Football: Thursday practice update

A quick recap for you as the Bears finished up their last major practice before facing Oregon State on Saturday …

–If Cal is without outside linebackers Chris McCain and David Wilkerson (both are nursing injuries), defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast thinks his unit can withstand their absence. “We’ve got guys who have played in there – Dan Camporeale, Cecil Whiteside, Ryan Davis,” Pendergast said. McCain is coming back from a concussion and Wilkerson has a bone bruise on his left knee. Their availability remains unknown as injury updates have been minimal this week. Pendergast acknowledged that inside linebacker Mychal Kendricks can bounce outside if need be, but it doesn’t sound as if he’ll play there much. “In some packages he gets a chance to rush off the perimeter, but it’s not a full focus to put him over there.”

Pendergast said he’s impressed with what he sees on film from Oregon State redshirt freshman quarterback Sean Mannion.

–A couple links for you: Here’s a story I had in today’s paper about Isi Sofele and Cal’s running back situation. And here’s an update on OSU senior receiver James Rodgers, who hasn’t been his play-making self since last season’s knee injury.

Joe Stiglich

  • Boaltblue

    Some of you purported Cal fans with your defeatist, scared-of-your-own-shadow attitudes are much more disturbing to me than our unwanted USC-wannabe. Your negativity is strikingly ugly and sickening. Your slander of our players and coach without any proof (statements such as, KA owns Tedford) and calling Tedford undeserved names are even worse.

    If you cannot root enthusiastically for the players who leave it all on the field each week for Cal, such as Isi, Keenan, Mychael, and even Zach, then do not go to the games (as I read some of you have chosen not to do) as no one likes to hang with Debbie downers.

    While Stanford may be heavily favored in the Big Game this year, I take great comfort in knowing that the game is won or loss on the field and our players will lay it out on the field this year.

    As a reminder, in 2009, Stanford convincingly defeated ASU, Oregon, and USC in the three weeks before playing Cal on the Stanford’s field. Stanford was heavily favored to kick our butts on their field. Kevin Riley, Shane Vereen, Mike Mohammed, and the rest of the Cal football team refused to lay down to defeat and instead kicked Stanford’s butt. Kevin Riley (17-31-235 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT) easily outplayed Andrew Luck (10-30-157 yards, 0 TD, 1 INT) and Vereen outran Gerhart 192 v. 136 yards. And our Coach Jeff Tedford outcoached Jim Harbaugh (see final score 34-28, time of possession 39:06 v. 20:54, first downs 31 v. 16).

    Another example, ASU was supposed to beat us last year; but we beat ASU 50-17. We have owned ASU as we have beaten ASU 7 of the last 9 games. No reason to fear ASU.

    If you play with the attitude of “Fear no one!” you have a much better chance of winning than if you believe in your defeat before the first snap.

    I am proud to say “Rain or shine, win or lose, I will be at every home game rooting my beloved Bears.” And I am equally proud to say that Kevin Riley was at the WSU game despite the pouring rain rooting our Bears to victory.

  • SportsBrah

    Who is RYAN Camporeale? Does Pengergast not know the name is his players?

    And lighten up, Boalt. The world has enough holier than thou types who are convinced that their own perspective should be reflected by everyone else.

  • Bobby

    Respect BB for his perspective and passion, but he’s fighting against Cal fandom’s natural inclination towards negativity and DOOM

  • TipsyBear

    Niclely said Boaltblue. Win or lose, enjoy this beautiful game. Call me a “sunshine pumper”, but I think our team needs more support and encouragement from its fans when they lose not only when they win. You know Tedford and the players hear all of this negativity. I think the reason Tedford was so successful when he first came to Cal was that he had nothing to lose. The team couldn’t get any worse, so his play calling was loose, creative and aggressive and the players reflected that attitude. There was no pressure from the boosters and fans to win every game. In those days, every win was a bonus. Now, I think that Tedford has so pressure on him from the fans to win, that he’s become conservative, tight, and coaches to “not lose” instead of “to win”, and the players reflect that attitude. So yes, I was there, in the rain, cheering on my Bears. Where were you?

  • covinared

    concur w/ boaltblue from vandyblue.

  • wehofx

    Boaltblue, I’m down. Beat OSU and then get a split on the road.

    Go Bears!

  • Eric

    I’m glad to see BoaltBlue surfaced, after being silent throughout the UW, Oregon, USC, and UCLA losses. I’m sure it makes him/her happy knowing that the moron is your strongest supporter when it comes to Cal coaching.

  • Steve W


    So I guess it’s okay to make our head coach the most highly paid public official in the state of California and continue to reward him for mediocrity. A 6-6 record with not a single real quality win in two years is okay as long as our beloved Bears get to a bowl game, right?

    I’m a huge fan and have attended as many games as most people over the last 25 years. I don’t like the product I’m seeing on the field and expect better considering the investment the Cal administration has made in our head coach and in the new facilities. If ticket prices were still $18 for reserved seats, and if the head coach made $550,000 a year like Paul Woolf up at Pullman, I might feel different.

    In the meantime, I am going to exercise my first amendment right to vent a little on this site. Nobody said this blog was a cheering section. The notion that players or recruits who view this site might be discouraged or dissuaded from attending Cal is laughable. These are smart young men who, like us, can see what his happening on the field with their own eyes and can make their decisions accordingly. And I would hope that enough players – and coaches – would gather up some of this fan discontent, get angry, and go out there and shut us all up.

  • Eric

    Let me add this – if this blog existed, our 1L/2L/3L friend from Boalt would have had to say exactly the same thing about Holmoe.

  • Juancho

    Lighten up Boalt. Isn’t unemployment near 12% in California.

    There are more serious things to worry about.

    Let me know if you need a hand getting down from your high horse.

  • Cal N’ Roses

    Nothing is ever black or white, but would have to side with BoaltBlue. There is enough misery in the world to make Cal games seem pretty small, but to have to hear all the negativity at the games for 3+ hours is unnecessary and puts a downer for everyone else in attendance. Sure, I have wondered WTF is going on with the coaches and QB play. Just like being part of any successful team, criticism is only productive if it brings about positive change. In the meantime, it is hard enough to beat OSU, Stanford, and ASU, but even more difficult if the players do not feel supported by the fan base and a need to overcome a mountain of negativity. Very few things are successful when negativity is pervasive. Unlike Penn St. where change was needed immediately, we should settle the coaching question in the off-season. A change in the middle of season makes no sense for winning games this year, recruiting, and player morale.

  • DelthaForce

    Boaltblue, ease up, jeesh. There are reasons to be positive, reasons to be negative. Let people air it out through discussion. Reasonable minds can differ, and they often do. That’s what makes this stuff fun.

  • Joe Stiglich

    I take the blame on the RYAN Camporeale mention in my last blog. Pendergast correctly referred to him as DAN. I must have been thinking of fellow LB Ryan Davis and just mixed them up in writing. Anyway, I went back and corrected my original post. Glad you were on top of it, SportsBrah …

  • H8sRed

    I went to the 2013 Cal vs. Oregon game last night (San Ramon Valley vs. Monte Vista). Both Kline and Lockie appear to be the real deal. Kline seems to have the bigger arm, and Lockie seems to be a bit faster, but with the exception of a couple of plays, each played well. Unfortunately for Kline, his coach “played not to lose,” apparently forgetting he has an Elite 11 quarterback in his backfield. It made for an exciting game though, with 5 lead changes and MV kicking the winning FG with seconds left on the clock.

  • DelthaForce

    Was Kline tested – e.g., throwing under pressure, throwing to receivers who are not wide open? It’s hard to tell a recruit’s ability just from reading his high school stats sometimes. If you’re on a good team, you could just be slinging it to guys who are wide open.

  • H8sRed

    Kline threw well overall, but he floated a couple. He had great poise in the pocket — actually I wanted him to take off running sooner a couple times. He also checked off to his 2nd or 3rd receiver a couple times.

  • rollonyoubears111

    I have to say that being positive all of the time can do wonders. But when it borderlines coddling and denial, I have to disagree. Since some people are on their soap boxes, I would like to make a stand- just because.

    Let’s say that football is like running an ICU in large academic hospital. Much like being a fan in football, an illness in the family can be just as emotionally charged- let’s face it, because you care.

    So, you, the coach/intensivist have a critically ill patient with sepsis with severe end-organ damage who is placed on pressors, iv antibiotics, and a ventilator. Your qb/ICU nurse was recruited to do a job and execute your orders in a timely fashion. Your patient dies. You see this happen in 50 percent of your patients, while it seems that the mortality- when the mortality risk scores are factored in- when compared to other ICU staff is much more than the upper crust of the facility of 15% (1 to 2 loss teams)

    So what do you do? You remain positive, make adjustments, have the ICU nurses trained, look at the various issues that surround the care of the patient.

    After the adjustments, there is no change in mortality. Change the ICU nurse-still no change. Now, after is said and done, still no change. Well, you probably suck as an intensivist.

    But you stick around anyways, still doing the same thing. What if you really suck and don’t know it. What if you are blind-sighted by the fact that you got tons of money for your earlier efforts as a budding genius doctor, but only found out that you have gone flat.

    You’ve sacrificed meals with your loved ones overnight, the nursing staff have worked weekends and holidays- everyone made sacrifices. Is that justification to stick around- or find something within yourself to make adjustments. Is there any more neuroplasticity there left in your mind. Or have you become so self absorbed and untrue to yourself by heavily patting yourself on the back and thinking that the naysayers don’t know anything about your profession.

    It’s not to say that being slanderous is to be accepted, it just happens. It’s human nature. If a loved one dies in the hands in a purportedly brilliant intensivist, one may say some egregious stuff- because anger is a part of the grieving cycle. And some people just remain in that state. It’s to be expected.

    For most of these kids, football is not going to be their career. But what they do get from it, though, is thick skin. The slander and the negativity is going to be out there. Give the kids more credit…they are resilient, and it makes ’em stronger- so that they know, when that time comes, when their kid’s kids have issues, they’d have some great advice.