Football: Thursday practice update

I guess some of you were hoping for an introduction of some kind when I made my inaugural post yesterday. It was so late in the day, my intent was just to feed you some essential information about the team. Long story short, I’ve been with this newspaper for 11 years. I’m also the A’s beat writer, and all I can tell you is I’ll be covering Cal football through the end of this season. I grew up in Antioch, so I’ve watched the Bears ever since I can remember. I even blogged from Tightwad Hill during the Big Game a few years back (one of the more interesting assignments of my career). I’m as curious as you to see how this team finishes out the season.

**Nothing substantial to report from Thursday’s practice. Linebacker Mychal Kendricks, who had surgery on his left thumb last week to repair ligament damage, has been going full-bore in practice and he’s ready for Saturday’s game against Washington State.

**Defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast expects a WSU offense that will show multiple formations from its no-huddle attack and throw the ball between 30 and 40 times. Therefore, generating a decent pass rush would seem to be a key for Cal. The Cougars rank second in the Pac-12 in passing at 316.1 yards per game, but they’ve also allowed 25 sacks, second-most in the conference.

**Coach Jeff Tedford said footwork is the key for quarterback Zach Maynard, who has been plagued by inaccuracy for much of the season. “It always starts with the feet. With any quarterback, it starts with their feet,” Tedford said. “And it’s sequential. It goes feet to the hips, to the trunk, shoulders, head. It all works together. And it’s not a perfect world all the time in (the pocket). That’s why sometimes you’ve gotta maneuver and throw a little bit off-balance. But when you can move your feet and get back in position, you’d like to do that. But he’s got good, live feet.”

**Tedford was short with reporters Wednesday when discussing his quarterback situation. He seemed much more at ease Thursday. At this point, you figure the major game-planning has been installed, so it’s no surprise a coach would be more relaxed later in the week. The real test will be what kind of mood he’s in following Saturday’s game.

Joe Stiglich

  • Easy Ed

    My point Bear fans is that when Coach Tedford has someone to put in to replace and ineffective QB? He will. He had Robertson to replace and ineffective Rodgers in 2003. You guys saw why he stuck with Riley last year until he was injured, he had to. You saw what happened when Brock Mansion got in to play. If Bridgeford can effectively replace Maynard? He will.

  • MikeD

    Easy Ed’s, where the sun is always shining….

  • Easy Ed

    Actually Mike I’m in a place called reality. All I’m saying is that Maynard is the best we have at this point because the coaches see these guys all day everyday, we don’t. You have to assume that the coaches want to win and will play the QB who gives us the best chance for victory. If we had Andrew Luck on the roster obviously Maynard would not be playing. Blame Tedford if our stock of QBs suck, but you have to believe he’s playing the best of that stock.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    What’s it like to be playing to stay out of the cellar?


  • milo

    Hey hey, the block MoronNCS add-on works well! Thanks!

  • rollonubears

    Easy, if all of the backups are that much worse, you’ve gotta fire JT now. He’s taking extra time to work with them. They all came in highly rated, and NONE of them can do any better than 4 TOs a game? That’s insane.

  • H8sRed

    Rodgers was not so much ineffective in the ’03 game as he was injured.