Football: Big Game halftime stats

Here’s some halftime stats, folks. Stanford led 14-13 but has jumped ahead 21-13 midway through the third quarter. Sorry for the shortage of blogs, but late kickoffs leave lots of writing to do as the game is going …

First downs
Cal = 13
Stanford = 14

Rushing yards
Cal = 20-37
Stanford = 15-112

Maynard = 11-14-0
Luck = 8-15-1

Passing yards
Maynard 168
Luck 81

Total yards
Cal 205
Stanford 193

Time of possession
Cal 17:54
Stanford 12:06

Joe Stiglich

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Tedford, the chicken, doesn’t try to drive at the end of the half. Now, Stanfurd drives and scores to open the 3rd quarter. Cal responds with 3 and out.

    And his red zone play calling has been as suspect as ever.

    At least it looks like the rain has improved Maynard’s accuracy some, as long as it is not a pitch to Isi. [sigh]

  • The Wisdom Cow

    How does Maynard take a sack on a 4th down play when an INT would not have mattered? Just throw the damn ball up. That’s all he does most of the time anyways.

    Just shoot me.


    Side note – gotta wonder if the refs have an economic interest in two league BCS entries. Luck gets a glancing hit after he’s down, gets 15 yards. Minutes later, Maynard is hit helmet to helmet after he is down and no flag at all.

  • Rollonubears

    It’s fixed. Sad, too, because you can argue we would have
    Lost anyway, but the bad calls kill momentum. It’s a shame what’s happened to this sport. Two late hits now, and no call on either. Here’s hoping for a miracle.

  • Rollonubears

    There we go. Another blown timeout, just like Oregon state in 2007. Comes back to haunt. Unacceptable.

  • Kent Wilson

    Is it me…or does Cal move slower in “hurry up” mode than Oregon does in “standard” mode?

  • Kent Wilson

    Oh my aren’t readygod! Cal just took 9 seconds to hike the ball after making a 1st down at the 1yd line. Don’t understand why they aren’t ready to hike immediately when the refs start the clock? Just wow!

  • Kent Wilson

    This is the end of the season…not the 1st game…don’t understand why Maynard does not move with a sense of urgency…oh well…at least I got my wish that the game was competitive! Team can hold its head high!

    Stanford is reeling….do they play ND next week? I would not be surprised if a mediocre ND team beats Stanford next week.