Football: Postgame notes from Cal’s 23-6 win over Oregon State

****Here’s a few postgame tidbits from Cal’s 23-6 win over Oregon State:

–The six points allowed by the Bears’ defense was a season-best effort. Cal held the Beavers to just 27 yards on the ground, no big shock considering how much OSU’s running game has struggled this season.

–Cal has now rushed for 584 yards combined over the past two weeks against Washington State and Oregon State. Coach Jeff Tedford was asked if it was coincidence that the Bears’ focus on the run came on the heels of Zach Maynard’s four-interception game against UCLA. “That’s no reflection of a lack of trust in Zach,” Tedford said. “We have a lot of trust in Zach. He’s a good player. He just continues to learn each week. Part of managing the game is being able to run the ball.”

–I’ve seen fans on this blog make their case for backup tailback C.J. Anderson getting more involved in the offense. While Isi Sofele enjoyed a field day against OSU with 190 yards, Anderson also had his best game with 96 yards and 14 carries. It was the best example yet of the 1-2 punch that duo can be – with the shifty Sofele providing the quickness and Anderson providing the power. I thought it was also interesting that Anderson split out wide on one play and caught a 22-yard pass from Maynard. Tedford didn’t get asked about that in his postgame session, but I’d like to run it by him.

Tedford credited Sofele for his hard running. The junior sits at 1,029 yards on the season. And Tedford said he’s been increasingly impressed with Anderson’s attitude in practice: “I thought C.J. played excellent. C.J. has really hung in there and paid attention, and now he’s getting his opportunties and making the best of it.”

–Oregon State coach Mike Riley’s thoughts on the defeat: “I thought that this would and could have been a good football game. If we had taken advantage of our opportunities and scored and even kicked field goals, we would have been in position to score at the end and win it. But we had a real, real hard time stopping them. It wasn’t like they were putting up astronomical numbers on the scoreboard. Had we done anything, we could have been in this.”

Joe Stiglich

  • Jim

    Quite a day!
    Sofele breaking tackles, looking like his predecessors.
    CJ turning in a solid performance as the backup.
    ZM played pretty well.

    Furd was taken apart offensively and defensively and no longer is undefeated and their dreams have been shattered.

    The Big Game will be very interesting, as Big Games usually are.

  • covinared

    We can beat ASU.

  • Ray Finkle

    ASU game is on the road, so there is ZERO chance Tedford will have the team prepared. That is the reality.

  • Rollonubears

    The trees can’t even play in the rose bowl now, hahahahha! They will be so down
    For next week, we just might have a chance. Amazing how quickly the tide turns. Go Bears!! Thank you tedford, for sticking with the run game. That was a
    True team effort, but way way too many penalties.

  • Wehofx

    I think/hope our miserable record on the
    road will be fixed because jm has the o
    line dominating once again. Running
    sucessfully between the tackles will b the
    reason our Bears will at least split on the
    Why the d disappears on the road, I have
    no idea. it can’t b because of lack of
    senior leadersip. Last year’s d sucked on
    road and that team had cc, mm & cj.

  • Juancho

    Joe really impressed with you so far. Really nice touch how you mention that commenters here call for this or that like cj anderson. Makes us commenters feel like part of the blog and not just loyal readers.

    Excited for last few games.

  • Bears

    Stanford is good. They are especially good at QB.
    We need to come up with our best effort.
    I hope the team is ready to fight after getting blown the heck out by them last year in our house.
    Big Game week Bears!
    Anything is possible in the Big Game

  • 707 Bear

    AT@T we hardly knew ya.

    1. Game with a view; even better than Husky Stadium
    2. Seat with back, legroom and cupholder
    3. Garlic fries

  • manus

    Supposed to be wet and cold for Big Game: should favors Cal’s resurgent, Blue Collar, Marine Corps, High diddle diddle straight up the middle ground game.

  • Boaltblue

    To Ray Finkle:

    ASU lost to WSU last Saturday. ASU lost 7 of 9 to Tedford. We CAN and will beat ASU.

  • Kyle

    Great win. Summers Gavin and Galas were terrible. Could’ve hung about 21 more points if they weren’t. Get better and more disciplined by saturday. The Bears have a shot. Go Bears!!

  • Ray Finkle

    @Boaltblue, That game has no bearing on ASU game. I hate it, but CAL just plain blows on the road. I’m sick of being disappointed. However, I hope you are right and I am wrong. I don’t like being negative. Go bears.

  • rollonubears

    I agree, those penalties were atrocious, but, without the holds, at least one of those runs, maybe 2, wouldn’t have been big gains at all, let alone tds. and despite the penalties, you still have to hand it to the o-line for their part in the massive running attack. you also have to hand it to JT, for devising and sticking with the successful game plan.