Basketball: Scout.com ranks Az 1st in Pac, Cal 6th

Scout.com has ranked the Pac-12’s recruiting class as the second-best in the nation (behind the ACC). Arizona got top billing nationally.

Cal checks in sixth on Scout’s Pac-12 rankings:

1. Arizona
3. Colorado
4. Stanford
5. Oregon
6. Cal
7. Washington State
8. USC
9. Utah
10. Oregon State
11. Arizona State
12. Washington

Note: UW did not sign anyone Wednesday. The Huskies are waiting on forward Landen Lucas, whose final schools also include Cal.

Jeff Faraudo

  • David

    UW got last? Did they sign anyone at all?

    Seems like their type of players were snatched by Oregon

  • discdude

    According to scout.com, that’s correct, UW hasn’t signed anyone. I’m sure they’ll nab a few…and I got a feeling Cal will get one of those two they hope to land, moving them up maybe a notch or two. Losing Verhoeven to Furd is the only reason they are higher, and you just cannot win that battle if a kid wants the private school education, despite the fact the kid said Cal was an option. Likewise, Artis switching from UCLA to Oregon is the only reason they are higher than Cal. Big fish, small pond, new arena, very good coach (Altman), can’t blame him, but would have loved to see him in blue-and-gold. The Wallace kid will be great, though. Colorado is the real surprise, but given the year they had last year, maybe not. And Cal will never beat out UCLA or Zona, just not going to happen unless they land a Kidd or Shareef type player, which doesn’t look like it will happen during the Monty reign.

    Man, I’m so looking forward to hoops instead of football.