Basketball: UCSD exhibition game thread

FINAL SCORE: Cal wins 88-53. Cobbs finished with 17 points, Crabbe had 14, Jeff Powers 12, Kamp 10. Kravish wound up with four points, eight rebounds and five blocks. Cal shot 60.7 percent in the second half, the Tritons 29.2 percent. The Bears outscored UCSD 73-31 over the final 28 1/2 minutes. A nd yes, the Bears played UC San Diego, not USD. Apologies for the confusion.

7:07 2nd H: Cobbs’ foot was healthy enough that he missed two of three free throws a moment ago. He has 17, the Bears lead 72-48.

10:22 2nd H: Cal lead is 67-44. Crabbe has 14 points, 12 of them in the second half. Cobbs is checking back in, so he must be OK. Kamp has 10 points.

13:23 2nd H: Cobbs goes to the bench after apparently injuring his left foot or ankle.

13:30 2nd H: Bears have stretched out the lead to 62-36. They have outscored the Tritons 22-4 this half and 48-14 over the past 15 minutes. Crabbe and Kamp each have 10 points.

15:35 2nd H: Bears have outscored UCSD 10-2 to start the half and lead 51-34. And you thought we’d have drama to the finish. Right. Cal has now outscored the Tritons 36-12 over the past 13 minutes.

MORE FROM HALFTIME: Bears shot 39.5 percent (15 for 38) in the half, which means they made 8 for 15 after starting 7 for 23. UCSD outrebounded Cal 22-20 in the half. Bears shot 1 for 7 from 3-point, including 0 for 2 by Crabbe. That likely won’t last. Bears had zero turnovers in the half.

HALFTIME: Bears lead 41-32, closing with a 26-10 run over the final 8:38. That erased a 22-15 deficit. Cobbs scored 16 points in the half, all of them over the final 7 1/2 minutes. Thurman has eight points. Kravish has three offensive rebounds, two points and two blocked shots. He’s skinny, but he can do some stuff. Cal’s starters accounted for just 11 points in the half.

3:50 1st H: Bears have outscored Tritons 16-6 over the past 5 minutes and lead 31-28. Cobbs scored 10 points in a span of 4:12, including a 3-pointer and a couple aggressive drives to the hoop. Kravish now has three offensive rebounds. Bears playing five reserves right now.

7:41 1st H: Safe to say the Bears aren’t ready for UCLA. They are shooting 7 for 23 and trail 22-17. Freshman David Kravish entered the game at 9:46 and already has two offensive rebounds and a tipin. But no one can make a perimeter shot and Cal even is misfiring from inside the paint.

11:17 1st H: San Diego leads 17-12. Bears shooting wretched 5 for 15. Crabbe is 1 for 4, but did have a nice feed to Kamp for a dunk. Robert Thurman has scored twice in the low post. By the way, Alex Rossi is in street clothes.

15:30 1st H: Tritons lead 7-5. Bears shooting 2 for 8 from the field. Cobbs has come on at PG for Smith. And wait until you see the cool blonde hair dye jobs that Solomon and Cobbs are sporting.

LINEUPS: The Bears will start Harper Kamp, Richard Solomon, Allen Crabbe, Jorge Gutierrez and Brandon Smith.

Welcome to another Cal basketball season.

The Bears debut tonight with an exhibition against Division II University of San Diego.

Will have lineups in a moment.

Jeff Faraudo

  • TipsyBear

    Is Cal playing USD or UCSD?

  • DaveintheHills

    It was UCSD.

    Just got back from Haas. Student section was full, which surprised me. You could tell that people are excited for this season.

    Cobbs can play and could be a great asset. Kravish has good instincts and should contribute as the season gets going. Thurman never really found his way into the game. Hopefully, that will change.

    That’s about all I took away from this game (it never really felt like one).

  • milo

    So just how good was UCSD? Are they legit, or was it really just full team scrimaging and getting into playing shape?

    Any way, Cobbs sound like a minor revelation. Can Cobbs do that (12 pga) consistently and/or off the bench or was it UCSD? If he can, that’s 4 players averaging double digits. Very cool.

    I hope Kavish and Thurman bring something to the front court. A solid 4 man rotation (Kamp, Solomon + those guys) would be great. Give Kamp some longevity.

    This is getting exciting. Go Bears!

  • DaveintheHills

    UCSD is no good (DII), but played hard. Cal was faaaar superior talent wise and physically.

    Let’s wait to call Cobbs a “revelation” until we see him against real competition. However, I would not be surprised to see him starting later on this season. He’ll certainly be in the rotation. Same with Kravish, Thurman and maybe Powers and Bak (who looked comfortable, finally). My guess is that we’ll go 8 or 9 deep when we get to conference play.

  • RandyBear

    Rossi is going on his 2nd year sitting out with ‘Abdominal Issues.’ I’m not a doctor, but should this be a red flag? C’mon, it’s not an ACL or Tommy John surgery! I’m suspicious that this guy’s weak and might not be able to cut it.

  • rollonubears

    if it’s a strained oblique, it can take years to heal.