Football: Alamo Bowl homing in on Huskies; Bears seem destined for Dec. 28 Holiday Bowl

The San Antonio Express-News is reporting that the Alamo Bowl is likely to select Washington, meaning that Cal probably will play in the Holiday Bowl, Dec. 28 in San Diego.

ESPN is projecting the Bears to play either Baylor or Texas.

The Associated Press projects Cal vs. Baylor.

Official bowl pairings will be announced Sunday.

In other Pac-12 football news . . .

   — Washington State has hired former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach. The Cougars’ bold hire ups the ante at WSU.

   — Fired UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel says the Bruins will have to change their approach if they want to compete at the top in the Pac-12.

Jeff Faraudo

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    The fool kept posting shite about the ASU game in the first half, and then when Cal started winning he shut up and went into hiding. Figures the fan of a cheating team would have no honor.

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    on a cal note, i don’t think we should forget about the fact that cal’s recent success has a LOT to do with maynard finally being allowed to move around. i’m really disappointed that this option was not explored earlier in the year, although we’re heading to arguably the best bowl we could, anyway. still, i want to see more of the same in the next game, and next year, and i want to see our backups get more reps when the games have been decided, not for a few meaningless snaps and handoffs. anyone can do that. this next game is a chance to make a huge statement. it looks like we’ll play the loser of the baylor/UT game, so we’ll be catching whoever it is on a down note. that’s a good thing. worked at asu, anyway.

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  • SteveNTEXAS

    I still don’t like Mack Brown but UT isn’t going to get rid of him. A&M is Rick Perry’s school and Perry has done things far worse than Brown. Mack Brown is classless, Rick Perry deserves much worse for executing an innocent person.

    The schools I do like in Texas, UTEP, Sam Houston and North Texas are not big $$$ programs.

    In the past I insulted UT Fans over Mack Brown some to this day won’t speak to me, but my son is in UT’s Honors Program and is President of UT Dems and so I tolerate them.

  • ScottyBear

    Hope we get a chance to beat up on Texas. They aren’t used to being mediocre and are pouting.

    Another note, congratulations to our incoming QB from San Ramon High, Zach Kline. Gatorade California High School Player of the Year! I saw him play this year and he really is the real deal. THrows a perfect ball, can throw rolling or running right or left. Can’t wait to get him up and running for Cal. Go Bears!! Hook Mack Brown and the Longhorns!!

  • Pug

    Release your ballot, Mack Brown!

  • ScottyBear

    Go Bears! KIck the salsa out of whiny Mack Brown and Texas! Our momentum is way up, they just got clobbered by Baylor. Wouldn’t this be sweet revenge for 2004!