OSU fumble keeps Cal up 20-6

The score of this game is much closer than it feels. Trailing 20-6, Oregon State was on the verge of closing to within a touchdown, but the Beavers fumbled a handoff exchange on 3rd and goal from Cal’s 1. Sean Cattouse pounced on it for the Bears. Cal is now driving, and it’s going to be tough for OSU to jump back into this one.

Joe Stiglich

  • Pug

    Finally a win against Oregon State.

  • Eric

    Nice win. Really makes a difference emphasizing the run and throwing to TEs.

  • milo

    Yup, got the Beaver off the back.

  • covinared

    need to cut back on penalties, but like to see the simplified playbook and good run game on both sides of ball. good game Bears.

  • 707 Bear

    Back from the game. Great weather, dominant run game.

    Good adult crowd.
    Student section upgraded from pathetic to disappointing.

    Great scene: large number of Bears hugging parents after the game along the first base line.

    Go (bowling) Bears!

  • wehofx

    Seems like Coach Mihalczik(sp) is getting the O line back to the dominating beast it was under his last tenure.

    Isi and CJ looked great. Nice to have a pair of productive rb’s again.

    Fix the problems playing on the road and get at least a split.

    Go Bears!

  • abe

    Once again Tedford and Co. did everything they could to lose this game, but OSU was just too merciful today, by turning the ball over on our goal line time and time again. we could have put this game away at half time by simply running the ball, as the beavers did absolutely nothing to stop our running game. and yet we kept trying to get cute by putting the ball out of Isi’s hands and into that of Maynard, INEXPLICABLE. every single drive that end up stalling was a direct result of pass attempts that did nothing but interrupt the nice offensive rhythm we had running the ball. we got very lucky.

  • go8ears

    We gave them Beavers a good licking.

  • David

    Be quiet Abe. The passes kept them off balance. Don’t forget the pass TD Maynard threw

  • ConcordBear

    Abe, just plain wrong about complaints.
    Maynard was asked to throw the ball about as little as any qb possibly could have been with the time of posession the Bears had today. We ran the ball at least 2/3 of the time.
    What the coaches must do better is cut the penalties down, clean up the weak special teams and get the QB to be more comfortable in the pocket and become more a threat.
    Coach M Coach Gould and the OL, TE’s and RB’s were great today and dominated.
    Really proud of them and the D.
    Lots to improve on and the team better get a lot better to have a shot in Big Game. Clean up the penalties!

  • This game just proves the less we use maynard the better chance we have to win games.

    lets just keeping running. ZM is an ok game manager, nothing more. He wont win us games, lets just hope he doesn’t lose us games. That is JT’s strategy. I love you Tedfruad..you finally realized that maynard is an INT waiting to happen.

  • House

    I’ve been waiting for coach M’s line to show up all year, today and last week we saw them in full force. Look out Furd, a losing streak maybe on the horizen.

    Lets get back our axe!

  • Eric

    As I said, it really makes a difference emphasizing the run and throwing to the TEs.

  • Bobby

    Eric, Spencer Hagan caught two balls while lined up as a receiver. Miller had one catch.

    Abe, that’s one of the more hilarious comments I’ve seen in a while. Just goes to show that some Cal fans simply cannot be placated and will see whatever they want in a game, desperately seeking out the negatives. Pathetic.

  • abe

    Bobby… pathetic is Cal fans who complacently accept any type of performance as long as it is a win. we played down to a woeful OSU team that is bad enough to lose to a Sacramento state, and played the game unnecessarily close for much of the game. take the stupid turnovers away and the outcome of this game could be entirely different. you people just dont get it do you? the great Kipling once wrote “if you can meet with triumph and disaster, and treat those impostors just the same…” we may have gotten away with it today and but we wont tomorrow and because of that we will continue to come up short of reaching our dream and as a true Cal fan that is hard to ignore, REGARDLESS of the outcome of the day.

  • 707 Bear


    so it goes for the bottom 8 teams in the pac 12 (all capable of beating each other)

    osu beats wsu…
    wsu beats az state…
    az state beats usc…

    az state beats utah…
    ucla beats az state…
    utah beats ucla

    other than ucla, has this team had a major disappointment?

    will we get an upset over the next two?

  • Steve W.

    Abe is dead on right. Cal just clobbered two woeful teams and still hasn’t had a quality win in two seasons. This team is going nowhere with Mr. Maynard at the helm. Simply being asked to “manage” the game by not chucking the ball is not going to work against Stanford and ASU. It will take good to great quarterback play to win one or both of those games, and we don’t have it.

    Did anybody watch the THIRD STRING quarterback from Washington State dismantle Arizona State last night. The kid, a freshman, threw for 500 yards against the Sun Devils. He was checking down on all of his receivers and making accurate throws. I want that kind of QB play from a Cal quarterback. What happens to these “elite” qb recruits (Mansion, Hinder, Bridgford, et al) when they get into Tedford’s system? They look like a Mule deer that took a wrong turn in the Caldecott Tunnel. Something is wrong lately with player development at the school that produced Joe Roth, Steve Bertkowski, Gale Gilbert, Troy Taylor, Mike Pawlawski, Dave Barr, Pat Barnes, Aaron Rodgers and Nate Longshore (before he broke his ankle).

    I would like to see ZM come into the game sporadically as a Wildcat threat,a guy that defenses would have to respect because he could throw or run. But really, folks, does anybody want to see this act repeat itself next season?

  • Larry

    I would like to see somebody other than Maynard at QB next year, but we won’t. So far the other QB’s are undeveloped, which is BS, but that’s the way Tedford has it. So you better pray that Tedford develops Maynard by opening kickoff next season. Otherwise we will sit through another 5-7/6-6 season.

    Go Bears!

  • Larry

    Think about this, we have a 1,000 yard rusher AND WR, yet we are 6-4 (8-4 best/6-6 worst & probable) WTF?

  • Lady Bear

    I’m glad we won, but I am with Steve and Abe. The running game was going great and I CRINGED every time I saw ZM attempting to pass the ball. If the coaches want to change things up on offense, they can run the option, have ZM run a QB draw, run a reverse, etc. Having ZM pass when the running game is going so well is asking for trouble; this guy has too much trouble completing a pass to his own team.