Basketball: As expected, Bears sign two

No surprises, but the Golden Bears signed the two players from whom they had received oral commitments, landing combo guard Tyrone Wallace of Bakersfield HS and forward Kaileb Rodriguez of Highlands Ranch, Colo.

Wallace, a consensus top-100 prospect, committed on Monday. Rodriguez said yes to the Bears last spring.

Cal received their signed letters-of-intent today as the fall signing period began, so coach Mike Montgomery was free to speak publicly about the two for the first time. Here are his comments in a statement from the athletic department:

— on Tyrone Wallace: We fell in love with Wallace the first time we saw him. He is a combo guard with great length. His ability to create shots for others, to defend and to rebound are exactly what we need to help us win next year. We’re glad that he’ll be coming and are very excited to have him on court for us.”

— on Kaileb Rodriguez: “Rodriguez is an up-and-coming forward with great potential. He, too, has great length, and we feel that he’s only scratched the surface in terms of what kind of basketball player he could become. We think that he will only get stronger, with experience, and are looking forward to having his skills.”

The addition of Wallace and Rodriguez put the Bears at 12 scholarship players for 2012-13 — one below the limit. They still are awaiting decisions by forward Zena Edosomwan of Harvard-Westlake in North Hollywood and forward/center Landen Lucas of Westview in Portland.

 Even without exiting seniors Jorge Gutierrez and Harper Kamp, the Bears should be solid and fairly deep at all positions next season.

At the point, Montgomery will have Brandon Smith and Justin Cobbs back, along with Wallace.

At shooting guard, Missouri transfer Ricky Krelow becomes eligible, with Cobbs, Wallace, Emerson Murray and Alex Rossi also available.

Allen Crabbe returns at small forward, backed by Kreklow and Jeff Powers.

The post spots feature lots of choices and versatility with Richard Solomon, David Kravish, Robert Thurman, Bak Bak, Christian Behrens and Rodriguez. Behrens or Rodriguez could eventually slide down to small forward.


Jeff Faraudo

  • GoldenBV

    Let’s hope Tosh can reel in Arik Armstead too.

    Rodriquez at small forward?

  • SteveNTEXAS

    Wallace at #78 is a good get. Looking at the 77 before him Cal is only on one player’s list. As some players list 10 teams this doesn’t say much. Stanford Washington State among the lesser PAC 12 teams have higher ranked recruits already committed.

    Arizona with a great class picked up a kid from Oakland.
    We will be a good team this year but in the future we will pay for lackluster recruiting.

  • Otro Dan

    What’s your deal, SteveNTEXAS? Monty brings in the players he needs to be successful. Over his career, he’s almost always produced teams that transcend their raw talent level. The man has a system and it works.

  • Bears

    Monty targets winners and gets them. Wallace is a big time recruit and I expect us to land a couple big men in the future. One will have some serious beef!
    Fired up about everything going on with our basketball program. They know what they are doing and the future is bright!

  • Uh Huh!

    are you my long lost cousin?

    California is the largest state by population, by far.
    UCB was founded in 1868, and fielded their first basketball team in 1907, just 16 years after Mr. Naismith wrote his rulebook.
    Cal currently has over 25,000 undergrads, is ranked the #1 public university in this country, and the #21st best overall by USNews.
    Equally, the SF Bay Area is often at top of most any ranking of best places to live, cutting edge tech jobs, best weather, you name it.
    And Monty, by any account, is among the very best coaches in the game!

    And yet…

    …Nonetheless, Wallace sounds like he will be a great guy to watch and root for over the next 4 years!

  • Crawford

    SteveNTEXAS makes a good point. Arizona, UCLA and Washington are off signing top 15 classes while CAL cant even top the top 30. Theres a reason why Arizona, UCLA and Washington are able to compete the for the conference title each year and get into the tourney and why CAL cannot. Monty and CAL will never win a national championship with the low level recruits they bring. Thats a fact. I want a national championship not a 8 or 9 seed every 5 years…

  • Esquire Joe

    If you want a national championship, you need to start rooting for another college team. Cal will never do the things it takes to be a UA or UCLA. And by that I mean, there will never be the network of boosters around the Cal program who are willing to skirt the rules to keep the high-priced recruits coming, and Cal will never look the other way and allow it to happen (And if you think that’s not the difference between those teams and Cal, welcome to college basketball. I remember my first year as a fan).

    Our best seasons will be Pac 12 championships, Sweet 16s, and maybe even an Elite 8.

    I like rooting for a program with integrity, and I think Sandy Barbour and Monty are getting the best they can out of this one while maintaining that integrity.

  • Crawford

    Esquire Joe how to you call yourself a sports fan if you dont want your team to win championships? I want my teams to win championships thats the point for true sports-they want their teams to win championships. FYI bud, not all teams that win national champiobships have a network of boosters who are willing to skirt the rules to keep the high-priced recruits coming. Get with the program.