Football: Cal leads 7-3 after one quarter

The first quarter ended with Cal leading Oregon State 7-3. The Beavers got a 32-yard field goal from Trevor Romaine on the game’s opening drive, aided by a 42-yard kickoff return from Brandin Cooks. Cal’s first drive ended with Zach Maynard being intercepted by Lance Mitchell, a badly underthrown ball intended for Marvin Jones on a deep route. But Maynard responded on the next drive, hitting Michael Calvin on the money for an 18-yard touchdown. Isi Sofele’s 56-yard run set up that score.

Early on, it looks as though the Bears really need to put pressure on OSU quarterback Sean Mannion. The kid looks comfortable in the pocket right now and has completed a couple key passes.

Some first quarter stats:

First downs
Cal = 5
OSU = 4

Rushing yards
Cal = 79
OSU = 8

Maynard 3-5-1
Mannion 6-7-0

Passing yards
Cal = 33
OSU = 50

Total yards
Cal = 112
OSU = 42

Time of possession
Cal = 5:26
OSU = 9:34

Joe Stiglich

  • Rollonubears

    Why can’t we get a trevor romaine? 2-2 for fg and all kickoffs into the endzone. Nice that we’re running the ball and killing clock, but being here in person, it’s clear Maynard is not the answer. Keys on every receiver. This is why we fail against good defenses. You have to scan the field. He has a set play and if the guy is open, it’s fine, but a good d will snuff it out every time. Unfortunately, I think we have no chance to win 7 this year.

  • Steve W.

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Rollon. Good quarterbacks complete 60 percent of their passes or more. We are looking at a career 53 percent guy who throws as many picks as td passes. We are all feeling a little giddy because Cal ran the ball down the throats of two bad teams. It’s gonna take a good quarterback to beat Stanford next week. Anybody know one?

    Btw, I’m done with watching Georgio’s kickoffs float to the 15 yard line EVERY time. He is graduating, isn’t he?

  • Maynard is good if tedford keeps it simple…but ure right…against a good defense his mechanics tend to break down especially those sideline routes…stanford looked bad against oregon but then we did too…even worse…should be an interesting Big Game because stanford’s d looked vulnerable…i look for a good game by sofele and the running game but our defense will be tested by a cardinal team that is looking to put the oregon game behind them.