Wilson

    Here, Here Dan and Greid! Well stated! The Cal teams have had chemistry issues for years now…and someone within the Athletic department has to recognize that Tedford is a big reason why the team has issues.

  • covinared

    Jonathan: I have followed your column on a daily basis for over three years. I thank you very much for the enjoyment it has given me. I am sorry for the loss of your job, and wish you all the best in the future. Your work here will be missed.

  • BlueNGold

    Jonathan Okanes- Best of luck to you in all of your future endeavors. I hope your future includes Cal sports in some format. It would be a shame to see all the work you have done here to come to a complete stop. I will look forward to your next endeavor.

  • rollonubears

    so, where’s the best place to go for practice updates and the like? bearinsider?

  • David Swartz

    It’s a shame that you were let go, Jonathan. I wish you well.

  • Caladan

    Jonathan, I’m sorry to hear we’re losing you. I enjoyed reading your coverage of Cal football. Best of luck to you!

  • wehofx

    Again, Jonathan, best wishes. Because of the quality of your work, you will end up in a good place.

    So, anyone have a guess what’s going to happen to this blog?

    It wouldn’t surprise me if “they” screw Farudo and make him do double duty.

    Or, no more blog? I do like the above suggestions about JO starting his own. Or maybe he’ll end up with yahoo, espn or Fox as their web reporter. JO, you do have a brand and a following.

  • heckyeah

    JO, you will be missed. True quality work. Make sure you keep us posted on your next move on Twitter