Basketball: Honors for current, past Bears

Cal redshirt freshman Alex Rossi was voted Pac-12 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) president  at meetings in San Francisco last weekend and former two-sport great Earl Robinson will be honored on Dec. 19 with the Pete Newell Career Achievement Award.

Jeff Faraudo

  • David

    Good to know Rossi is keeping busy while he tries to get healthy

  • Esquire Joe

    Jeff, this isn’t about the above comment, but more applicable to your recent posts. Please, please, PLEASE don’t listen to the cranks who question the inclusion of this kind of info (as well as things like other Pac 12 teams’ exhibition results) in your posts. With the underwhelming showing from our football team and the promise of another great Cal season under Monty, I’m eating up every scrap of info I can get about the upcoming Bears’ basketball season.

    This one’s going to be great!

    BTW, I too am glad that Alex Rossi is staying involved and being productive while he rehabs. It seems as though, if/when he gets healthy, he’s going to be a quality component of the team.

    Thanks for the great work Jeff! I’m looking forward to another great season of following your work.

  • Randybear

    I’m wondering whether Alex’s participation on the Student Advisory Committee is going to be his most noteworthy contribution to the program. This guy’s going on 2 years with an ‘abdominal strain.’ Seems like he’s either weak or injury prone. Either way, can his scholarship be given to someone else???

  • Jeff Faraudo

    Randybear, by no means has the coaching staff given up on Rossi eventually getting healthy. Neither has Rossi himself. This is a frustration to all within the program, none moreso than Alex, who merely wants to be on the basketball court. In all cases, if a scholarship athlete is forced to “retire” from his sport for health reasons, there is a mechanism by which he can be kept on scholarship, but not have that count toward the team’s limit. I don’t think we’re close to that with Rossi’s situation.

  • Randybear

    Thanks for the update JF! I remember there was a Big Guy from the Portland area a few years ago who had to retire under the circumstances you mention. I’m with you — hope this isn’t the case w/ Alex!