Football: Getting closer to game time

The Bears just retreated to their locker room after pregame warmups. The band is on the field!!! (Sorry, had to do it). At any rate, Cal is wearing white jerseys and blue pants.

I can’t believe we still have about 25 minutes until kickoff, but this baby’s going to start eventually …

Joe Stiglich

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    USC – 38
    Oregon – 14

    We are schooling the Ducks.

  • Rollonubears

    You have to score touchdowns in the red zone. This is a winnable game, despite the bs holding call on MSG, and the late hit out of bounds bs call. And the illegal block in the back bs call. We are outplaying the furd, and as of now, we deserve to win, but we have to score 7, not settle for 3. And not running isi up the middle twice on first and goal is the way to do it.

  • Rollonubears

    Great in-game coverage!

    Classic tedford. 50 seconds and two time outs. A chance to score once more. But no, let’s run it up the middle with isi.

  • Kent Wilson

    Hey, It’s a game! Being a 20pt underdog…just give us a chance to win in the 4th…and lets see if the choke hold will take over Stanford!

  • Kent Wilson

    MoreNCsarecoming…your Trojans gagged all the way in 4th qtr…only a weak FG kicker cost the Ducks a fantastic comeback…I’m actually glad that the Ducks lost…I did not want to see the Ducks represent the Pac-12 in the Championship game…cause the Duck gimmick offense does not work against top tier Defenses (see Ohio St, Auburn and LSU)…Oregon has not proven they can beat top non-conference teams…I want a team that can represent the Pac-12 in fine fashion…like SC used to do.

  • Rollonubears

    It looks like we’re playing prevent d. Come on bears.

  • Kent Wilson

    Oh Well….28-13…looks like Luck and Stanford have finally awoke! C’mon Bears…keep it close…and allow something weird to happen down the stretch!

  • Bears made it close–and did not quit…that says a lot about this team….looking back at those two field goals and the conservative play calling –that was the difference–reminded me of the Washington game….time to change the mindset of this program.