Football: An early Big Game update

Just a quick pregame update from Stanford Stadium. Fans are starting to trickle in as we’re just under two hours from kickoff for the 114th Big Game. Weather.com calls for the temperature to be 48-50 degrees tonight. There’s a 60 percent chance of rain at 7 p.m., with percentages dipping greatly after that. I’m not sure if either team has a real advantage on a wet and slippery field since both like to run the ball.

You’ll be watching the latest kickoff for a Big Game ever. It didn’t seem to spoil the festivities outside the stadium. I saw plenty of tailgaters …

Check back with you soon!

Joe Stiglich


  1. It’s all Tedford’s fault! How dare he do what he did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M TYPING IN ALL CAPS TO SHOW HOW UPSET I AM THAT TEDFORD DID WHAT HE DID

  2. Certain segments of Cal fandom always find a reason to blame Tedford, so I just beat them to it.

    Did you hear how Tedford is responsible for Occupy Cal? It’s despicable!

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