Football: No network TV for Oregon St.

For the third straight week, a Pac-12 game involving Cal was not picked up by one of the television networks. Cal is once again working to get it carried on one of the Comcast SportsNet channels.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • GoldenFlash

    No one wants to show the toilet bowl on tv.

  • GC

    You have to put out some kind of product on the table before you end up on television.

  • Both are correct no one wants to watch a offense that is so pathetic that fans leave after the start of the 3rd quarter even after they traveled down to UCLA for what, JT lack of acknowledging that his quarterback sucks what do we have to wait till he throws over 20 interceptions before he will change the quarterback. Oh wait we might be at 20 now . DAMN IT

  • marinosbears

    Were you at the Rose Bowl on Saturday? I was.
    No one was leaving the stadium at the beginning of the third quarter. If you want to be negative enough to exaggerate the story, please keep it to yourself.
    Our recruits read these posts as well! If you are a true Cal fan, and you want to help our football, please stop throwing our team under the bus! The players need our support during time like this, not our negativity.
    Go Bears and beat WSU!

  • Jake

    Unless Bridgford comes out and is the QB we’re looking for, I’m pretty sure we don’t beat WAZZU. They put up more point on Oregon than we did, and they played UCLA closer. They’re the the pushover WAZZU team they’ve been in years past. And we have a coach that spend ZERO time scheming against our opponents and has NO clue how to make second half adjustments.

    As I said, only way we win is if Bridgford comes out guns blazing and we get a big lead in the 1st half. That’s the only way JT can get us a win. Close games, come from behind games, FORGET ABOUT IT!

  • Dan

    Minor tv network coverage, another way Tedford is costing the program big dollars. Empty seats, alums keeping their hands in their pockets, unpaid debt on the new facilities. This could get very, very ugly. It already is on the field and continues to reach new lows many times every season.

    No loss to any team by any amount would surprise me anymore. We got lucky Jordan Wynn (Utah QB) was out when we played- it killed their offense for the year.

  • CalBearister99

    I’m pretty sure that recruits are more unimpressed by watching the games than by reading the blogs. I don’t blame the team for these failures – I blame the coaching staff, from the top down. Maynard’s problems aren’t anything we didn’t see out of Riley, Mansion, Longshore or Ayoob. The WRs inability to consistently catch balls (other than Allen and Jones) has been a problem for years. The defense has played schizo-style since Pendergast took over. And special teams has been a joke for at least seven years (with the exception of rare talents like Jackson who could return punts).

    And frankly, if the players read a blog and got down on themselves, that would be the epitome of what’s wrong with this program. Where’s the hunger we saw out of the first three seasons? The competitive fire? The ability to win a road game (remember Tedford’s first season, when we upset three ranked teams on the road?). The ability to be competitive with $UC (02-04 we were competitive; since 05 it’s been a joke).

    And if you want a statistic that says it all: 1-9 in Los Angeles. How’s that possible?

  • calbearclaw
  • calbearclaw

    Again, posting this on multiple threads. Shocking.


  • 707 Bear

    I was at the game Saturday and CAL fans were not leaving at the beginning of the third quarter.

  • A-Dubble

    Dude those videos were hilarious. I can’t believe they were from a year ago. I wish Id seen them and then i might not be so surprised at how bad Maynard is.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Keenan got Zach his shot.

    And it is not like Maynard does not have skills. He just can’t throw accurately. At some point, even Keenan would has to see a change is needed.

  • calbearclaw


    The fog of Rodgers is lifting and the wretched, unthinkable truth is now coming into focus.

    Bizarre secrecy (closed practices), overt hostility towards the media, subtle intimidation disguised as sturdy benevolence, a bizarre attachment to sunglasses, repetitive propaganda, overstatement of achievement, a near cult like following, flagrant nepotism (his son was installed on the team), scared colleagues (Barbour), nefarious courtship of valuable foot soldiers (KA), all while living in a remote compound far from his people (Lafayette).

    Tedford has become a bloated dictator.

    Rise up Golden Bear faithful, rise up.

  • Marinbear