Basketball: GWU game thread

POSTGAME NOTES: Cal has won its first two games of the season by at least 20 points for the first time since the 1995-96 season, when they were led by freshman Shareef Abdur-Rahim . . . Mike Montgomery confirmed that reserve center Robert Thurman has a strained hip flexor and likely won’t play Tuesday when the Bears face Austin Peay at Haas Pavilion  . . . Aside from Tony Taylor, who scored 20 points on 8-for-16 shooting, the Colonials converted 33.3 percent.

FINAL SCORE: Cal 81, GWU 54. Bears improve to 2-0 heading into Tuesday home game vs. Austin Peay. Crabbe scored 21 points, giving him 45 in two games. Gutierrez had 15 points,five assists and four rebounds and Cobbs had 16 points and five assists. Kravish finished with five points, nine rebounds and a block and has 16 rebounds in 39 minutes over two games.

3:59 2nd H: The lead is 68-47. Jeff Powers is coming in and Monty soon will go deeper in his bench. Crabbe has 19 points, Gutierrez 15 and Cobbs 14. Tony Taylor has 18 for the Colonials.

7:45 2nd H: Cal’s lead is 60-37. Cobbs has 14 points and five assists, Kravish five points and nine rebounds.

14:29 2nd H: Cal’s lead is 52-26. Crabbe has 16 points. The Colonials missed their first four shots of the half, meaning they were 1 for 19 during their long Berkeley nightmare. Gutierrez has 13 points.

HALFTIME SCORE: Cal 39, GWU 19. The Bears finished the half with a 21-0 run that highlighted a 25-3 burst since GWU took a 16-14 lead with 8:56 left. The Bears scored on nine of their final 10 possessions of the half — in other words, once they stopped turning the ball over, they scored. Newcomers Cobbs and Kravish right in the middle of things. Cobbs has 10 points and four assists and Kravish, playing because Solomon picked up two early fouls, has five points and five rebounds. Crabbe has eight points and Kamp has eight rebounds. GWU made just one of its final 15 shots in the half.

3:32 1st H: GWU calls timeout again as Bears’ lead jumps to 28-19. A 10-0 run.

4:44 1st H: Cal has scored six straight and 10 of the past 13 points and leads 24-19 after a fastbreak layup by Crabbe off a feed from Cobbs. Bears have 10 turnovers, Colonials have eight.

7:09 1st H: Gutierrez turns a steal into a fastbreak basket, feeding freshman Kravish on the wing for a layup and an 18-16 Cal lead. Kravish just seems to get it. Has three points and two rebounds so far.

7:53 1st H: GWU went 7-0 to lead 13-12, but it’s even now at 16-all after jumper by Gutierrez. Pretty sloppy on offense. Fourteen turnovers — eight by the Bears.

11:01 1st H: Bears lead 12-8. Offense sluggish again when Kamp and Gutierrez are resting. Kamp coming back after timeout. Each team has five turnovers.

15:18 1st H: Cal leads 8-4 at the first timeout. The Colonials are a step up from UC Irvine, the Bears’ opening-night opponent. Bigger, more athletic. Crabbe hit his first 3-pointer and Gutierrez already has a basket, two rebounds and an assist. Justin Cobbs and David Kravish are in for Smith and Solomon.

LINEUPS: Cal will start Brandon Smith, Jorge Gutierrez, Allen Crabbe, Richard Solomon and Harper Kamp. George Washington will go with Tony Taylor, Lasan Kromah, Nemanja Mikic, John Kopriva and Jabari Edwards.

RECRUITING NEWS: Landen Lucas, a 6-foot-9 post prospect from Westview HS in Portland, Ore., announced today he will attend Kansas. Lucas also had been pursued by Cal, along with Stanford, Washington and Tennessee.

WELCOME: Back at Haas Pavilion for the second of three games opening the season in a span of five days. The Bears face George Washington in the CBE Classic. Cal beat UC Irvine 77-56 on Friday and will host Austin Peay on Tuesday night. Back with starting lineups in a few minutes.

Jeff Faraudo

  • mikecal85


    These threads are always great, but I (along with others I’ve spoken to) would appreciate you tweeting the updates as well. Is that a possibility?


  • Jeff Faraudo

    I tweeted a link to the blog, but during the game I not only have to watch and keep a play-by-play, but also write my story for the paper and update the blog. I will do what I can.

  • C98

    So you can only do 4 things at once? What a slacker.

    Please add:

    5. Twitter comments I can follow

    6. Facebook posts I can “like”

    7. Live streaming video I can watch

    8. Obtain player autographs & mail to me

    Thank you.

  • Wyoming Bear

    Solid contributions from Cobbs and Kravish. Go Bears!

  • mikecal85


    Thanks, that’s all I can ask!

  • milo

    Didn’t catch the game but it sounds like Cobbs and Kravish are getting it done. A scoring 6th man and a crafty banger getting 9 boards off the bench, most excellent.

  • calfanz





  • wehofx

    To state the obvious, the low block is the concern but I was pleasantly surprised to see Solomon’s progress and Kravish looks like he’s going to be another one of Monty’s utr finds.

    Jeff, you do good work, thanks. Or as we say in the movie biz when asked to multi task to aburdity, “Stick a broom up my ass and I’ll sweep the floor while I’m at it.”

    Go Bears!

  • K1W

    Bak Bak always gets a big reaction from the crowd, whenever he scores. He was 3-for-3 tonight with 6 points.

  • rollonubears

    i watched some of the game. i really like kravish and cobbs. lots of energy, and talent. i’m really getting tired of solomon’s laziness, though. at this point, he should have corrected this. he gets a rebound, and stands around, not securing the ball, only to have it stripped. he gets a rebound on the offensive glass and comes down to take a dribble, only to get stuffed. then he gets that look of amazement. i suppose it’s pointless to complain, as he will be riding pine soon if it continues, but i think he has a lot of potential, and he’s wasting it. like a spoiled kid who was great in high school, but had a coach who didn’t teach any discipline. he was exactly like this last year. i thought monty would have fixed this by now. other than that, this team is looking very solid.

  • Rollon, wow, you really don’t like Solomon do you? He “is lazy, stands around, gets stuffed, then has a look of amazement, he’s spoiled and has no discipline”, YET MONTY STARTS HIM. No doubt Solomon could improve his game, who couldn’t? Did you notice any other negatives about the 27-point win worthy of a paragraph?

    I know its Monday morning, but sheesh, we are rolling…I thought the game was awesome and I was there. And I choose not to be a nattering nabob of negativity… Go Bears! Keep rolling…

  • Uh Huh!


    C98’s #8 was funny.
    I’ll add #9: enjoy a beer, or equally refreshing tall glass of water, after the game.
    #10: Sleep in.

  • rollonubears

    BlakeStreet, no, I don’t like the effort Solomon brings to the game. It’s been consistent since he got here. Everybody else seems to be busting their tail, and making no excuses. When he sucks it up and leaves it all on the floor, I’ll feel differently.

  • Uh Huh!


    Monty starts Solomon because when he looks down the bench he sees Bigs who aren’t any further along in their development.

    I understand Rollon’s point here. Solo is going to take longer than 1 season plus 2 games to get it. But, lucky for Solo. Had he gone to Kansas, for instance, he’d been sitting on the bench because there would be stars ahead of him. But here at Cal, he can mature faster by getting plenty of playing time right away – something Lucas might have wanted to consider (not that I know Kansas’ roster or his potential to earn playing time – but I am making an assumption on it).

  • Kevin Thomas

    Did anyone else notice that Emerson Murray is looking improved from last season?

    Last season Murray was a “deer in the headlights”, a turnover machine with a jump shot that was usually way off the mark.

    At the start of this season, he looks poised and confident. He knows where to go, and what to do with the ball when he gets it. His dribble is purposeful, and he is making good decisions with the ball. He passed up an open jumper last night, to dish an assist to Powers for a layup. His jumper either goes in or narrowly misses. And the play where he missed a tough layup on the break, then ran down the guard, stole the ball back, and whipped an assist to Bak for a short jumper was a thing of beauty.

    Maybe removing the plate from his ankle has helped, maybe hard work, but he looks better. If he keeps playing like this, he will earn more minutes and become a key player.

  • Uh Huh!

    No, I didn’t. Glad to hear that about Murray. I’ll keep my eyes on that. Thanks.

  • Esquire Joe

    Although I’m not as extreme as Rollonubears, I have to agree with the general point about Solomon. I was disappointed to see that he hadn’t made a lot of progress from last year. That said, I do think he has made SOME progress. He definitely is avoiding the stupid fouls (well, he’s committing fewer stupid fouls; those first two calls on him last night were ridiculous). He also isn’t getting pushed around down low quite as much, although we haven’t exactly seen Shaq and Hakeem playing for these last two opponents.

    The good news is that he doesn’t seem to have regressed. It looks to me as if he’s still trying to think his way through plays. I still believe that, as he gets more playing time (and he will, provided that Kravish doesn’t make unforeseen leaps and bounds), the visible thinking through plays will vanish and he’ll become more instinctual.

    BTW, I also really liked what Murray brought. I think he realizes that there is no room for him at the point, which means that his value to this team will be instant offense off the bench. I loved that he shot aggressively from the second his sneakers hit the court last night. I’d love to see Murray become this team’s Vinnie “The Microwave” Johnson.

  • milo

    In defense of Solomon, bigs usually take longer to develop. I also think expectations were high on him given he went to HS and came in with Crabbe. He has made progress and my guess is later in the season or next year it’ll starts to click for him.