Basketball: Two more Cal-Mizzou factors

Cal will need better talent and/or execution to beat Missouri in the CBE Classic final because the Bears don’t have an edge in two other areas.

   — The crowd: It’s not a home game for the Tigers, but it wil be a home crowd. Mizzou has not played a game outside its home state this season, and fans in KC will be its corner. It’s up to the veterans — Jorge Gutierrez, Harper Kamp and Brandon Smith — to steady the ship if the waters get choppy.

   — Fatigue: Both teams were able to substantially rest their regulars Monday night in one-sided semifinal games. Cal’s first seven averaged just 25.4 minutes, and only Allen Crabbe (33 minutes) played more than 30. But Missouri’s top seven averaged only 26.6 minutes, although three players did see 33 minutes or more. Still, a wash.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Jorge will silence the crowd. And Jorge’s energy is contagious to his teammates. Both “factors” nullified by Jorge. Viva Jorge! Go Bears!

  • rollonubears

    Mizzerrruh is Bear Territory!

  • jabes

    Thanks Jeff for identifying angles we would not have thought of, including stats. I have attended or watched every game, but I would have a feel for this team without that from your blog posts.