Football: Linebacker corps takes some hits

Checking in following Sunday’s workout …

It appears Cal might be without two linebackers Saturday against Oregon State. Starting outside linebacker Chris McCain, who left yesterday’s game in the third quarter and was taken to the hospital, was diagnosed with a concussion. Cal coach Jeff Tedford said McCain would be monitored closely throughout the week before his availability for Saturday was determined. If I had to guess, I’d say David Wilkerson, another freshman outside linebacker who’s been in the playing rotation, will be out longer. Wilkerson suffered a knee injury in the first quarter yesterday and underwent an MRI today. Tedford said he didn’t have results yet, but Wilkerson was spotted on crutches as the team finished its workout. Again, it’s premature to speculate. Hopefully Tedford can shed more light on the situation when he next meets with the media Tuesday.

Another mystery ailment: Starting left guard Brian Schwenke was unavailable yesterday due to an illness that landed him in the hospital Thursday night. He was released today and participated lightly in some activity, but his status is unknown. Asked if it was flu or pneumonia-type symptoms, Tedford said it was more serious than the flu but said he didn’t feel comfortable offering more information because it wasn’t football-related. That seems to indicate Justin Gates could draw his second start at left guard. The play of the offensive line (including Gates) was a huge bright spot against Washington State, so it appears the Bears might be OK even if Schwenke is sidelined longer.

Quarterback Zach Maynard is fine after taking a shot to the head yesterday.

I wish there was more concrete information to share, but Cal is very tight-lipped about injuries and the injured players typically aren’t made available to the media. Aside from injury reports, the vibe seemed very upbeat surrounding the team, no surprise after a lopsided victory. A win Saturday against Oregon State should wrap up a bowl berth.

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Joe Stiglich

  • 707 Bear

    This blog on injuries got me thinking about a potential injury to #21 involving his “jumping” over tacklers; he did it again against WSU.

    Please have him watch the Javid Best tape and explain to him the risk vs reward of such an action.

    In fact would the college game be harmed if that action was banned?

  • bigdruid

    Huirdling was illegal at some point wasn’t it? I dimly recall Russell White getting a “hurdling” penalty 20 years ago…

  • c98

    Yeah. Here’s the youtube link to the RW penalty.

    15 yards in 1991.


  • Rollonubears

    Sounds like a good rule to me. I hope we get a good crowd out there
    Saturday. These ticket prices have really killed the home field advantage.

  • 707 Bear


    You are wise concerning the ticket prices.

    The Athletic Department’s overestimation of ticket demand for the SF season was truly shocking.

    I fear the same will be true for ESP sales and the repayment of the 321 million New Memorial.

    Plenty of good ESP seats available. Only 11 months to go.


  • Cal N’ Roses

    This season certainly has been a challenge on every level with some good, average, and very poor decisions. Although the athletic department fumbled the ball in the strategic planning phase by overpricing the tickets, misplacement of the student section, etc., the players did not make any of these decisions. For those of you who did not show up this year, the statement has been made with a half-empty stadium feel at many of the “home” games this year. We should not forget that the players are still leaving it on the field and sacrificing their bodies to win games for us (McCain, Wilkerson, Maynard, etc.). It would be a shame for the seniors to play their last game at home to a half-empty stadium. It is time for Cal fans to step up and suspend our disdain for the athletic department, coaching staff, and inconsistent QB play for one day and honor the seniors who have given us 4 to 5 years of hard work.

  • c98

    Hear, hear.

    “It is time for Cal fans to step up and suspend our disdain for the athletic department, coaching staff, and inconsistent QB play for one day and honor the seniors who have given us 4 to 5 years of hard work.”

  • Steve W

    Cal N’ Roses:

    Well said,and you might add that anyone who goes to the game on Saturday can pick up good seats for 50 cents on the dollar. There will be hordes of “scalpers” walking around the stadium willing to sell you reserved $60 seats for $30 to $40 and the primo 50-yard-line $100 seats for around $50. It’s a buyer’s market for tickets now, just like the old days with Gilby and Holmoe. And you can be picky with these guys. Make sure you sit in one of the upper sections. Those are the best seats. The lower sections have crappy, obstructed views.

  • jabes

    There was a Groupon for bleacher seats. These seats have a great view from any row. I won’t blame YOU that you paid much less than my season ticket cost per ticket!

  • Mr. B

    Mr. Joe Stiglich, thanks for picking up when the budget cuts took JO.

    I have one simple request: could you please remember to categorize your posts as “Football” so they show up on the RSS feed?

    Rught now, they only show up on the combined feed because they are “uncategorized” when you post them. For example, here is what this post looks like:

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    If your editors or IT peeps haven’t told you yet, naming the post Football doesn’t quite do the trick. You’ve got to categorize it under Football with whatever software you are using for the blog…

    For example, here is JO’s final post, it is under the category football:

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    Thank you for putting up with us crazy CAL fans and our self-loathing.

  • Nor-Cal Scott

    Thank you 707 for bringing up KA21’s hurdling. Ross was famous for it the past few years, so I’m guessing that is where Allen learned it. I yelled the same thing at my tv about watching Best’s jump vs Oregon State: learn from others mistakes.

    Speaking of mistakes… high ticket prices. I was outspoken from day one I received info on renewing my tickets. Supply & Demand, blah blah blah, bad economy, etc etc. My buddy & I did not renew for several reasons: 1- too $$, 2- added expense to get to games with fuel & parking, 3- my wife lost her job last Nov & money is tight, & 4- we knew this team would be bad. We will renew next season 110% sure. #GoBears!