Football: Cal-ASU first quarter recap

Cal leads Arizona State 17-7 after one quarter, and neither team’s defense has made much of an appearance so far. The Bears scored on all three of their possessions — a 48 yard Tavecchio field goal, an 18 yard Sofele TD run and a 16-yard option keeper from Maynard, set up by a Kendricks 33-yard fumble return. But the Sun Devils are carving up Cal’s defense pretty good …

Some first quarter stats:

First downs
Cal 7

Rushing yards
Cal 5-79
ASU 16-91

Maynard 4-7-0
Osweiler 4-5-0

Passing yards
Maynard 52
Osweiler 72

Total yards
Cal 131
ASU 163

Time of possession
Cal 4:43
ASU 10:17

Joe Stiglich

  • Jim

    LOL Greid
    You’ve been a fan for THIRTY (30) years and you’re just now starting to lose interest in mediocrity????
    That’s hilarious.

    The game has slowed finally for Zack.
    The game has speeded up for Isi .. and his low-pads smackdown of that cornerback was perfect.

    Cal’s future looks bright especially in FGs can be changed into TDs.

  • Lady Bear

    That was a great win on the road and a nice end to the regular season.

    I think the coaches have finally learned to call plays for ZM, rather than trying to make him conform to the Tedford pro-style pocket-passer offense. ZM is not a consistent passer – I still hold my breath every time he throws – so the coaches need to call the plays he excels at – the QB keepers, the option, etc. Hopefully after the bowl game they can work on ZM’s throwing mechanics in the offseason.

    Defense was atrocious last night, but usually they are decent. Sofele and Anderson are hitting their stride. I’m optimistic for next year.

    Go Bears!

  • 707 Bear

    Optimism for 2012.

    Home Games against 4 of the 5 teams we lost to this year (Oregon, UCLA, Stanford, Washington)

    USC on the road with a–hopefully–new QB.

    Arizona with a new QB and coach.


  • Caladan

    Did Stiglich get laid off after the first quarter?

  • bigdruid

    Amusing to hear people claim that ASU had nothing to play for. What more did Cal have to play for? And yet we showed up and played hard and got the win.

    Feel sorry for the haters still whining about past seasons – you are unable to appreciate what THIS team accomplished THIS year. What the team did last year doesn’t diminish my appreciation of what we did this season with a new qb, rb, and no home field. People are so angry at Tedford they can’t give this team and staff the praise they deserve.

  • Steve W

    Great win, and Maynard and that offense look a lot better. I really want Cal to into an upper tier bowl like the Alamo or the Holiday to see if this is real or just a mirage.

  • Alaska Bear

    Smile on my face matching the Cal players last night. Our share of breakdowns and mistakes, but a total team effort to pull out the win. I too am optimistic considering the young, key players who return in 2012. Lest we forget, we were ahead of Oregon at the half, and we came close to capturing the Axe. Can’t wait until next year. Go Bears!!!

  • wehofx

    Kent, Leach at asu would be interesting. Another rock staar hc in the pac 12 would be a good thing.

    Bobby/#49 RE: Player’s tweets. Could you – and JS – tweet to players to #Calfb? Or are # and twitter discouraged by JT?

    Another entertaining thread to read, esp CalD/#54.

    Go Bears!

  • Gdog

    The team competed to finish out the regular season and win or lose that is what we want to see. That is promising and Maynard playing well is also promising. You play to win the game so no matter how 55-54 or 3-0 it is about winning and competing. Here’s to hoping that Tedford can get the edge back that he had 6-7 years ago. Expectations will be high again in 2012 based upon this finish let’s hope they can play close to or above their potential.

  • Eric

    Nice win. Whereas last week was a solid performance, we finally saw what Maynard could do against a decent defense. It really makes a difference when you have him run, roll out, and pass to the TEs. Had this been in place during UW, Oregon, U$C, or UCLA, this really could have been a special year. But there a lot of pieces in place to make a very strong next year. With the talent on the team, a 9-win season should be expected.

    I have been extremely critical of Tedford since 2008. But when there is a good coaching effort, I think it is important to recognize that. Last night the offensive game was definitely solid, creative, played to our strengths and played to ASU’s weaknesses. It reminded me of the 2002/2003 game plans, where we had good (but not great) players, but what allowed us to beat Michigan State and Virginia Techs of the world were smart offensive game plans.

    As for our defense, while not great last night, Osweiler happens to be an excellent QB. He was let down by some drops and fumbles, and the game was much closer than the score indicated – easily could have come down the last possession.

    And I echo the many ASU fans – Erickson has got to go. Idiotic penalties may work when he was at Miami, or even OSU in 2000, but not with a team like ASU.

    And the refs upheld the honorable tradition of being the worst conferences refs in the country. The number of extraordinarily bad calls (on both sides) was embarassing.

  • Rollonubears

    Lots of talk about cal in the holiday bowl, but we’re looking at 5th place in the PAC, so I’m not sure how we’d get the bowl meant for the rose bowl runner up. Anybody know why they would take us?

  • Kent

    It will be interesting to see the impact that the new Stadium and football facilities will have on recruiting this year…Cal had very strong recruiting classes that past 2 years (ranked #11 and 17th nationally). It also will be interesting to see how the players from these past two classes develop and perform next year.

    Meanwhile…Erickson is out at ASU….I still think Mike Leach would be a great fit…I still remember how he thoroughly out-coached and out schemed Tedford in the HOliday Bowl back in ’04.

  • go8ears

    Wow… UCLA scoreless throughout the game.. loses to USC 50-0… they lose on both fronts this year: US News rankings and football… must not be fun to be a ucla fan..

  • Pug

    UCLA has apparently asked for a waiver (from the NCAA, I guess)to be allowed to go to a bowl game with a losing record. They will be 6-7 after the idiotic Pac 12 Championship game.

    Don’t see how the NCAA allows that and what bowl game wants the first team with a losing record anyway?

  • Rollonubears

    The pac12 champ game is bowl enough for ucla.

  • Greid

    Folks – I too had BLIND enthusiasm and hope for the Cal Bears success for many years. Life has taught me that BLIND enthusiasm and hope only will not breed success. In fact it breeds status quo. Success comes from continuously and realistically evaluating the situation, identifying faults, digging into the cause and SOLVING it….along with hard work.

    We’ve had many reasons for hope in the past: Riley saving the team in the Armed Services Bowl. Beating Stanford several years ago. Nothing has changed because we did not solve the problem.

    Very little has changed since earlier this season. We had a good night against ASU. So did UCLA. Is UCLA any better able to compete? The USC game would suggest otherwise.

    I’m all for the thrill and excitement of a win. Celebrate and enjoy. But, don’t let it cloud your analysis of what needs to be done to make Cal a BCS contender (we should not be paying Tedford $2.9M for any less of a goal). We need to send a message to Sandy that change is needed.

    Many of you will not like my post and many of you will disagree with me. Remember this thread next season when Cal faces it’s first serious team in the PAC-12. I predict the same result as the last 6 seasons.

    For those who have followed this blog for awhile, look at my similiar posts four years ago that had the same message. Here we are four years later – mediocrity and staus quo.

    Jim – nice comeback! I’m laughing myself..30 years and I’m JUST NOW frustrated!!!

  • Kent

    Greid…here, here! Excellent post! As for the status of the Cal football program, I feel like there is some serious leadership lacking…I’m not talking about Tedford…I am speaking of Sandy Barbour and the Chancellor!

    What is the vision of the Cal althletic program and specifically what role does Cal football play?

    Under Chancellor Tien, for the 1st time…Cal publically stated that a goal for all athletic teams was to win their conference championship…prior to Tien, there was no clear objective in terms of winning or losing. And since Tien, the Cal administration has sent contradictory signals of the importance of playing to win. Paying its football coach top dollar (11th highest paid coach in the country), yet accepting sub-par performances for 6 consective seasons (2005 – 2010) without a hint of holding the coach accountable for the status of the team.

    I personally don’t believe that winning championships in college football these is possible without compromising the rules/or integrity/ or morale values. I’m not sure that winning championships should be a stated goal for Cal…but I do take issue that Cal has not clearly determined what they what…and I feel that Cal is currently “half pregnant”…what I mean by that is…they are paying Tedford…big time money….Cal is developing faciliticites that are “state of the art” …. which leads most followers into thinking that Cal is seeking to compete for Championships with this type of investments in its football program. Accepting anything less, seems foolish given the expense. I just want to hear from Sandy Barbour and/or the Chancellor regarding the prioritization of winning for its athletic programs.