Football: Catch Jeff Tedford on ESPN radio

Just a heads-up that Jeff Tedford will appear on the Scott Van Pelt radio show today at 11:30 a.m. It airs on ESPN radio affiliates and online at espn.com.

Joe Stiglich


  1. Hope he did a nice job. Anyone know if he said “no question” more than ten times ?

  2. A nice chat about Rodgers. Just a few “no question”s and plenty of sentences without pronouns. “Really excited for the guys.” “Really proud of them.”

    It was a good interview. He sounds excited and confident, and that’s a good thing.

  3. He did sound really positive and up-beat. I haven’t heard him sound like that all season. I’d love to see Tedford get his swagger and confidence back. I feel like it’s been missing for the past few years and it’s reflected on the team as well.

  4. Tedford used to project badass.
    Hope he gets his swagger going. Only way we will get this program to the top.
    Take no prisoners coach!
    Go Bears

  5. Yes, attitude goes a LONG way toward determining a team’s fate. And that starts at the top, with the head coach. I do truly hope that JT gets his awaggering mojo back again, just in time for the new stadium!!

  6. Juancho

    Most excellent “no question” comment.

    May I suggest a shot of ones favorite adult beverage for each Tedford “no question” during post-game interview with Starkey. Note: shots are more enjoyable after a vitory.

    Go Bears!

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