Basketball: Missouri game thread

FINAL SCORE: Missouri 92, Cal 53. The Bears (4-1) suffer their worst defeat in 106 games under Mike Montgomery. The lost 109-77 at Washington last season. No. 21 Missouri (5-0) looks like a top-10 team. The No. 20 Bears will fall out of the rankings but have other worries. They must learn from this, figure out a way to repair their psyche, forget it and move forward. This game was 20-16 at one point — and Missouri outscored Cal 72-37 the rest of the way. Six Mizzou players in double digits. Gutierrez and Cobbs, with 11 and 1o points, respectively, were the Bears’ top scorers. They also were the only two players who continued to playy aggressively when the game began to get away, but Gutierrez was gone early after fouling out. Cal shot 30.4 percent, 2 for 9 from 3-point range and had 21 turnovers. The Bears had six assists — fewer than in any game last season. The Bears may not face a team the rest of the season with the quickness of Missouri, but their biggest opponent going forward is themselves.

8:21 2nd H: Missouri’s lead is 69-43.

11:12 2nd H: Gutierrez is gone with his fifth foul — a foolish, frustrated shove that begged the refs to put him out of his misery.

11:54 2nd H: Cal is on a 7-0 run, but still trails 63-39. Gutierrez has 11 points and is perhaps the only Cal player who isn’t on his heels. Crabbe finally has a field goal, but Cal cannot compete with high-level teams if he doesn’t play with more aggressiveness and confidence than we’ve seen tonight. Kamp has struggled, Brandon Smith appears a step slow and a couple inches too small. Kravish, who has been terrific until, seems overmatched. He’s  freshman, so that’s understandable.

A LITTLE HISTORY: I was at that game in Columbia, Mo., three years ago, when Cal lost 93-66 and, you say, Roxie Bernstein wanted to file a lawsuit. I love Roxie — but that game was a rout and the Bears wouldn’t have won if Pete Newell’s grandchildren had officiated.

THIS SCORE JUST IN: UCLA, which trailed 12-2 out of the gate against Kansas, is down just 59-54 with 5 1/2 minutes left.

15:10 2nd H: Hard to believe, but it’s 63-32. Missouri is very good. Cal cannot be this bad. But the quickness difference is substantial. Missouri shooting 58 percent with only five turnovers. Cal is at 25.7 percent with 15 turnovers.

16:33 2nd H: Cal began the second half with a turnover and things are only getting worse. Mizzou leads 57-32. Gutierrez leads Cal with nine points. Three Tigers are in double digits, led by 13 from Denmon.

UGLY STAT OF FIRST HALF: Cal 14 turnovers, 2 assists.

MORE HALFTIME: I see many complaints among the posts about the officiating, and a couple of the charge calls against the Bears could have gone either way. But anyone who believes the refs are the reason Cal is down 19 isn’t watching the same game I’m seeing. Missouri is quick, aggressive, confident and controlled. Cal is seriously rattled. Let’s see if they can gather themselves and at least make this a game.

HALFTIME: Mizzou leads 45-26 and this one is probably over. The Tigers have dominated. Cal has a 22-11 rebounding edge, but it hasn’t matter. Missouri’s quickness is too much. Cal is shooting 25.9 percent (7 for 27) and has 14 turnovers. Gutierrez, Kamp and Cobbs have combined for 19 points, but also are shooting 6 for 20. Rest of the team is 1 for 7, including 0 for 4 by Crabbe, who seems tentative and unsure of himself. Looks more like the player we saw early last season than the more confident, aggressive guy who became Pac-10 Freshman of the Year. Missouri is getting contributions from everyone, and is defending the Bears into submission.

1:04 1st H: Missouri leads 43-26. Cal shooting 27 percent with 12 turnovers. Missouri has scored 15 points off the TOs. The Tigers’ bench has provided 17 points.

5:55 1st H: Crabbe just got his second PF, moments after Gutierrez did. Missouri’s quickness is impacting every aspect of this game. Tigers lead 31-16.

7 min, 1st H: A 6-0 Mizzou run and it’s 26-16. Montgomery calls timeout. Tigers able to turn Cal mistakes into quick points. Bears have 10 turnovers.

7:54 1st H: Cal within 20-16 and not even playing very well. Bears now have nine turnovers. This was a problem early against Georgia, too, and once the Bears figured it out they were much better. Another slow start offensively by Crabbe, who has missed his only two shots from the field. But he does have five rebounds and Cal has a 16-4 edge there.

8:52 1st H: Solomon just picked up his third foul. The Bears also have eight turnovers and are shooting 5 for 14. That’s why it’s 20-14 Mizzou.

11:31 st H: Missouri leads 17-11 — was up eight points a minute ago. Bears are playing some zone to deal with Missouri’s quickness. We’ll see if it hurts their defensive rebounding. Cal has six turnovers and four baskets — not a good ratio.

15:34 1st H: Missouri leads 11-7.  Cal has 6-1 rebounding edge, but already has four turnovers. Not handling Tigers’ speed at either end. Mizzou senior G Marcus Denmon has four points and two assists. Kravish and Cobbs in now.

VITALE IN THE HOUSE: Yes, we’ve got Dickie V doing the game.

PREGAME: Kansas already up 10-2 on UCLA at Maui (on ESPN). Meanwhile, Miami-Ohio and Ohio playing football on ESPN2. Wonder when Cal-Mizzou will begin airing.

WELCOME: Again, I’m sitting in front of my TV like many of you, but will provide my usual in-game running dialogue. This should be a dynamite game. Both teams are 4-0 and both were very impressive in their CBE Classic semifinal victories on Monday. Both have strong backcourts and neither team’s bench is deep.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Sean

    USC – 2, Morgan St – 7. Could USC really be that bad to lose to a Morgan St??

  • Sean

    Maybe they can….now its 15-3 Morgan St.

  • Rollonubears

    What happened to crabbe’s confidence? Glad Kravish is in. Too many mistakes from solo again.

  • JMod

    Some of those offensive fouls were pretty sketchy IMHO

  • Joey

    The officiating is tragic.

  • Rollonubears

    Game is fixed for Missouri. What is this, Russia? Can’t we get some fairness in sports?

  • Sean

    Nothing like home cookin’ when it comes to officials…USC down by 16, UCLA down by 17

  • Rollonubears

    Georgia beat Notre Dame. You can tell the players are
    Starting to give up. I don’t blame them. What can you do when the officiating is so ridiculous?

  • Sean

    Jeezus…your right…they’re afraid to drive to the basket. Touch a mizzou player and get a foul…

  • Joey

    This is such one-sided horsesh*t.

  • Sean

    2nd foul on Kamp…the refs only got 1 more foul to call on Brandon to put the whole first team on the bench

  • Joey

    The only thing almost as bad as the refs is vitale.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    What league crew is handling this game? Mizzou guards can’t drive without pushing off with the off hand, yet not a single call. I’m guessing it is legal in the Big 12. And two of those “charges” were by defenders standing inside the circle.

    This is a classic example of how ref style can perfectly complement a team. Such BS, and that it goes down as a NEUTRAL COURT loss is just hilarious.

  • Rollonubears

    We need to stop doing these things on the road at faux. “neutral sites.” if this game was in Maui, and fairly officiated, we’d be up 10 at the break. I have NEVER seen officials take the game away from a team this blatantly. and if course, no one will call them out on it , and if they do, they’ll get fined. You can’t fix baseball. It’s the only sport worth watching anymore, I guess. And golf. And darts.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Didn’t this same crap happen last time we played in Mizzou? If I recall, Roxy wanted to file a lawsuit afterwards.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Jeff, Cal has been sloppy, rushing passes from the quickness of their guards, true enough, but the game snow balled, on a “neutral” site because of several questionable calls, and a noticeable selective enforcement of rules. Look for how much Mizzou guards are pushing off with the off hand.

    Cal would be down (Moore hitting a 3!), but not KO’d, with balanced reffing. It’s like the refs told Mizzou what they were going to be looking for (and not), yet told the Cal players nothing. I really do wonder if Mizzou has played before this crew already, and knows what they can get away with, like the pushing off.

    Of course it is not the reason Cal is down, but it is a significant factor.

  • Rollonubears

    I’d sign on to a suit. Emotional distress perhaps?

    How is this an “a+ performance?” total bs

  • Rollonubears

    Wisdom, I like that you’re being objective, but it’s clear to me the refs are either homers, or on the take, or both. No matter what, it’s unacceptable. Now they’re calling it both ways, it seems, as the call came in from Espn that people were changing the channel.

  • Rollonubears

    Now they look like Braun’s bears, playing with zero discipline. They did give up at that point in the first half. Now the nation will discount the entire pac12 as well. We’re looking at a 6 seed, I hope.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Wow, I’m done, and I have not turned off a basketball game in, . . . , good lord, I don’t know how long. I just am not up for any more punishment tonight.

    Smith won’t be the starting PG for long. The Mizzou guards exposed his athleticism, making him rush everything. Cobb will have the job soon enough. Or it is a given every Pac 12 foe is going to go heavy on pressing.

    What is up with Crabbe? I don’t even recognize him. It is not just that he is not making anything. He doesn’t look like the same player, body movement-wise. Is he sick or injured?

    I don’t remember the whole schedule, but it looks bad for the resume again, if I recall, not many opportunities for quality wins. And again, this goes down as a neutral court, lol.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Of course I am still watching, only to see Jorge get called for a foul against a guard that was posing to the Heisman!

  • Joey

    I love the mizzu moving screens the entire first half. Not one call. They are quick but the refs are giving them a big assist letting them push and hand check the whole time. Say what you want but this game was officiated one sided and as a viewer I deserve better from the NCAA.

  • Rollonubears

    This is a team that can be beaten easily on a neutral court. They have yet
    To play away from Missouri, and they have all the momentum. The instant that shifts, they will fall apart. If we face them in the tournament, at a neutral site, the bears will prevail. Monty is a better coach, and we’ll be hungrier at that point. I hate getting blown out, but it’s a learning experience. Jorge’s foul was indeed unacceptable, but so were all the hands on him all night, with no calls.

  • Rollonubears

    I agree. Crabbe seems bothers by something. Seems to have lost his confidence. Hopefully its temporary. They didn’t exactly shut him down, he shut himself down. Yesterday he wasnt a big factor either. Hope we stay in the top 25 but that’s difficult to see. Why is it that every time we crack the top 25, in either sport, we
    Immediately fall out? We never climb up for more than a game or two.

  • Marinbear

    Enough with the excuses. Poor officiating, conspiracy, russian mafia, Crabbe’s psyche. Whatever.
    Look in the mirror, the scoreboard, and the video tape. Learn the lessons of a good old fashioned butt kicking, and move on. Are you kidding me? We lost by 40. Get a grip!

  • Takeoffthatredshirt

    I guess someone had to say it – but MarinBear – isn’t it possible the reffing was a joke and Cal sucked? Why do these have to be exclusive of each other?

    I’ve never seen so many people talk about game officiating. Didn’t see the game and maybe people are makig excuses but sounds like it was pretty one sided.

  • Joey

    It was.

  • Rollonubears

    I turned it off mid second half when we were down 24 . Did their coach empty his bench? Did Monty? If monty did and theirs didn’t, you have to factor that into the final tally. And for those who didn’t watch the game, the officials tore the heart out of the bears in the first 10 minutes, making a statement that one was going to Missouri, no matter what. It’s hard to play with intensity at that point, and I think that’s what happened. We gave up. Kansas whooping us, not that was us getting schooled. Remember how shaq used to bowl everyone over and never get called for fouls? This was the exact opposite.

  • rob bear

    Would have loved to have seen Monty use this game as an opportunity to experiment from the get go. He knew we were playing a 4 guard lineup with speed, outside shooting ability and experience. Would have been nice to have seen Cobb replace Solomon at the start and see how we matched up. We were one step too slow all first half and as all of you who have ever played this game know, one step is all you need in this game.

    I concur with most of you above, the officiating was terrible. No moving screens called on the Tigers’ offense all night and no holding called on the Tigers’ defense all night. I guess it is allowable to do so this early in the season. Get up next time this happens Monty and get a T for the team. We’ll support you on these any and every day!

    On to Denver at home on Saturday. Beat Denver WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE!